My Favorite Quotes

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 Jeremy Taylor - “Revenge...is like a rolling stone, which, when a man hath forced up a hill, will return upon him with a greater violence, and break those bones whose sinews gave it motion.”
 Ambrose Gwinett Bierce - “RECTOR, n. In the Church of England, the Third Person of the parochial Trinity, the Cruate and the Vicar being the other two.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “The strait and narrow path, though clearly marked, is a path, not a freeway nor an escalator. Indeed, there are times when the only way the strait and narrow path can be followed is on one's knees And we are to help each other along the path.”
 Adam Scott - “You can be leading by two, leading by four but, until you get past 17, it's never really over.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “I think administration has said, 'Well, we got to do that because that's what the policy says.' I don't think that's what the policy says.”
 Frank Hadden - “I've long held the view that we have to best harness what we have by attacking in different ways. In the past, Scotland have had a restricted attacking strategy. They have not used all the possible areas of attack open to them. Wide, close, through the middle, through the boot - there are many options. You have to unsettle the opposition.”
 Sathya Baba - “You get attachment when your mind is turned towards the world. When it is turned towards God, you attain liberation. It is the same lock and the same key that are responsible for bondage and liberation.”
 Roger Meike - “A university in Australia uses Sun SPOT for a class in robotics. Another group in Canada is building an underwater vehicle.”
 Edward Bellamy - “I first saw the light in the city of Boston in the year 1857.”
 Melissa Bean - “Under the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star Program, homes are independently verified to be measurably more energy efficient than average houses.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “Bobby Cox called me last night and said, 'You'll never retire from baseball make them retire you,' ... He called me like 4 yesterday and said 'You're too good a baseball man people like you. Make those guys fire you. Keep taking money away from them.'”
 Jung Chang - “I like to have Chinese furniture in my home as a constant and painful reminder of how much has been destroyed in China. The contrast between the beauty of the past and the ugliness of the modern is nowhere sharper than in China.”
 Colin Powell - “Senator Kerry really would be well served by not throwing such charges around in a political campaign, ... I work very closely with the president.”
 Lawrence Williamson - “I think what this lawsuit does is say that there are some officers in the department that have some misunderstanding about the African-American community and those misconceptions, and those stereotypes need to be addressed.”
 John Pike - “It's a zero sum competition among these politicians to bring home the bacon.”
 Jim Hughes - “So therefore, if they were really bad, the court could put them in jail from one to five years.”
 Simeon Rice - “People really don't understand how good we are. But that's OK. Defense is not a glamorous spot.”
 Karl Kraus - “Feminine passion is to masculine as an epic is to an epigram”
 Charlene Lui - “He was scrambling for players. I was lucky. Most players only have Coach Phil for two years, but I had him for four. He was very lenient about my not playing on Sunday. He told me I could play D-I.”
 Masaaki Kanno - “This (the data) may heighten expectations in the market of a BOJ policy change next week.”
 Ned Zachar - “The middle is getting squeezed out. People are moving up or down.”
 Fannie Hurst - “A woman has to be twice as good as a man to go half as far.”
 Bill Dickey - “I like to have my hand on every single plate that goes out. It's really a good feeling when someone compliments your meal, and you had everything to do with making it. It's very rewarding.”
 Pauline Hanson - “Those who feed off the Aboriginal industry do not want to see things changed. Look at the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation. Members receive 290 a day sitting allowance and 320 a day travelling allowance, and most of these people also hold other very well paid positions. No wonder they did not want to resign recently”
 Jeff Hart - “That's something that hurt us in a few games late this year. It would have been nice to knock a few down.”

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