My Favorite Quotes

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 Frank Capra - “Automatic simply means that you can't repair it yourself.”
 Unknown - “Those who hear not the music ... think the dancers mad.”
 Adnan Agca - “My brother was very happy to have been set free. He was not expecting this decision. He was writing a new Bible.”
 Wesley Snipes - “And as for me doing research here in Nigeria, no that's not what I'm here for. But now that you've mentioned it, it sounds like a great idea. I'd absolutely love to do 'Black Panther' in Nigeria.”
 Thomas Paine - “Everything that is right or natural pleads for separation. The blood of the slain, the weeping voice of nature cries, 'Tis time to part.”
 George Balanchine - “One is born to be a great dancer.”
 Christine Lahti - “My heart's in really great shape thanks to spinning classes.”
 Lanny Davis - “The news today is just the tip of the iceberg for L H. This is a classic story of the chicken coming home to roost.”
 Gene Chizik - “When you're playing a team that, in some areas, has been tagged as one of the best teams in college football history, that makes it fun.”
 Ambrose Gwinett Bierce - “MAIDEN, n. A young person of the unfair sex addicted to clewless conduct and views that madden to crime. The genus has a wide geographical distribution, being found wherever sought and deplored wherever found. The maiden is not altogether unpleasing to the eye, nor (without her piano and her views) insupportable to the ear, though in respect to comeliness distinctly inferior to the rainbow, and, with regard to the part of her that is audible, bleating out of the field by the canary --which, also, is more portable.A lovelorn maiden she sat and sang -- This quaint, sweet song sang sheIt's O for a youth with a football bang And a muscle fair to see The Captain he Of a team to be On the gridiron he shall shine, A monarch by right divine, And never to roast on it --me --Opoline Jones”
 Guus Hiddink - “I would lie if I said that deep down inside I don't know what I'm going to do yet.”
 Michael Shepard - “Bands today -- they're lost in specifics. They just do one thing and that's it. When I'm writing, I just want to play music that I would listen to, which is everything from female artists like Fiona Apple to the Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana. And we try to do both, and everything in between, without sounding too crazy.”
 Lee Matthews - “The guys played solid tennis today. The wind was definitely a factor again today as it was blowing from baseline to baseline. You had to make an adjustment at every change over.”
 Monty Hall - “Of course when I got to be a star on Let's Make a Deal, I started getting 20 calls a week. I would respond. My fee was zero. They liked my fee and they liked the job I did and I raised, in the last 50 years, I raised 800 million. And it's been a great ride.”
 Mark Nichols - “It's just one of those shots that felt good We were lucky enough to make it.”
 Clare Callahan - “I can usually see a glint in them if they are really passionate about music and guitar.”
 Bhagavad-Gita - “People do not know My true transcendental nature. Therefore, they fall.”
 Omar Vizquel - “It's going to be nice -- hopefully Alou is better than 80 percent with his legs, and we know Bonds hit a home run yesterday, ... We get those guys back. I don't know if it's going to be too late, but we're still in this thing the divisional race.”
 Kathy Davis - “We have earthquakes, we have tornadoes, we have floods, we have windstorms and we definitely have winter storms.”
 Alfred, Lord Tennyson - “Now lies the Earth all Dana to the stars.”
 Isabel Burton - “He who knows not and knows not he knows not he is a fool -- shun him.He who knows not and knows he knows not he is simple -- teach him.”
 Alonzo Mourning - “He has big hands for his size hands like a 7-footer. He can grab the ball and palm it. And he has great athletic ability.”
 Chuck Hagel - “No one knows how many millions of dollars have been tucked away for special projects for individual members behind a curtain.”
 Chad Kimball - “They were filming this TV pilot called Adventures of St. Clair Island in Seattle . It was really kind of low budget. It wasnt like Hollywood they were filming in Seattle and trying to shop around. My brother was into summer stock Seattle s children theatre and I was about seven, I think, and they were having auditions. Our elementary school had gotten the 'word' and my brother was going to go. I asked if I could go too and my mom said sure. I went - and ended up getting it over him and two thousand kids, it was ridiculous That was my first thing and then when I was about twelve I was in Our Town . I was Joe the paperboy and I was fantastic. I was amazing. I brought the house down with three lines. There are no small roles, only small actors. (he laughs) So thats how I started, and from there on I knew that was what I wanted to do. There was really no question for me”
 Jim Edmonds - “Did we lose or did we win ... It's something that you've got to see to believe it. You really do. People back home ask me about this place and I tell them, 'You've got to come see it to believe it.' I don't think you can describe the power of these people that come to the game day in and day out, and the support they give you. It really makes you go out there and play harder, play better and basically be a better person just because you know they're watching.”

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