My Favorite Quotes

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 Hubert H. Humphrey - “Unfortunately, our affluent society has also been an effluent society.”
 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - “Who ne'er his bread in sorrow ate, Who ne'er the mournful midnight hours Weeping upon his bed has sate, He knows you not, ye Heavenly Powers.”
 Marilyn Manson - “My only definition of romance is that somebody has to be willing to hold hands and jump off the cliff with you. At that point, you don't want to die any more.”
 Christopher Marlowe - “There is no sin but ignorance.”
 Ian Campbell - “It's unlikely that you'll have a son of Kyoto come out of Montreal. If we go for that sort of achievement at Montreal, we'll walk away in tears, we have to try to build a framework through a series of steps that is comprehensive and effective.”
 Natasha Hamilton - “Anytime you get an audience that's paying attention, you enjoy it more.”
 Lise Lareau - “There is a need to get back to work, so we're trying to find a happy balance between letting people absorb the deal and ask all their questions about the deal and then voting on it.”
 David Jones - “We did not play our style of basketball and we need to rebound and play defense. Things just spiraled out of control the third period and we weren't able to get back in the game. On top of that, Hollidaysburg is a good basketball team.”
 Tony Russa - “Well, I bet if they had their hand on a bible, they'll tell you they don't think we're really good because they beat us four out of seven, so I hope we throw out the regular season. We saw them play well, and they play well enough to win a championship, and that's really what counts. They're in the tournament.”
 Guy Moszkowski - “Strategically, it's been very, very difficult for PaineWebber to gain or maintain share in anything other than its main retail business. What they probably hope is by getting together with a more global firm that they can turn that around.”
 Drew Olson - “We really played calm. I have never been so calm at the end of the game.”
 Russell M. Nelson - “I doubt that the Lord cares much which honorable vocation you choose. But He does care if you love one another and serve one another.”
 Arthur Balfour - “Christianity naturally, but why journalism”
 Angelo Crowell - “You hate to lose a guy like Takeo Spikes , but it's just a time for me to step up, make the plays he was making and get this defense back on a roll. It is mixed emotions. But I believe he'd definitely want me to step up, replace him and get the job done.”
 Troy Polamalu - “It was a really slow-paced game. You have to be really on your keys. All it takes is one play to separate and score.”
 Brian Steckler - “It had a definite impact. We were handing phones to emergency service workers and mayors and fire chiefs, allowing them to make their first phone calls out.”
 Sheriff Painter - “There was nothing out of the ordinary. They went to arrest him, he was fighting with them and they put him in jail. But there is nothing that indicates there was any wrongdoing anywhere.”
 Gene Taylor - “The war is a factor because production in Iraq is down a third because insurgents continually are attacking the oil wells, ... In World War II, we provided all our own oil. Now we provide only 50 percent of what we use, which means we import a lot.”
 Thomas Keneally - “You know, so I was a weird eccentric kid but I did believe in the power of the word and of the word being made flesh I suppose, which again I suppose came from my temperament as well as my upbringing.”
 Jay Walls - “No. 1 (Demetrius James) is an outstanding running back. He has good vision and he runs hard and fast. No. 10 (wide receiver Steve Dawson) is their big play man. When they need a big play on offense or on a kick return, they look for him.”
 Lou Piniella - “The trick here for next year is the pitching, ... That's the trick. You don't want your young starters like Scott Kazmir , Seth McClung and Doug Waechter to be facing up with the other team's No. 1, 2 and 3 starters, like we've had to do it all year. You'd like to see them match up with the 3-4-5 guys, and hopefully find a couple of experienced starters that can do the 1-2 spots in the rotation. That should be tops on this organization's list. That should be the first and foremost consideration.”
 Len Wein - “Were there stories I wrote along the way that were terrible clinkers God, yes. But they were all a product of their time, and I did the best I could.”
 Dwight Schultz - “It's a fascinating area for me, UFOs have occupied a great part of my life since I was very young.”
 Lloyd Alexander - “Shakespeare, Dickens, Mark Twain, and so many others were my dearest friends and greatest teachers.”
 Shonda Rhimes - “They wouldn't shut up about it. 'He's totally an alcoholic and here's why.' I hate them sometimes. Especially when they are right. Because Richard is totally an alcoholic and now I see why.”

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