My Favorite Quotes

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 Morton C. Blackwell - “38. In politics, nothing moves unless it's pushed.”
 Ronald Reagan - “I have left orders to be awakened at any time in case of national emergency, even if I'm in a cabinet meeting.”
 Saint Augustine - “While the best men are guided by love, most mean are still goaded by fear.”
 Colin Powell - “We do expect that as we codify this framework, ... there will be something that will be legally binding, and we are examining different ways in which this can happen. It can be an executive agreement that both houses of Congress might wish to speak on, or it might be a treaty.”
 Deborah White - “The market is reacting today as if oil at less than 74 a barrel is a bargain.”
 Saeb Erekat - “I cannot begin to understand why Israel would want all-out war. Today's military assault would seem to suggest that intent.”
 Debbie Ryan - “They're a very good defensive and rebounding team. However, we got 18 more shots than Boston College did in that game. We're a better offensive team now than we were then, we just have to hope we bring our better offensive team and not the one we brought in the game in Boston.”
 Arnold Amber - “They've known for 16 months that we oppose the concept of additional contract workers at CBC,”
 Dominique Moisi - “I don't think that it is impossible to carry out reform in France. The real crisis is a crisis of confidence.”
 Marcos Baghdatis - “This in one of the best matches of my life. I'm in my own world and playing great tennis. Having this crowd with me is just amazing.”
 Ernest Hemingway - “Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.”
 Brooks Monaghan - “Missouri began the game with high pressure and it took us a moment to settle down. We were caught a little of guard in the beginning of the game. Missouri played with strong discipline as individuals and as a team, but it was still an evenly played game. Despite not having our best performance, we were always in the game and had several chances to pick up the victory.”
 John Money - “It makes it very exciting don't you think to live in an age of, of discovery of human personality this way”
 Brian Samson - “We think all of those three are going to happen in the next two years. Ramona will probably be next. Actually there's been some discussion about whether to make Ramona a (full) station.”
 Steve Gregory - “I think if we would have had some winning seasons, it would be in the top 10 (most difficult places to play).”
 Neil Schon - “During the 1970s and 1980s Gibson did use my likeness, but we never signed anything. This new Signature model is the first time we struck a formal written deal for a guitar with my name on it.”
 Lance Armstrong - “I didn't know, ... I had no idea ... maybe bike related, maybe I hit it somehow, maybe sex related But I said, 'This is ridiculous,' and the pain just wouldn't go away.”
 Rig Veda - “The leader is very meticulous and is disciplined. Such a person is definitely worth respecting and praising. All should therefore lead a balanced and disciplined life.”
 Teresa Grady - “I'm very excited only because I do feel hopeful. I feel hopeful that really people That people's hearts do resonate to the truth.”
 James Brosnahan - “You can't go through a day in America without 911 being mentioned. How can you get a fair trial under these circumstances”
 Mike Mahoney - “You know that this is just one that's been found - how many others are still out there, waiting to be found ... We probably rode by 15, 20 people today.”
 David Griffith - “Ben was a good sport although the raft was very Heath Robinson, made in no time out of next to nothing and went nowhere. Hopefully he will have more success when he tries to row across the Atlantic with Olympic champion James Cracknell in November.”
 Daragh Maher - “Structural nervousness creeps into the market from time to time but interest rates still favor the dollar.”
 Nick Lowe - “I work very hard on getting the songs as direct and examined as I can before I go in the studio.”
 Paul Wolff - “if we don't support that tourist industry, our property taxes are going to go through the roof.”

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