My Favorite Quotes

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 William Butler Yeats - “I think a man and a woman should choose each other for life, for the simple reason that a long life with all its accidents is barely enough for a man and a woman to understand each other and in this case to understand is to love.”
 Mark Twain - “The English are mentioned in the Bible Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”
 Michael Garcia - “They attempted to run an insider trading business as a money making machine.”
 Mitch Gaspard - “We have to get some confidence, and to do that we have to win some games. We're not good enough to think about sweeping anybody right now. We just have to try to start winning some series.”
 William Booth - “It's important. We play that second one because in a tie that's how we see who goes.”
 David Reed - “This is definitely a big endurance test. Part of the reason people keep coming back is they want to see if they can make it through another trail ride.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “Does he make a statement to be one of our pitchers for next year We'll see how he does this year and we'll go from there.”
 Mike Figgis - “Each film is different. Time Code was very quick - a matter of months. Miss Julie has been on my shelf as a script for some seven or eight years. But then the shooting process was very quick - 16 days.”
 Dusty Baker - “It got a little hairy there when we had a 3-0 lead and Delgado hit that home run. But that was the only mistake Zambrano made.”
 Bela Fleck - “So it doesn't have to be happy music to be inspiring.”
 Aristotle - “Great men are always of a nature originally melancholy.”
 Loren Loverde - “HP has gotten a boost from newly acquired Compaq, which has had a strong foothold in those areas for years and has maintained a strong local presence in many countries. HP is more established and has more distribution networks, ... Dell has been in the market less time, and they're focusing on core markets U.K., Germany, and France. It's working fairly well for them.”
 Derek Coleman - “We are refocused and ready to go. We learned what we did wrong from the three losses and we are ready to get back to where we started, with a five-game winning streak at the beginning of conference play. We want to get the best seed we can for the NEC Tournament.”
 Glenn Sylvest - “I've been really pleased with the tone those two have set for the team this year. Those two show up everyday ready to work and get better. It's had an impact on the whole team. All of our girls have adopted the same work ethic.”
 Silke Stegemann - “The company's salt acquisitions are paying off big time thanks to the winter weather.”
 John Greene - “Basically, he does a good job of throwing strikes, and he makes the other team hit the ball. He's not overpowering, (but) he throws strikes and doesn't walk too many.”
 Jonathan Swift - “It is as hard to satirize well a man of distinguished vices, as to praise well a man of distinguished virtues.”
 Ghazi Hamad - “Rockets are one of the resistance tools. Our people have the right to resist the occupation. The occupation is the problem and as long as the problem exists our people have the right to resist.”
 Richard Williams - “These software stocks are all overvalued on the fundamentals that we see today.”
 Curt Stellfox - “I thought we had them a little on the ropes. I think we possibly could have had a heck of an upset.”
 Gloria Swanson - “Sunset Boulevard opened in August 1950, and it was pronounced the best movie ever made about Hollywood.”
 Wolf Blitzer - “Looks like a pretty serious race unfolding.”
 Vivien Leigh - “Shaw is like a train. One just speaks the words and sits in one's place. But Shakespeare is like bathing in the sea - one swims where one wants.”
 Jeff Neary - “I had to drag the cross down the street with a crown of thorns on my head.”
 Reuben Thorne - “It's been frustrating, really. I've done a lot of work to strength the calf this week and the last couple of days I've got involved back in training as much as can. But it feels all right, so I'm going to give it a crack. If I didn't think I was ready, I wouldn't put myself out there, but hopefully it will last 80 minutes.”

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