My Favorite Quotes

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 Mark Twain - “All I say is, kings is kings, and you got to make allowances. Take them all around, they're a mighty ornery lot. It's the way they're raised.”
 Erma Bombeck - “Guilt the gift that keeps on giving.”
 Jimmy Carter - “There was no doubt that we could prevail militarily, but I think that the vice president and secretary of defense and others said that we were going to be treated with euphoria, crowds who would welcome us there, and the problems of administration of Iraq's economic and political affairs was going to be an easy job,”
 Guru Nanak - “Let him never wash his feet in a vessel of white brass, let him not eat out of a broken ,earthen dish, nor out of one that ,to judge from its appearance ,is defiled.”
 Kathleen Sebelius - “It is encouraging to see major companies like DHL expand and invest in Kansas, ... With this new investment in our state, our community will benefit by the creation of new jobs and increased revenue to the tax base.”
 Mark Twain - “The English are mentioned in the Bible Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”
 Peter Coyote - “Business is a subset of the environment, not the other way around. You can't have a healthy economy, you can't have a healthy anything in a degraded environment.”
 Emile Sheng - “What Ma should do now is not get involved. He should take the chance to establish a nomination mechanism and allow the primaries to decide the final candidate.”
 Jim Ryan - “I would say a combination of unsupervised children and those who spend an extraordinary amount of time on the Web are susceptible.”
 Mark Rylance - “Moments are incredible, but in my fantasy mind I see a Globe company which is renowned throughout the world for what it does with pure storytelling. So that people come and say it's not just the building, it's the only place you can hear this kind of work.”
 Laura Ingraham - “they share his contempt for George W. Bush.”
 Mark Knox - “The one thing we see repeatedly is that once a consumer owns a high definition television, he or she immediately notices the difference -- so much so that viewing habits adjust in order to watch high definition content.”
 Ajay Singh - “We have also been in a position drawn a portrait of the assailant from the account of the eyewitness and I would be giving in few minutes. We are making more copies. We will give you that portrait with a request to publish this requesting people to look for such a person. And if found or noticed anywhere, then inform us anyone of us or our police control room.”
 Bill Lunch - “If that turns out to be the case, by November, things could be looking quite different. If current trends continue, Democrats could take control.”
 Boris Johnson - “It's very, very good news for Cameron. He's going to storm through, I've absolutely no doubt he's going to be Prime Minister.”
 Patrick Surtain - “It's just the second game. We don't feel like we're at our peak yet. But to hold a great offense to 17 points is something you can be proud of. But in no way, shape or form are we satisfied with how we played. We know we can play better.”
 Mary Scott - “She was a wonderful mother. So kind. She taught us good moral values. She gave us so much love.”
 Mike Adras - “Obviously, that would have energized our guys. It's a play that I know energizes Ruben, and it did just the opposite to him. That was a big momentum-changer in the first half.”
 Michael Class - “Let's raise more good men and women.”
 Todd Blomberg - “This is as competitive, from top to bottom, that the conference has been in a long time. Every time you step on the field for a conference game, you know you're going to be in a battle.”
 Dominique Maltais - “I didn't think I could finish, let alone finish third. I thought it was over. I thought I missed a gate. I didn't think I could get up and finish. I was alone on the course. But I just wanted to get up. I didn't think I could get (a medal).”
 Doris Lessing - “Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”
 Martin Luther - “The devil is God's ape”
 Beth Gibbons - “I've just put my heart and soul in a song and need at least a week to recover.”
 Skip Laper - “It's really been kind of a tale of finding a third person in each game to step up. And we've had different people in each of the tournament games.”

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