My Favorite Quotes

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 Stavros Dimas - “Negotiations of this kind are always very difficult. Our objective is to get an agreement to start negotiations,”
 Brian Finnerty - “Stocks were due to give back a little bit. We've had nice rallies ahead of these earnings.”
 Gopal Ahluwalia - “Why do home sizes rise when, during the same period, the average family size has declined”
 Carolyn Peck - “One of the things we really focus on is building our offense and trying to erase the turnovers. We tweaked our offense a little and did a better job of passing and sharing and moving the basketball.”
 Francois Fournier - “There has to be the natural gift. When I see her do her thing on the soccer field or on the basketball court, to be able to do what she does, I think there's just a natural gift.”
 Thomas Fuller - “If thou art a master, be sometimes blind if a servant, sometimes deaf.”
 Charlie Cook - “The risk is enormous to Democrats. Even talking about censure or impeachment threatens to really agitate the Republican base.”
 Mark Mobius - “We're not at the danger stage yet, but we are at danger of getting there - and history does repeat itself.”
 Phil Garner - “This is not the best situation, but it's the one we're in. We'll bounce back. We'll make a series out of this.”
 Don Flanagan - “She's got a really soft touch and is very accurate at getting the ball around the rim, so she gets some nice bounces. We've gotten her going in transition, but I wish she would shoot it even more. She is so good, she can hit it under more pressure or make the foul shots, if someone runs out at her.”
 Toni Duboise - “The fact that a growing number of digital media PC user require better performance and bigger storage repositories also bodes well for a sustained resurgence for the desktop space.”
 Hugh Johnson - “I think we've seen technology take a tumble a number of times and come right back. Most professional money managers look at a technology slump as a buying opportunity.”
 Bill Clinton - “Strength and wisdom are not opposing values.”
 Harold Vogel - “Just because some of the shareholders get to vote doesn't mean they'll vote in favor of Hilton,”
 Harvey Voogd - “April 12 was a great day for defenders of Medicare. All Canadians should be breathing a little easier today. We are going to celebrate, thank our volunteers and then it is back to work watching out for the next privatization attempt.”
 Siobhan Rigby - “It's kind of shocking because sometimes things just pop in your head, like, oh this weekend, I have to go to my babysitting class and then I think, oh no I'm not. It's starting to sink in that I'm not going back for a while this time. I mean, the hurricane just changed everything.”
 Tom Diana - “I wasn't happy with our energy early. Sometimes it's hard to turn it around after a heartbreaker. I challenged our guys at halftime. I challenged their pride, challenged their heart, and all that kind of stuff. And I thought we responded well in the third quarter.”
 Tre Smith - “We all wanted to run the ball more because we didn't get many carries last week, so Coach Gran wanted to try all of the running backs out, and he wanted to see us running the ball. I thought we all ran the ball good.”
 Joe Morton - “One, I had never worked with John Woo before and I wanted to see what that was like, and two, Ben Affleck is a friend, so it would be fun to work with him again.”
 Dale Rogers - “I lay in the bed at the hospital and said, 'let's see what I have left.' And I could see, I could speak, I could think, I could read. I simply tabulated my blessings, and that gave me a start.”
 James Reston - “Stick with the optimists. It's going to be tough enough even if they're right.”
 Thomas Jefferson - “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”
 Scott Scudder - “We expect to win every year every game. The losses hurt, but we've got to think about getting better and not dwell on the negative. We've got to learn from this and turn things around.”
 Jay Sears - “It made me feel good to have the teammates I have. I knew I could kick it to this player or that player, and they'd knock down the shot or do something great with the ball.”
 Ike Nwaelele - “He's a good player so I just tried to get a hand up and contain him and not let him get to the lane.”

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