My Favorite Quotes

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 Ursula K. LeGuin - “Its queer that daylights not enough. We need the shadows, in order to walk.”
 Percy Bysshe Shelley - “The moon of Mahomet Arose, and it shall set While, blazoned as on heaven's immortal noon, The cross leads generations on.”
 Robert Frost - “The chief reason for going to school is to get the impression fixed for life that there is a book side for everything.”
 George Karl - “We've got to slow them down. We've done some good things. Consistency would be good there. I would take just shooting the league average on open shots tonight.”
 Chris Smith - “Probably the first and most essential thing is that it will encourage people to read the Bible.”
 Christian Horner - “What we will see is it will build to a crescendo and it has the best of everything a busy finish, with and without fuel, it is a good solution.”
 Lizzie Andrew Borden - “I had no occasion for an apron on that morning.”
 Robert McChesney - “When the government picked companies and gave them monopoly rights to frequencies in San Francisco and Los Angeles and New York and Chicago, it was picking the winners of the competition it wasn't setting the terms of the competition.”
 Gary Cole - “Steve is aware we're trying to add more experienced players to the squad and decided a one-year contract would suit him better.”
 Christine McVie - “I like a light touch, a sensitive piano. My wrists aren't that strong, and if I have to hack too hard, they start breaking down. Fortunately, after playing something like that I take a break and have a drink, or move over to the accordion, or just stagger off the stage until my arms recover.”
 Spencer Johnson - “I did want to play, so I'm disappointed. But it's smart in the long run.”
 Patricia Clarkson - “The majority of work I do is in independent films, where you're lucky if you have five takes.”
 Glen Campbell - “My older brothers used to take me to the shows to see Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, all of that you know, the Western movies.”
 Bill Dorenkott - “I think it's a combination of nerves and excitement. If we can channel that into something positive, I think they will be fine.”
 James Davis - “He is a sophomore at N.C. State studying nuclear engineering.”
 Charles Miller - “Depending on how hard a winter we have, we could very well be short of hay.”
 Rep. Curry - “It's actually cool because they can build their decree within that volume. This gives them an incentive to ask for a reasonable amount of water and still meet their needs for their events.”
 Jeffrey Koplan - “What this isolation of the organism will show us is where were they at a given time and what time was it that it occurred.”
 Elie Wiesel - “It's not perfect. Nothing is perfect. Sometimes it takes time for the words to become more than words.”
 Bob Kennedy - “Most of the time it's not a visible wear. That usually means that the cushioning properties of the shoe have broken down.”
 Mark Richt - “We've never done that. It's not a bad idea. I've never thought to do that but maybe in the future we will.”
 bell hooks - “I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else's whim or to someone else's ignorance.”
 Alexander Hamilton - “You should not have taken advantage of my sensibility to steal into my affections without my consent.”
 Jerry Narron - “He didn't ask errant questions. He asked intelligent questions.”
 Mike Degory - “My back was all torn up. I don't think I even practiced until Thursday. That was the closest. It wasn't much of a streak then. It was only three or four games then.”

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