My Favorite Quotes

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 Eliza Roxey Snow - “If 'Rights' are right when they are rightly gained, 'Rights' must be wrong when wrongfully obtained. The putting forth a hand to take the prize, Before we fairly win it, is unwise.”
 Francis Bacon - “Suspicions that the mind, of itself, gathers, are but buzzes but suspicions that are artificially nourished and put into men's heads by the tales and whisperings of others, have stings.”
 Lawrence Samuels - “It's a great accomplishment, but I play for the wins, I don't play for the record. I just play hard and try to come out and get a victory. That's what any player should be playing for.”
 Michael Weiss - “Many of our stores lost as much as 70 of their business.”
 Tom Gallagher - “This scheme had the potential to jeopardize patient care. We will not tolerate anyone putting our citizens at risk.”
 Krissy Wendell - “I haven't forgotten it. It's a vision you don't forget. It leaves you with a little chip on your shoulder.”
 Jonathan Ravelas - “Because of the commitment to bring down the budget gap, investors are now rewarding the government through fresh foreign direct and portfolio investments.”
 Greg Erwin - “It's almost like building a start-up company from the ground up. You have to have financial people, you have to have marketing people, you have to have operational people, you have to have fundraising people. It's a big project, a really big project.”
 Jeffrey Klinefelter - “I think the idea that teenagers are becoming conservative, even rejecting low-rise jeans, is really a media-created story because nothing in our research shows that is happening.”
 Michael Cooper - “We could still end up in a three-way tie. If we just keep our composure and learn from this defeat, then I'm positive that we'll have a chance to contend for the SEC.”
 David Hunt - “They're the only growth industry in the military right now. But there's always a use for conventional forces.”
 Hector Flores - “That they are 5 percent of the workforce - it's a sign of their significance. How much would a house cost without all the construction jobs done by immigrants What would happen to the service industry”
 Chris DiMarco - “Seriously, I'd like to see them make it 20 yards shorter so more guys would try to drive it. My philosophy there is, if I feel like I can get too close to the green with a driver, I don't hit it.”
 Fred Gaudelli - “I've never looked forward to a season as much as this one. We're going to be hoping it never ends, but sadly it will. The great news is at the end of the season we have a Super Bowl.”
 Fred Silva - “Together, we are making a positive difference in the lives of those most in need. The industry's support allows us to increase the number of homes we rebuild and provide a better quality of life for our most vulnerable residents.”
 Jannie Coverdale - “I was glad he got the 12 years”
 Jeff Deren - “We actually had purchase power agreements signed by a wind developer and a municipal solid waste developer, but the developers had trouble finding a site and it was right about the time we were switching over to a co-op and the funding fell through.”
 Joaquin Phoenix - “It was quite dynamic, actually, his voice. I thought, well, his voice is fairly simple, and it was in some respects. But a song like 'Walk the Line,' for instance, one thing he did is change keys. That song, every verse changes keys.”
 Bob Greenly - “I knew it was going to be tough getting another victory against them. We need some matches like we had last year (a 52-16 Milton win). But we lost all the close matches. We havent wrestled well in our own gym this year.”
 Marvin Lewis - “He's had a good week. Every time he steps on the field, he practices hard and he's learning what he needs to learn. He's getting closer to doing the things he needs to do.”
 Kay Robertson - “This is the first time the town has looked at the zoning ordinance comprehensively since 1971.”
 Dan Taylor - “We had to take some time to get into the flow of our offense.”
 Anita Diament - “Biblical names are hot again.”
 Hugh Walpole - “Happiness comes from... some curious adjustment to life.”
 Stephen Harper - “Cleaning up government begins at the top.”

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