My Favorite Quotes

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 George Crabbe - “Her air, her manners, all who saw admired Courteous though coy, and gentle though retired The joy of youth and health her eyes displayed, And ease of heart her every look conveyed.”
 Michelangelo - “Genius is eternal patience.”
 Albert Schweitzer - “Truth has no time of its own. Its hour is now -- always, and indeed then most truly when it seems most unsuitable to actual circumstances.”
 Kevin J. Anderson - “Dune is the bestselling science fiction book of all time. It's something you really need to read in your lifetime. If you're going to read The Lord of the Rings, which everyone should, then you have to read Dune, too.”
 Anne Shazo - “I believe the truancy reduction project has potential as a bridge between the juvenile justice system and prevention. I don't question the immediate impact of the program.”
 Scott Gomez - “We lost two games, but the way we lost them it seemed like we had lost 10 in a row. This is a big test for us. We're still kind of - not a fragile team - but we've got a confidence thing. It all starts with a win. Sometimes that's all it takes to turn things around.”
 Russell Verney - “We are asking the federal court to intervene because grave and irreparable harm will occur if a staged debate takes place as planned.”
 Jerry Jones - “This is a chance for him to play for a great coach. Bill was very much part of this decision. Parcells has an outstanding record of taking high-profile players and having them understand what the locker room is about.”
 Kenneth Clarke - “Is there legitimacy in the doubt that possibly this was all decided on, has been remorselessly unfolding for many months I think many people think it has,”
 Judith Miller - “I was a journalist doing my job, protecting my source until my source freed me to perform my civic duty to testify.”
 Silvan Shalom - “We will not cooperate with Hamas's desire to participate in the forthcoming Palestinian elections, ... And we call on the international community to make clear its own opposition to the inclusion of such terrorists in the democratic process. If Gaza is indeed to be the positive model we all wish to see, then it is those who promote dialogue not violence who must be empowered.”
 Jeff Gundy - “He's a very good player, it's good to see he could make a full recovery and have as good a year as he's had. With him and Mo Williams on the floor together, when you put two point guards on the floor at the same time, it's very difficult.”
 Doug Porter - “I think you can make a case that it was led by a turnaround by the technology sector in the U.S.,”
 Cesar Romero - “George Raft may or may not have gone both ways, but he was very sensitive to what they said about him, and it was one factor why he decided to play all those gangsters in the movies.”
 Jim Capaldi - “Guys would hang out in groups just to be with the music.”
 Walter Mondale - “We have a lot of problems confronting our nation the possibility of war, the growing threat in Korea, a serious threat of terrorism clearly around,”
 Henry Brooks Adams - “We combat obstacles in order to get repose, and when got, the repose is insupportable.”
 Ariel Sharon - “It's obvious that elections will be brought forward,”
 Aaron Small - “There's times I looked around, but never in awe, ... In Columbus, we had about 1,200 people and here we had, what, about 50,000, so it's a little different.”
 Tony Amonte - “You win a Stanley Cup, you want to be a part of it and I probably wouldn't have been that big a part of it if I stayed there. I wasn't playing that much and didn't really know how to deal with a coach like that (Mike Keenan) at the time, being 23 years old.”
 Joe Thomas - “I'm kind of enjoying being able to relax, because I know it's a real stressful time for a lot of these guys. Being able to have one more year where I don't have to worry about it is kind of nice.”
 Marvin Harrison - “The hand is pretty good. It reminds me of earlier in the year when I hurt my wrist. Today I wanted to get out here and practice not necessarily for the game Sunday but practice in preparations for the first playoff game.”
 Cristie Kerr - “I don't mind the snapping, but not when a player is already into their practice routine. We had to tell them a few times at the beginning.”
 Ludwig Börne - “If one age believes too much it is natural that another believes too little.”
 Joseph Muscat - “A Labour government would be a governemnt which would put the countrys not the partys interest first.”

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