My Favorite Quotes

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 George Eliot - “There is a great deal of unmapped country within us.”
 Thomas Szasz - “The self is not something that one finds, it is something that one creates”
 Friedrich Nietzsche - “We should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.”
 Eleanor Roosevelt - “We must be willing to learn the lesson that cooperation may imply compromise, but if it brings a world advance it is a gain for each individual nation.”
 Mike Rowan - “We were missing our attack tonight. We weren't holding the ball very long. It was like we were playing only two-thirds soccer.”
 Sharon Patrick - “The attitude at MSO remains business as usual, morale is good and the mood is one of pride in our product quality, the strength of our brand labels and the continued achievements of the company under challenging times,”
 Keith Miller - “What happened was that I got in the Twelve Steps programs and got closer and closer to Christ. Suddenly, He was real to me in a way He had never been.”
 Shaun Osborne - “The bank may start to soft-pedal its need for more rate increases down the road. So the Canadian dollar is coming down.”
 Oliver Purnell - “I wanted to play baseball. That was probably my best sport, but I wasn't allowed to play Little League baseball.”
 Francis Collins - “The hopes of the parent of a child with a birth defect, the hopes of a young man with a family history of cancer, the hopes of a couple caring for an aging parent are in some way advanced by our having this instruction book of an animal which is a model for all of those circumstances.”
 Barbara Saunders - “When it's multiplied by the number of children you have, it is a substantial raise. I think that people who were not interested before, from a provider standpoint, may rethink it now.”
 Nils Stenseth - “That birds spread the bacteria is not in question but how important that is in the big picture is not yet clear.”
 Dan Anderson - “She dosn't have any physical damage other than a slight bump on the head. So we don't know if she was taking the horse to the pond for a quick drink and the horse spooked. Got bit by a bee. Who knows what. The horse may have bumped her in the head. She fell into the pond. It's not too deep but full of muck and she wasn't able to get out.”
 Mike Tice - “This game at Baltimore is going to be the same as this week's - the same thing. Whether they have Ray Lewis in there or not, they still have an excellent defense. They still have another couple players that can play. It doesn't make it any easier, obviously, but what we have to worry about is Baltimore and getting that ninth victory.”
 Nancy Lopez - “We've got these young Americans that are going to keep this tour going for a long time, and they have energy and personality, ... They're good with people, and they do stuff for the LPGA, and they promote the LPGA, and that's what keeps an organization going and growing.”
 Dave Pietramala - “I think they put so much pressure on themselves to live up to their expectations, and we played like that for a while. We were tight. We learned the world didn't end because we lost to a good team. Now we can put that loss behind us. Once we got one, two and another score, it was like we had forgotten who we were and now, we remember.”
 John Shaw - “I didn't want a live outside line, even though it was the head coach, ... It's tough enough to call games, and I was under the impression that whatever Mike's input would be he would do that either prior to the game or during the week or at halftime.”
 Rodney Harrison - “It's more hype because it's Randy Moss, who's a bigger name player, but if I get a chance to hit him, I'll hit him. If I get a chance to get an interception, I'm going to try to make the interception.”
 Michael Campbell - “It's been a wonderful journey so far. I just want to ride this rocket as long as I can.”
 Ben Jacobson - “There's a lot of trust between the two of them. They both understand what each other is trying to do. It's like a student that knows everything.”
 Andy Murray - “The penalty at the end of the game, you're not pleased about, but the focus today for the most part should be on the fact that Sean had a great game. Sean knows how I feel about things, and I think our players are going to deal with that with Sean. We always want him to stay on the positive side of things, but certainly we're not pleased with the penalties.”
 Dierks Bentley - “It was just the two of us no family. It was a great time.”
 Louisa May Alcott - “Simple, sincere people seldom speak much of their piety. It shows itself in acts rather than in words, and has more influence than homilies or protestations.”
 Leon Panetta - “They are the one area of hope that has really made progress. They have passed at the state level what we want at national levels.”
 Jason Cassarino - “Hartford is a good team, no lead is safe. But we held our composure. We were pretty focused. We had lost three games in a row and they really wanted to win.”

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