My Favorite Quotes

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 Thomas Stearns Eliot - “When we read of human beings behaving in certain ways, with the approval of the author, who gives his benediction to this behavior by his attitude towards the result of the behavior arranged by himself, we can be influenced towards behaving in the same way.”
 Romare Howard Bearden - “There are roads out of the secret place within us which we must all move as we go to touch others.”
 William Brown - “I would have the Constitution torn in shreds and scattered to the four winds of heaven. Let us destroy the Constitution and build on its ruins the temple of liberty. I have brothers in slavery. I have seen chains placed on their limbs and beheld them captive.”
 Amy Powell - “Tom Cruise and J.J. Abrams are bringing a fresh, high-tech look to the 'Mission' franchise and we wanted to deliver that to Internet users in an innovative way. As 'MiIII' kicks off the summer, we've got an outstanding lineup of behind-the-scenes and live content that rivals the very biggest interactive movie campaigns. We're thrilled to be getting creative with Yahoo.”
 Minendra Rijal - “The king has been defeated but the defeat is not complete.”
 Ernest Mandel - “Socialist democracy is not, a luxury and its need is not limited to the most advanced industrial countries.”
 Andy Taylor - “The past 12 months have been the most difficult and challenging period that Sanctuary has ever had. As a result, we have had to make some fundamental changes and difficult decisions, but it was essential to make them and we have acted quickly to do so.”
 Sigmund Freud - “The most complicated achievements of thought are possible without the assistance of consciousness.”
 John Wolf - “will go up 94 percent from a normal Wednesday.”
 John Morrison - “I saw the smoke and all the people running toward the truck with fire extinguishers. You could hear the guy inside screaming, 'Get me out. Get me out...' and everything around him was on fire.”
 Ken Kettenbeil - “We're now real focused on life after Super Bowl. There are 27 qualified people from different backgrounds, and they're very employable.”
 Olive Schreiner - “We all enter the world little plastic beings, with so much natural force, perhaps, but for the rest blank and the world tells us what we are to be, and shapes us by the ends it sets before us. To you it says Work and to us it says Seem To you it says As you approximate to man's highest ideal of God, as your arm is strong and your knowledge great, and the power to labor is with you, so you shall gain all that human heart desires. To us it says Strength shall not help you, nor knowledge, nor labor. You shall gain what men gain, but by other means. And so the world makes men and women.”
 Chris Kelly - “I was honored and delighted by his support and the support of his wife,”
 Frank Mills - “Secondary water is not filtered for debris, but we will also be working to build a pipe into the irrigation feed helping to filter out much of the debris and the problem should be reduced.”
 Shane Robison - “Our vision is for pervasive computing,”
 Shibley Telhami - “They have been remarkably loyal to the state even under very tense circumstances. Many of them literally have cousins, sometimes brothers and sisters across the border. And yet despite that, if you look at the history of the Arabs in Israel, there's been far less violence inside, remarkably low levels inside, even under the most difficult circumstances.”
 Steve Duwel - “Honestly, it's going to come down to Michael and Chris. Michael has got some tough, tough races. I think he'll win at least one and he could possibly win two. But he's a freshman and this is new to him so there's always that unknown.”
 David Allan - “It's better to be hurt by the truth than to gain satisfaction from the lies.”
 John Brady - “That's the best defense without fouling -- as physical a game as I thought it was -- that we've seen. We drove the ball inside almost every trip down the floor and we shot foul shots six times. That's pretty good guarding to me.”
 Philip Emeagwali - “The Connection Machines owned by the United States government laboratories were made available to me because they were considered impossible to program and there was no great demand for them at that time.”
 Jean Racine - “There are no secrets that time does not reveal.”
 Charles Kettering - “We often say that the biggest job we have is to teach a newly hired employee to fail intelligently... to experiment over and over again and to keep on trying and failing until he learns what will work.”
 Sonny Bono - “If anybody ever dares to compare Bob Dole to Clinton, then they're comparing a criminal to an honest man.”
 Susan Dunn - “A president can discover the secrets of leadership (through presidential biographies),”
 Tim Roth - “It looks like Legacy got a really good deal on that land.”

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