My Favorite Quotes

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 Byron Dorgan - “If the Administration does nothing, high gasoline prices will continue to increasingly burden our economy, taking millions of dollars out of the hands of families and putting it straight into the pockets of OPEC.”
 Steve Sundermeier - “I think part of it is that people worked really hard to update their anti-virus. The anti-virus definitions have been available for two weeks, and, with the attention this has been getting, people just made sure they were up-to-date for it.”
 Geoff Dixon - “While moving considerable parts of our business overseas would have provided overall greater savings, the successful restructuring in Australia also had the benefit of significant savings that would make the airline competitive.”
 Chuck Phillips - “This doesn't solve their problems long-term, but you can't continue to run a business and ignore the fact that your top line isn't there, so I think it's a pragmatic move. They probably can't cut their way to prosperity - sooner or later they're going to have to get their revenue line growing.”
 Joe Paterno - “I think we came too early. I'm a little nervous because this is the longest we've ever been at a bowl site, especially trying to work around the Christmas holiday. We had good practices at (FAU). We're still a little bit tired and I'm trying to get our practice schedule shifting a little bit since we've been practicing in the middle of the day.”
 Nancy Zimpher - “I have had a lot of tough decisions since coming to the University of Cincinnati, ... I wanted a bigger, more complex institution with a large medical program, a robust athletic program, all the complement of colleges and departments that come with a full-service, comprehensive research institution. And I got it.”
 Charles Gittins - “He will retire as commander, with full pension and with an honorable characterization of discharge, consistent with the character of his 20 years service,”
 Ian Shepherdson - “At 296,000, claims have slipped back to a five-week low, ... This is simply too low a level to be consistent with a major change in the labor market.”
 Charles Schumer - “When a country cannot deal with an issue in a straightforward, forthright way, when a country that has had success takes a step back because a narrow few have some ideological notion that everyone should be entitled to have any weapon they want-some of them even believe a bazooka or a tank is okay-then something is wrong.”
 Lindsey Graham - “I've got my own mind made up about how far we want to take this thing, based on an adulterous relationship with an intern. It's got to be a serious crime ... that would subject anybody at this table to criminal prosecution, and there's a few things in there that might meet that standard,”
 David Katz - “Epidemic obesity is arguably the gravest public health crisis we face and inarguably the least controlled.”
 Jim Dempsey - “You will get a very full picture of a person's associations and their patterns of activity. You'll know who they're talking to, when they're talking, how long, how frequently.... It's a lot of information. I mean, a lot.”
 Jerry Palm - “A win over Rutgers would have been a feather in their cap, but you can't have a loss to a team which you should beat.”
 Mike Scioscia - “They've got a lot of left-handed hitters over there, so we wanted to make sure we had a presence there on the right side of the infield. We need to keep defensive continuity if we're going to win, and Adam was in there for right-side defense. Adam's a terrific defensive second baseman. That's why he was out there tonight and he ends up winning the game with his bat.”
 David Ozgo - “A middle-class man making 40,000 might not be able to buy a new BMW. But he can buy the occasional bottle of vodka for 35 a bottle. People are drinking less than they once did, but they are drinking better.”
 Ken Walsh - “That middle school is so outdated, its not even funny. These schools are falling down.”
 Frederick Tsang - “The whole market is quite weak and there's quite a lot of selling of futures and red chips.”
 Paul Konerko - “You've got to understand something. Pod's called it 100 times this year. He's bound to be right once in a while.”
 Robert Hass - “Take the time to write. You can do your life's work in half an hour a day.”
 Phil Flynn - “This time it will be harder if we take another hit, and the market is accurately reflecting those fears,”
 Matt Groening - “Families are about love overcoming emotional torture. - Maker of the Simpsons”
 Isabel Burton - “He who knows not and knows not he knows not he is a fool -- shun him.He who knows not and knows he knows not he is simple -- teach him.”
 Lynda Weatherman - “Space tourism is a new industry that brings in money, in terms of people coming and going through a training program.”
 Jacques Martin - “It's an area where we have to get better. Our goal production is at the bottom of the league. We have to improve.”
 Elbert Hubbard - “To give up your seat in a car to a woman, and tread on your neighbor's foot to get even”

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