My Favorite Quotes

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 Martin Fraquhar Tupper - “Pain addeth zest unto pleasure, And teacheth the luxury of health.”
 William Cullen Bryant - “The stormy March has come at last, With winds and clouds and changing skies I hear the rushing of the blast That through the snowy valley flies.”
 Oscar Wilde - “Private information is practically the source of every large modern fortune.”
 Janet Abaray - “They didn't want to include that provision in the original document because they were afraid it would deter sales.”
 Stephen Glover - “Glover's column noted that many reporters know where Blair is but that Downing Street has strongly requested that his whereabouts on holiday not be revealed for security reasons. ... Is he snorkeling off the coast of Iceland Is he big-game hunting in Africa Is he thrashing his way through the Amazonian jungle . . . Alas, I am not allowed to say.”
 Gerald Mueller - “The biggest question is, are people ready to do something different If they want to perpetuate the status quo, they'll continue to do that. So long as people think they can amass legal political power and beat whoever, that's what they'll do.”
 Anne Tyler - “I do write long, long character notes - family background, history, details of appearance - much more than will ever appear in the novel. I think this is what lifts a book from that early calculated, artificial stage.”
 Lamar Odom - “Some games you have to do the right thing basketball-wise to win and we can't seem to do that. We don't play a good offensive game and we can't win. That puts Kobe in a bind. He's got to get 35 or 40 points for us to win. We should be embarrassed. I know I am.”
 Tony Russa - “Well, I bet if they had their hand on a bible, they'll tell you they don't think we're really good because they beat us four out of seven, so I hope we throw out the regular season. We saw them play well, and they play well enough to win a championship, and that's really what counts. They're in the tournament.”
 Christina Lopez - “We're going to stay busy. To me, it's a perfect opportunity to do something fun with the kids.”
 Adrian Edwards - “That statement said such abuses are totally unacceptable, that they're an affront to the work of the international community in Afghanistan.”
 Cedrick Wilson - “I definitely have to get better and start making tough catches for Ben to give him confidence in us. The old saying goes, if you touch the ball, you have to catch the ball. We have to hold ourselves accountable to catch those footballs. We got to make tough catches.”
 David Pelletier - “Nobody asked us how we'd like to receive (their gold medals). It sure wouldn't have been the way it was done. But you quickly realize the athletes have no say in what happens at the Olympics except for your performance. After that, you lose control.”
 Thomas Kempis - “First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.”
 Buck Showalter - “You have to realize that a lot of years have to pass before the track records and resumes make you feel real comfortable so it's not a given.”
 Kelly Buckley - “Her smiling and knowing that no matter what tomorrow holds, we have created a wonderful memory for her to hold on to for the rest of her life.”
 Larry Levitt - “In many ways what's been happening in the economy hits them (working poor families) the worst. Those with higher incomes are more likely to have employer-provided insurance. And many lower-income (people) have Medicaid to fall back. For that in-between group, there's nothing.”
 Kevin Spacey - “It's a journey towards truthfulness, towards reality. I think that's a wonderful challenge for Kevin Spacey - he's a great actor and what he has demonstrated on film many times is a wonderful truthfulness.”
 Susan Manning - “Since this play is about six women from Louisiana, we wanted to do something for the relief effort.”
 Lindsay Davenport - “I'm not sold on only two challenges in a set. On clay courts, we have unlimited challenges. I'm curious to see if somebody is down 5-6 in the third set and they have used up their challenges. Are fans going to understand that”
 Pat Quinn - “It's very uncomfortable today and I think we have to have another look at it. It's probably not (a break), but there was enough there for some people to think there might be some damage there, which could include a break. It was fuzzy enough where our guys couldn't read it enough and from my standpoint, we'd like to have it looked at again later today. It's not displaced and if there is anything going on it would be a crack.”
 Rafael Nadal - “It was the first time in the tournament I was a bit nervous,”
 Morgan Brittany - “The only time in my career prior to that I played an evil character was in the twilight Zone.”
 Jose Gasset - “Excellence means when a man or woman asks of himself more than others do.”
 Jim Robbins - “This will create a major, heavily concentrated regional cluster that is similar in size, importance and potential to our significant presence in the Southwest,”

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