My Favorite Quotes

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 Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe - “The deed is everything, the glory is naught.”
 Alex Agase - “We spend too much time recruiting and not enough time working with the players we have.”
 Unknown - “Man can not forsake God to lean on the arm of flesh. It's like throwing away your legs for a pair of crutches.”
 George Bernard Shaw - “This comes of James teaching me to think for myself, and never to hold back out of fear of what other people may think of me. It works beautifully as long as I think the same things as he does.”
 Sharon Harris - “They can't give you the power of Jesus, they can't give you the ability to heal people, it's simply that they give you the scriptures and you have to know within yourself ...”
 Herbert Greene - “We've had a training program here before and we'd love to have it back. I think it's something that's in the works. It's just a matter of how you want to get it done, because that's more of an academic issue, more than an athletic issue. The administration has to say they want to have it and then you go from there.”
 Bob Ayers - “What happens if a hacker in the U.K. breaks into a system in South Africa, or in the U.S. ... Where did the crime happen And who has jurisdiction The police must cooperate across borders, and, frankly, the police are not very good at that.”
 Virginia Woolf - “These are the soul's changes. I don't believe in ageing. I believe in forever altering one's aspect to the sun. Hence my optimism.”
 Hemant Shah - “The combined company can eliminate 25 percent of duplicated cost,”
 Kyle Kalian - “We knew they were big, and we knew we had to play our best game to win this. I felt like every single person played hard today. We just didn't execute on defense or on offense.”
 Night Shyamalan - “If I can't make movies for theaters, I don't want to make movies. I hope this is a very bad idea that goes away.”
 Peter Beutel - “You don't make a top when things start to look bearish you make it when things look bullish,”
 Karen Howard - “They just try to make it really festive and make the kids feel really special. It was a really nice event.”
 Alison Smith - “We're all going to miss Jack.”
 Hank Ogilby - “I think she is a very important teacher for all three of the girls as far as a female role model and an academic role model, If you want to do something, do something for the arts.”
 David Stevens - “The money we saw this morning suggested a winning debut was expected and that duly proved to be the case.”
 Oscar Wilde - “Good resolutions are useless attempts to interfere with scientific laws. Their origin is pure vanity. Their result is absolutely nil. They give us, now and then, some of those luxurious sterile emotions that have a certain charm for the weak. They a”
 Gregory Harrison - “It was the first time that I was on Broadway, and I got to run as fast as I could to keep up. And I loved it”
 Keisha Buchanan - “We were 14, and we thought we just wanted to do straightforward RB,”
 Bruce Beresford - “I didn't get upset because I wasn't nominated, but I was a little surprised.”
 Isabel Burton - “He who knows not and knows not he knows not he is a fool -- shun him.He who knows not and knows he knows not he is simple -- teach him.”
 Alonzo Mourning - “He has big hands for his size hands like a 7-footer. He can grab the ball and palm it. And he has great athletic ability.”
 Terrence Gabriel - “It comes down to rate fears. The Fed is going to have to get pretty aggressive. We're quite worried about the interest rate outlook.”
 Mike Spence - “That's failing in a public school. We hope our goal is to educate Abel and the public about the minimum wage and how harmful it is.”
 Gerard Gallant - “This one didn't have much intensity. It was two teams playing back-to-back games against each other, and nobody wanted to get hurt. It might have been exciting for the fans, but not for the coaches.”

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