My Favorite Quotes

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 LaVell Edwards - “It has been our experience that if a young man decides to go on a mission, he can not only play well when he returns, he will often play better. If an athlete could play well before he went on a mission, he will definitely play well when he returns and, if an athlete could not play well before his mission, he probably wont play well when he returns. However, his chances of playing well are perhaps better if he goes because he will return with ... better work habits, and a better knowledge of what it takes to be successful.”
 Professor Zen - “Remember, you can think for yourself, or just surrender your mind. It's your call, but don't expect me to pay your bills if you decide to surrender.”
 Charles C. Woods - “I would empty thy chalice of heart-ache and pain, Would freshen the desert with flowers and rain, Would draw out the bitter and pour in the sweet, And remove every thorn from the way of thy feet Would sing in the gladness of summer and bloom, And sing out the sadness of winter and gloom, Would lessen the load by enlarging thy life, I would sing back repose, and would sing away strife.”
 Hiroichi Nishi - “Just when everyone is wondering how long the military action would last and how it would affect the U.S. economy, we are facing the earnings season both in the U.S. and Japan. The wait-and-see mood is palpable.”
 John Bailey - “It's not a yes or no answer.”
 John Rutherford - “India is very good on transparency. It has always had a very strong governmental reporting of the economic facts of the Indian economy. We are quite assured that the Indian Finance Ministry and Reserve Bank is dedicated to good reporting to the international markets.”
 Michael Johnson - “Against Elgin (Friday) we didn't get any rebounds. So we put a big emphasis on boxing out and getting rebounds.”
 Elbert Hubbard - “What people need and what they want may be very different.”
 Andrew Cohen - “John G. Roberts, Jr. took hold of his former bosss casket along with seven other former law clerks as they strode up the steps of the Supreme Court, ... Each of them seemed deep in thought each struggling a bit to walk up the same grand marble steps that Roberts spoke so eloquently about that night in July when he was first nominated for Justice Sandra Day OConnors spot.”
 Jesse McCartney - “It is a darker film, not only real but deep and heavy,”
 Christine Cox - “Returning is going to be really weird, ... I'm used to discipline, and school is not really a place were you get discipline.”
 Mack Brown - “It's important in recruiting. A lot of these young people and their parents have a dream to play in the NFL. To some families, it's not that important, but I would say very few players who go to Texas or Ohio State don't have that dream.”
 George Zoffinger - “Well, my Plan B is really not such a bad one,”
 Gary Chapman - “At the end of the game, we had it just where we wanted to. The play was executed perfectly and we got a good look at the end.”
 Francesco Cece - “If you want your kids to believe what you believe, you got to live what you say you believe in. Is it of Holy”
 Mike Fierberg - “We've put thousands of people on the 800 line to make sure people don't have to wait.”
 Andy Roddick - “I felt it in between points and it's just getting worse and worse and worse. It's hurting pretty bad right now.”
 Euripides - “Those who are held wise among men, and who search for the reason of things, are those who bring the most sorrow upon themselves”
 Elias Hicks - “There was nothing then but the revelation of the spirit-of God that could make any of the Israelites understand and believe that he was their proper Messiah.”
 Karl Walquist - “We have a pretty extensive tree trimming program. We try to be prepared by trimming areas that might be potential problems.”
 Bill Cowher - “Our best defense today was our offense. That's a good football team Philadelphia, and we're not that much better than them. But we got some momentum today and we rode it.”
 Karen Carpenter - “I enjoy money.”
 Rita Coolidge - “I'm not stopping. My dream has come true, and I'm staying.”
 Regie Gibson - “Every step of the way, I have the students question an idea, and ask how what we say matches what we do. Students say 'I love America,' but what they should also be saying is 'I love Americans.' It's about bringing the idea back to the people.”
 Shawn Chacon - “I'm thinking, 'Without this team, I wouldn't have done as good as I have.'”

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