My Favorite Quotes

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 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Men over forty are no judges of a book written in a new spirit.”
 John Casesa - “GM's competitiveness is not only dependent upon labor costs, but also on the speed of its decision-making, its success in responding to the market appropriately and its ability to identify the growth segments in the market,”
 Kevin Smith - “The restoration of power will accelerate our ability to get the campus back in shape, and it is essential to our ability to process information for pay, financial aid and more,”
 Cody Knotts - “So I called Tim (about the advertising tax) and said ... 'You know, I think this is a mistake.' He called back with that response about what it was really about. The idea and the real plan behind it is, 'We're going to screw the media.' That's a problem because their goal is to shut people up. They want to be able to give themselves 16 percent pay raises and not have a complaint from the media about it. They don't want to have anybody in the public speak up.”
 Lynn Franco - “This degree of pessimism, in conjunction with the anticipation of much higher home heating bills this winter, may take some of the cheer out of the upcoming holiday season.”
 John F. Kennedy - “You never know what's hit you. A gunshot is the perfect way.”
 Chris Smith - “Probably the first and most essential thing is that it will encourage people to read the Bible.”
 Chad Kison - “The school is letting us leave very early for the game, and that will give us plenty of time to stop and eat, stretch and try to keep the blood flowing and the muscles loose throughout the day. We plan to get there about an hour and a half before the game starts so we can get ready and focused for the task at hand.”
 Henry Ford - “Asking 'who ought to be the boss' is like asking 'who ought to be the tenor in the quartet' Obviously, the man who can sing tenor.”
 David Coulthard - “It's even more difficult here when you're running in traffic. There are so many trees, the spray doesn't dissipate and you have difficulty seeing the circuit, which can be pretty horrible.”
 William Blake - “He who shall teach the child to doubt The rotting grave shall ne'er get out.”
 Qur'an - “The believers are but brethren, therefore make peace between your brethren and be careful of (your duty to) Allah that mercy may be had on you.”
 Greg Murray - “In the second half, our whole goal was to pick up our defensive intensity and score on the break. Pretty much just make our defense our offense. We did exactly what we wanted to do.”
 Tony Smith - “He will definitely miss next week's game against Wakefield but, with the first weekend off in the play-offs, he is aiming to be right for the St Helens game,”
 Chris Rouland - “Sasser is a successful and widely propagating worm with a somewhat benign impact to the end user. But people should absolutely remove it.”
 Rick Klimchock - “They're a good defensive team. There weren't any easy shots today. Some people in the stands may not think so, but I thought we played well offensively. It was a battle of tempos.”
 Ann Davis - “What we really need is five full-time health educators.”
 Warren Buffett - “Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.”
 Robert Brault - “Count no day lost in which you waited your turn, took only your share and sought advantage over no one.”
 Roger Vadim - “We're playing strip billiards.”
 Joe Simon - “To look back and know that I have had a pivotal role in the development of comics is something I'm very proud of, although it's not something I think about unless someone brings it up.”
 Isabel Burton - “He who knows not and knows not he knows not he is a fool -- shun him.He who knows not and knows he knows not he is simple -- teach him.”
 Jim Knight - “We're just waiting for people with a lot more good information to put it all together so they can tell us. We're just patiently waiting to get additional information. We just hope things do turn out positively.”
 Ben Jonson - “I do honor the very flea of his dog”
 Tim Parmeter - “They stepped up and made some shots, but this should've been one of those games where we should have steadily pulled away from them. We kind of refused to do that, though, which was kind of frustrating.”

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