My Favorite Quotes

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 Robert G. Allen - “Dont let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream, and he thinks youre crazy. Succeed, and he thinks youre lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks youre greedy. Pay no attention. He simply doesnt understand.”
 Benjamin Franklin - “Drive thy business or it will drive thee.”
 Proverb - “The first time it is a favor the second, a rule.”
 R. W. Apple, Jr. - “A first hint of the power of the electronic media to bring disaster directly into living rooms came with the radio broadcast of the explosion of the zeppelin Hindenburg, in 1937 . . .”
 Alex Hernandez - “To finish third out of 32 teams is a great accomplishment for our kids, program and coaching staff, ... I still feel like we were the best soccer team in this tournament, and it would have been great to play for the title. But we have nothing to hang our heads about.”
 Thomas Donnelly - “The assertion of administration infallibility just wasn't cutting it. This puts a different framework and a different perspective on how he wants people to think about the war, which was long overdue.”
 Roscoe Bartlett - “We can borrow money, but not time and energy,”
 Mike Connolly - “I just think he'll be an extremely strong candidate against a Republican nominee in eastern Iowa here, ... Pro-life candidates in this area appeal to a lot of Democrats here.”
 Jim Hodges - “Color is an intense experience on its own.”
 Jim Hodges - “The interest (in South Carolina ports) is from Jasper, the port community and the people of Georgia, ... It's not that important to the people of South Carolina across the board. That's probably why you see (Sanford) less engaged.”
 Will Wright - “Computer and video games represent one of the most important new media developments of this generation. Unlike many other forms of entertainment they offer players the opportunity to explore, be creative, learn through interaction and express themselves to others. It is vitally important that we protect and nurture this new art form so that it can reach its full potential. Like most new forms of artistic expression that have come before (music, novels, movies), the primary critics of video games are the people that do not play them.”
 Brian Cook - “They're excited about me coming back this year,”
 Jim Calhoun - “We thought Louisville was getting better. Little did I know that they were playing that much better. They were well-prepared for us. They were in a mind-set, and that comes from Rick. Not many teams in the country could have beaten Louisville today. It was no fluke. They didn't shoot it particularly well, but Palacios was just magnificent and is really blossoming.”
 William Shakespeare - “Ceremony was but devised at first to set a gloss on faint deeds, hollow welcomes, recanting goodness, sorry ere 'Tis shown but where there is true friendship, there needs none.”
 Duff McKagan - “But we're not going to pressure Matt, make him come back before he's ready we want the guy around for the next record, ... We'll just play it by ear. We'd do it for any of us.”
 Sean Payton - “Gary stresses the fundamentals and has a sound philosophy on what he expects from a defense. But he doesn't allow that to take away from aggressiveness that you look for that is necessary to make plays.”
 Sergio Aragones - “After spending so many years on Groo, I saw this as an opportunity to go back to doing something I really loved, and I'm glad I took the chance.”
 Brian Taylor - “What we might see happen is an increase in leasing, which was not an option for private use in the early 1990s recession, where people can get out of a car and into another one for the same, if not less, monthly payment,”
 Gitesh Pandya - “Though industry people thought it was a bad sign, ... the public simply got more excited, and it became the biggest movie of all time.”
 Colin Montgomerie - “Asian players are now competing with European players on a level playing field. Its certainly a lot more difficult to come over here and win a tournament than it was a few years ago.”
 Colin Strother - “If Ciro spent less time writing press releases and more time in that part of the district, he'd know (that).”
 Stephen Horn - “But the new office is much more aware of the university. We want to ensure that awareness.”
 Wendell Phillips - “To be as good as our fathers we must be better, imitation is not discipleship.”
 Severiano Ballesteros - “To be honest, I don't see any players who really impress me from either side of the Atlantic,”
 Bruce Hutton - “They'll never give that kind of representation up, just like we probably wouldn't either if the tables were reversed.”

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