My Favorite Quotes

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 Albert Einstein - “Generations to come will find it difficult to believe that a man such as Gandhi ever walked the face of this earth.”
 Robert Burns - “If naebody care for me, I'll care for naebody.”
 Carl Linnaeus - “A practical botanist will distinguish at the first glance the plant of the different quarters of the globe and yet will be at a loss to tell by what marks he detects them.”
 Madeline Albright - “We condemn this act of terror and call on the Palestinian Authority to do everything it can to prevent such acts and resume security cooperation,”
 Joe Dix - “We will definitely earn it this year, not that we didn't in the past. But with this team and some of the teams left we could face, they could put their stamp on things as far as East Hall basketball history goes if they can win it all.”
 Chris Bartlett - “I enjoyed translating because it gave me a chance to bridge the gap between two cultures.”
 Emerson Fittipaldi - “You had to decompress the pressure before the race. I taught my heart to relax. I lay down before the race. It gave me more energy just before the race.”
 Robert Schiller - “This award adds to our growing 2006 backlog for deliveries of individual equipment to support the U.S. military and fuels our increasing individual equipage production base. It is gratifying to acquire a company like Second Chance and immediately make use of its existing infrastructure, capitalize on its experienced employment base, and be able to provide our customer the opportunity to satisfy the growing demand for personal equipment for our military. We are confident that our operations in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama provide Armor Holdings with additional opportunity for sustained high volume deliveries of survivability and safety equipment to our men and women in uniform.”
 Dennis Potter - “Everything we do has consequences.”
 Abu Bakr - “If you want to control other people, first control yourself.”
 Bill Frist - “In my mind, his strength, passion and relentless work ethic have never been more evident than this past summer when, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Trent rushed home and was an anchor of strength in a region still reeling from that devastating storm.”
 Wayne Morgan - “When your young guys get that same experience as the veterans and understand which plays you have to make when you have the lead, we will win the league. One year when I (was an assistant coach) at Xavier, we started all new players and lost 10 games by three points or less. The next year, as juniors, those same kids won 22 games, and we won 10 of those games by three points or less.”
 Travis Niesen - “I think he's done a really good job. It's not easy for a freshman to come in and make an impact, but he's made the step with flying colors. Especially being a shooter, it's really hard to find your touch right away and learn the offense.”
 Sean Burnett - “It was something, huh I was really impressed when I was warming up in the bullpen. My arm felt great. I don't know if adrenaline is the best medicine, but it seemed to have a pretty good effect.”
 Orson Card - “In order to learn, one must change one's mind”
 Tom Peterson - “I'm very proud of our team. This isn't what we wanted but I saw our players develop both as volleyball players and as people throughout the season. This is a great group of guys.”
 Peter Flynn - “It will compensate our employees not what they're worth, but what we can afford without raising taxes,”
 Travis Hafner - “I really didn't feel like I was able to get any good swings off Garland all night, just had trouble getting anything timed. I was just able to get a pitch and stay inside of it.”
 David Howell - “I was 5 under today. At this stage in the tournament, that's the standard where you need to be.”
 Dennis Smith - “It would have to rain like it did Sunday eight more times to do any good.”
 Brett Favre - “At no time in my career have I ever used off-the-field tragedies or circumstances as an excuse for my play. And I'm not going to this time,”
 John Webster - “All things do help the unhappy man to fall.”
 Brad Johnson - “Homeowners and residents will not be able to find information about chemicals that are being released in their communities.”
 Tim Rattay - “We did some good things on the second drive. It was good to come out after the interception and go right down the field and score.”
 Cuttino Mobley - “We've got veterans who know how to get out of those situations. Sometimes when you're on a losing streak, you start feeling sorry for yourself. But, hey, life goes on and games go on, and there're going to keep playing them while you're sulking. So you've got to let it go and win the next one.”

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