My Favorite Quotes

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 Baltasar Gracian - “Aspire rather to be a hero than merely appear one.”
 John Donne - “All Kings, and all their favorites, All glory of honors, beauties, wits, The sun itself, which makes times, as they pass, Is elder by a year, now, than it was When thou and I first one another saw All other things, to their destruction draw, Only our love hath no decay This, no tomorrow hash, nor yesterday, Running, it never runs from us away, But truly keeps his first, last, everlasting day.”
 Tom Dickman - “After we took some action then they were going to take some steps.”
 Uwe Boll - “So if I get these actors for 30 of their price by coming in so late with an offer when they know they are not getting another offer then I do it this way.”
 Hashem Montasser - “I think we're going to have a rocky couple of weeks ahead with the Saudi market moving in a volatile way.”
 Max Mayfield - “The message here is to continue to pay very close attention. It's still coming. It's just been slowed down,”
 Jorge Julio - “It's baseball. What can I say Too much plate.”
 Peter Shaffer - “I think people nowadays do tend to blame their parents for everything.”
 Howard Stern - “It is pretty shocking that governmental interference into our rights and free speech takes place in the U.S., ... It's hard to reconcile this with the 'land of the free' and the 'home of the brave.'”
 Patrick Sharp - “I went to Canada during the break, then was real excited to come back and see my new teammates. I feel very comfortable here now.”
 Lawrence Rita - “They're obviously quite capable of killing large numbers of noncombatants indiscriminately, and we're seeing a lot of that, too.”
 Charlize Theron - “The celebrity status in Hollywood has gotten really out of control,”
 Valentina Tereshkova - “I would not say that female cosmonauts are not welcomed in the Russian space program. I must say, however, that all spaceflight hardware, including spacesuits and spacecraft comfort assuring systems, were designed mostly by men and for men.”
 Alan Davis - “For anyone who aspires to cultural diversity, the richness of South Asian music is pretty hard to beat.”
 Jason Estrada - “I can box, ... I can punch if I have to but I can really box. That's my forte. Everybody in the heavyweight division can punch, so for me to be just another one of those guys who can punch, it wouldn't make me any different from anybody else. . . . I worked my tail off for this. I wasn't tired at all. I could have gone another two rounds. The running and all of the hard work at the gym, all of them drills -- they are paying off. Every fight we want to train a little harder and add a couple of more rounds to the fights.”
 Brittany Fuller - “I don't think that's ever been done in school history, winning four Long Island championships in a row. Each time we make history, it's exciting. It's exciting to move on to try and get our ultimate goal.”
 Mark Miles - “They Chinese audiences wanted to see the sport but it was like the soundtrack on the video was out of sync, they would applaud sort of during the match or just in the middle of an overhead.”
 Eileen collins - “This is a wonderful moment for all of us to experience.”
 Bartolo Colon - “It'll be welcome if I do get it. I can't put my finger on it because people vote for it, and I can't do anything else about my numbers.”
 Lara Rhame - “That's one of the reasons the dollar came off at the end of last week, ... and could come off even more on Wednesday, when Greenspan speaks. He could be setting the foundation for a more range-bound trade for this coming quarter.”
 Tod Marks - “You can use that as shopping leverage. Almost nothing today is etched in stone.”
 Peter Butler - “She (Margaret) would talk about Eddie all the time, ... I happily listened.”
 Harold Pinter - “Beckett had an unerring light on things, which I much appreciated.”
 Boy George - “I'd got very successful, everyone knew who I was, but I felt very empty.”
 Publius Tacitus - “Posterity gives every man his true value.”

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