My Favorite Quotes

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 Marianne Craig Moore - “They say there is a sweeter air where it was made, than we have here.”
 Radha Mitchell - “As much as most of the actors were kind of curious to know what their character meant in relation to the script and to the plot, they really were quite happy to be part of the adventure of not knowing.”
 Angela Merkel - “I am happy but I know that a lot of hard work lies ahead of us,”
 Lynn Money - “They're 15 a dozen, and you get them delivered now that's a deal. It's a good way to express appreciation or love for somebody.”
 Joan Didion - “To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves - there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.”
 Andrei Sakharov - “Both now and for always, I intend to hold fast to my belief in the hidden strength of the human spirit.”
 Brian Harris - “A Bible used so much it never needed dusting. A rocking chair that moves in silent motion, beholding the Dad no longer there.”
 Ken Burns - “I have made all my films for my children with the exception of my first film because my oldest daughter wasn't born when I was making the film about the Brooklyn Bridge.”
 Craig Ferguson - “It's clearly yen positive, especially when China is gradually allowing the yuan to appreciate day by day.”
 Kris Taylor - “We've tried to build something that will be attractive for everybody from 5 to 95. And folks who are serious racers will have a nice venue. I think the event and party rooms will be popular. It's a great place for office or company outings and graduation parties.”
 Brian Cook - “He's probably our only player who is good enough to handle that position. He's a bull.”
 Jim Cook - “We had a long string there, ... but there's always the opportunity for the other team to come back.”
 Scott Mellanby - “It was embarrassing. We're professionals in here and to lose like that in our building, in any building, is about as bad as it gets. I'm kind of at a loss for words right now.”
 St. John - “Love consists not in feeling great things but in having great detachment and in suffering for the Beloved.”
 Tony Oppegard - “With the price of coal so high, you have operators coming out of the woodwork, trying to get into any seam of coal they can to make a quick buck, opening up a lot of little dog holes.”
 Richard Fisher - “In our modern age it is very difficult to distinguish between absolute economic and absolute security issues.”
 Barry Trotz - “Things came to us real easy in the first period. It is a little bit of human nature to let your foot off the gas a bit after a start like that. When a game is so easy at the start it is a hard game to play.”
 Whoopi Goldberg - “Normal is in the eye of the beholder.”
 Marc Abrahams - “It's about stuff that first makes people laugh, and then makes them think. What they think is up to them.”
 Mark Cliffe - “For most people in financial markets, this is typically put in a box labeled 'too difficult'. There's just no sensible way of producing a systematic probability of the outcomes and it's very hard to put numbers or values on it.”
 Confucius - “To know that you know, and to know that you don't know - that is the real wisdom.”
 Rocco Mediate - “Really, seriously, I thought I was going to win this golf tournament making that turn.”
 Isabel Burton - “He who knows not and knows not he knows not he is a fool -- shun him.He who knows not and knows he knows not he is simple -- teach him.”
 David Wilder - “People in uniform shouldn't deal through their emotions but rather through their intellect. By the beginning of the week, we had the rioting stopped and that's when the police started with their massive provocation.”
 Jim Daley - “Milt sure has had a great year, and he's gonna have a great second half of the year, and I hope he explodes on Sunday.”

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