My Favorite Quotes

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 Stephen William Hawking - “It is not yet clear that intelligence has any long-term survival value.”
 Frank McKinney 'Kin' Hubbard - “If capital an labor ever do git tgether its good night fer th rest of us.”
 Michael Taylor - “He (Fowler) got ahead of his counts and got his pitches across the plate and kept us off balance.”
 Tom Mittman - “We are well ahead of last year at this time.”
 Tony Russa - “Well, I bet if they had their hand on a bible, they'll tell you they don't think we're really good because they beat us four out of seven, so I hope we throw out the regular season. We saw them play well, and they play well enough to win a championship, and that's really what counts. They're in the tournament.”
 Michael Gallelli - “Fashion is not just the domain of clothing. What we've seen over the last couple of years is users downloading content to reflect their personality. It has become a big business.”
 Jill Markowitz - “I think the tournament went well. The competition was what we expected going down there, and we played hard.”
 Jason Kelly - “Don't overly concern yourself with taxes ... It's much better if you've been waiting to get into a fund to just go for it and not procrastinate.”
 Pam Adams - “You've got to give a lot of credit to Regis. They are a solid team.”
 Jenn Davis - “It feels great to finally break the curse of our (playoff) losing streak. I've been on this team six years and every year we've made the playoffs and lost in the first round. This is an amazing feeling.”
 Brian Lawrence - “I'm really proud of what she's been able to accomplish, because she's so dedicated. Jeannie conducts herself with a lot of class. In 10 years, I've never seen her lose her cool or exhibit poor sportsmanship. It takes dignity to lose with dignity. That's just who she is. But she doesn't lose much anymore.”
 Adriana Lima - “Fashion is about good energy. It's about feelings. That's what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings”
 Mike Sherman - “Concerned isn't the word. Aggravated probably is. I'm disappointed that our second offence was not more productive.”
 Dan Riley - “The lake level has equalised with interior water inside the city, which means it won't flow inside the city (any longer), except for high tide,”
 Samuel Butler - “Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day.”
 Hilton Sutton - “Working title Nature's Upheavals,”
 Mark Steber - “If you do a little homework on the front end, it can pay some dividends at tax-preparation time, and it can put some money in your pocket.”
 Chris Ford - “We have to monitor it all the time. In 2004, we submitted a 30 million budget, but only actually spent 22.3 million. That's because we only had revenues of 22.6 million.”
 Joel Hodgson - “I spend a lot of time thinking about what I do and how it fits into the scheme of things. I won't do something just because it's funny.”
 Richard Donner - “I was an actor... or, at least, I was trying to be an actor.”
 Clarence Darrow - “He's the greatest man who ever came out of Plymouth, Vermont. On Calvin Coolidge”
 Algernon Blackwood - “No place worth knowing yields itself at sight, and those the least inviting on first view may leave the most haunting pictures upon the walls of memory.”
 Alonzo Mourning - “He has big hands for his size hands like a 7-footer. He can grab the ball and palm it. And he has great athletic ability.”
 Jim Boeheim - “This team showed more heart and guts than any team I've ever coached. And Gerry had as good a four days as anyone I've ever seen.”
 Dennis Wilder - “The Chinese agreed with the long-term goals but were not in accord with everything we are trying to do in the short term.”

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