My Favorite Quotes

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 Ben Zeigler - “We spent a lot of time soul searching Thursday and then we got down to business Friday morning. Once an agreement is reached with the University of South Carolina Department of Archaeology, we will begin Phase 1 of the project. We expect it to take a year to do all the archaeological and historical work in Phase 1.”
 Alec Baldwin - “opening my eyes to animal rights. Look at the way Hurricane Katrina was handled the way the government treats people and their animals is a tragedy.”
 Norman Spinrad - “Mexico was conquered more by manipulation of myth and archetype.”
 Ronald Reagan - “Within the covers of the Bible are all the answers for all the problems men face.”
 Ben Stone - “One of the new things we saw in our last business confidence survey, right up there, was trouble finding new workers.”
 Dee Brown - “I expected us to go to California. You have to expect the worst.”
 Garry South - “Phil is running a Walter Mondale campaign -- nail down the special-interest groups early, get all the big-name officeholders to endorse you and expect it will roll you into office. It didn't work for Mondale -- and he lost 49 states.”
 Nicholas Broffman - “It's all about early detection. If you find the cancer early enough, you can give patients options.”
 Chip Peterson - “It's the greatest moment of my career,”
 Rob Evans - “The thing we've tried to do is share the wealth, get more guys involved. We're sharing the ball more. We're trying to pressure more defensively. On offense, we have more guys involved, that's the biggest thing. We don't have a guy who every night we can count on to get 25 and 10. We hope we can do that by committee.”
 Elizabeth Leonard - “They prioritize those programs and then put together the needs that they think the community need the most. Then the housing and development department decides whether they agree with them or not.”
 Keith Brooking - “To get nine sacks and with our crowd behind us like they were, that would fluster any offensive line in the league.”
 Ed Weiler - “The history of Hubble has been a roller coaster, or a trip to Mount Everest and down to Death Valley.”
 Raanan Gissin - “We will not enter into peace negotiations with people who advertise their desire to destroy us.”
 Chris Hatcher - “I thought we dominated pretty much the whole game except for two plays in the second quarter, ... I really didn't say much (in the locker room), just to take it one play at a time. It felt like we were winning the ballgame. We played well in the first half, and being down was kind of hard to swallow.”
 Chris Chelios - “Right now, with a tie, a loss and a win, we've got to come up with a big game against Sweden.”
 James Moore - “Sentiment is still very bullish. There is tension in the Middle East, and oil prices are rising because of it. All of this makes gold and the rest of the precious-metals complex a safe bet.”
 Beth Givens - “But it's creepy for a family to be under the watchful eye of a neighbor.”
 John Berry - “Now, I think it will be the hottest property around. The next five years or 10 years is going to be the most exciting time to be participating in Scottsdale all the way down to Tempe.”
 Cloris Leachman - “So many (older) men and women are relegated to minor supporting roles, ... Christopher Walken. Look at him. He's a great actor and in a lot of films. But he's not starring in anything.”
 Janet Reno - “not willing to wait through an open-ended appeals process that could prolong separation of this child from his father.”
 Rod Wilmont - “Big players step up at big times. That's a big-time shot right there. That's a pro shot right there.”
 Amiri Baraka - “There is other disturbing facts surround the hideous 911 attacks, which my family and I could see from the third floor bathroom window of our homes”
 Adlai Stevenson - “Man is a strange animal. He generally cannot read the handwriting on the wall until his back is up against it.”
 Martin Luther - “I more fear what is within me than what comes from without.”

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