My Favorite Quotes

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 Nat King Cole - “I felt something impossible for me to explain in words. Then when they took her away, it hit me. I got scared all over again and began to feel giddy. Then it came to me -- I was a father.”
 Donald Rumsfeld - “The United States government is not going to make any arrangement with any other country that would in any way undermine our security agreement with Japan,”
 Jim Clyburn - “We are hopeful about the opportunities ahead, and stand ready to join this President in an open and honest dialogue about improving the state of our union for all Americans not the select few.”
 Trinity Shepherd - “The majority of the time it's pretty easy to get well within 100 yards of some animals. There's only been one time in the past three years that we didn't see elk. And it's no surprise to see a herd of 50 or 60 elk at one time.”
 Charles Moskos - “Only when the privileged classes perform military service, only when elite youth are on the firing line, does the country define the cause as worth young peoples' blood and do war losses become acceptable, ... the answer to what constitutes vital national interests is found not so much on the cause, itself, but in who is willing to die for that cause.”
 George Orwell - “Society has always seemed to demand a little more from human beings than it will get in practice.”
 Marcia Wallace - “Be good to yourself. Listen to your body, to your heart. We're very hard on ourselves, and we're always feeling like we're not doing enough. It's a terribly hard job.”
 Douglas Reed - “There's a classic book by Albert Ellis called When AA Doesn't Work for You. It's in a field called harm reduction. You don't have to believe in God. You don't have to be abstinent. You do less harm the next time than you did the last time.”
 John Coffee - “It is essentially a substantial, but not a complete victory for the government, ... The critical factor is that the Judge finds that Mr. Jett acted with an intent to defraud.”
 Nusrat F. A. Khan - “I have tried to make the music a bit easier for them to understand.”
 Tom Boonen - “After yesterday's crash in the Tour de Rijke, Quick.Step's Tom Boonen managed to train for around 100 kilometres on Sunday morning. This morning I woke up a little bit worried about the potential consequences of yesterday's fall during the G.P. De Rijke, where I hurt my knee, ... Fortunately the knee was not swollen. When I started to ride my bike, I understood that the problem was not serious as I feared. I trained for around 100 kilometres without problems, forcing and doing some tests on the knee. Tomorrow I will do a long training ride and then Wednesday, as scheduled, I will fly to Granada. In the Tour de France I was unlucky, yesterday not.”
 Thomas Goldstein - “I think what every lawyer wants is a judge, whether conservative or liberal, who, when it comes to the job of judging, will call things straight and adhere to the rule of law.”
 Norma Moss - “We felt there is quite a lot of controversy around this issue. With the withdrawal of this motion, it would give us an opportunity to look deeper into this.”
 Aaron Williams - “Just try to help younger guys on the court, help them with little things, maybe where to be on defense when the ball is on a certain part of the court. Anything. Help them any way I can, really.”
 Mike White - “I didn't think she was but that was an official's call to make. I'll have to look at the tape. I'm just not sure. But we never should have gone down a goal.”
 Zalmay Khalilzad - “Iraq is such an important place in the world. What happens in Iraq will determine and shape the future of the Middle East, ... Being away on a day like this is a huge sacrifice, but a sacrifice for a good cause.”
 Mike Geffre - “I thought Derek competed very hard at number two even though he lost.”
 Arsene Wenger - “Coming to Arsenal will give me the opportunity to work with world class players every day and play football at the highest possible level.”
 Dan Boyle - “I don't know if that's why I get overlooked sometimes but it very well might be. And the truth of the matter is, I can't pick myself. It's up to others to do that.”
 Zhang Lijun - “If the contaminated water had been supplied to households, the result would have been unimaginable.”
 Source Unknown - “Look well to this day, for it, and it alone is life.”
 Herb Greenberg - “He welcomes the discourse because he understands there are two sides to every trade and people need to understand why there are traders who are betting against them. I can't stress that enough.”
 Edward James Olmos - “A saint is a person who gives of themself without asking for anything in return. That's how simple it is to be a saint. Try it Try being a saint.”
 Bertrand Russell - “What men want is not knowledge, but certainty.”
 Curt Siodmak - “A bath and a tenderloin steak. Those are the high points of a man's life.”

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