My Favorite Quotes

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 Irvin S. Cobb - “I've just learned about his illness. Let's hope it's nothing trivial.”
 Alan Lightman - “Who would fare better in this world of fitful time Those who have seen the future and live only one life Or those who have not seen the future and wait to live life Or those who deny the future and live two lives'”
 john bejo - “If the human body is the greatest MASTERpiece in the universe, isn't it logical too to conclude that there is a Master who designed it a rebuttal against atheism.”
 Michael Hutchence - “I am of the belief that every couple thousand years someone comes along like Buddha and goes, hey this is what it is And everybody goes Wow”
 Johnny Mathis - “In other words, the celebrity gets out of hand, and if you're not careful, you will forget what you are about - and that is you are about making music that people want to hear.”
 Harold Koh - “China cannot lead or be recognized as a leader unless it is viewed as abiding by universal standards for human freedom.”
 Cathy Parsons - “I am delighted that Dominica has achieved Benchmarked status. Dominica is an inspiration to all those people committed to environmentally sustainable tourism. They have demonstrated through a variety of initiatives that they can make a difference to reducing their environmental impact. The commitment they have shown by participating in the Green Globe program and by their achievements sets an example for others to follow.”
 Roy Johnson - “The best ones have no conflict -- or do they know how to deal with it If there is no conflict, we'd wonder what was wrong.”
 Michael Woolfolk - “I don't think it is possible for Iran to take money out of both the United States and Europe. There are just not sufficiently deep or liquid markets to place these sums of money.”
 Aimee Bates - “Our defense has kept us in many games. It's strong, solid and ready to go. I can't commend my defense anymore than I do.”
 Bruce Bowen - “It's always a good test when we play them. In their system, if there's 22 seconds left on the shot clock and somebody's open, they're going to shoot it.”
 Tim Jordan - “We knew (senior guard Reggie Pero) was their best ball handler so we wanted to keep it out of his hands. The idea is to make the other kids do things they aren't used to doing.”
 John Buchanan - “We set ourselves a target of not bowling one no ball and obviously we've just managed to miss that,”
 Dusty Baker - “Usually, if he makes a mistake, they don't hit him out of the ballpark with that sinker. He made a mistake that's what happens with youth. We have a young pitching staff and a young bullpen that's subject sometimes to walks and also subject to mistakes.”
 Sanford Bishop - “The nation cannot navigate with an impaired sense of hearing,”
 Brenda Shields - “Ten or 15 years ago, they were basically standing leading cheers on the sidelines. They weren't throwing each other up in the air, and they weren't forming tall pyramids. The injuries that can result are severe.”
 Henry Wotton - “Tell the truth, and so puzzle and confound your adversaries”
 Teresa Shear - “We must have changed the kickoff song three or four times last year.”
 Michael A'Hearn - “We looked inside a comet for the first time.”
 Roone Arledge - “If you don't have the rights, you can't do the show.”
 Carey Nachenberg - “What it will do is it will search through the C through Z drives and select randomly a set of files of varying extensions, and then it will zero out or kill the contents of an arbitrary extension of those files,”
 Jon Corzine - “We have not put our dollars into that system and the power of compounding interest is working against us,”
 Scott Coffey - “If these hairs are found not to be his, I believe he will be proven innocent.”
 Sheldon Epps - “They really adore each other offstage and have a very similar sense of humor. These are qualities they bring onstage, and that makes for a very real relationship.”
 Frank Johnson - “The only viable thing thats on the table now to save this house is the intervention of the state.”

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