My Favorite Quotes

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 Jane Addams - “Americas future will be determined by the home and the school. The child becomes largely what it is taught, hence we must watch what we teach it, and how we live before it.”
 Edward Young - “All men think all men mortal but themselves.”
 Babe Didrikson Zaharias - “Practice, which some regard as a chore, should be approached as just about the most pleasant recreation ever devised.”
 Michael Martin - “face up to the reality of our national alcohol problem.”
 Terry Prachett - “Mind you, the Elizabethans had so many words for the female genitals that it is quite hard to speak a sentence of modern English without inadvertently mentioning at least three of them.”
 Newt Gingrich - “We are mutually concerned about getting the peace process to continue to move forward, ... We also share a belief that prosperity is the key to long-term peace, and want to create more jobs in the Palestinian Authority's region.”
 Ben Reitzes - “I'm very cautious about companies that have too much exposure to copiers. We're trying to stay away from those who are not getting the printed pages and go with those that either sell software or the supplies to benefit this technology transition.”
 Chris Smith - “Probably the first and most essential thing is that it will encourage people to read the Bible.”
 Paige Patterson - “The Bible says not to forbid speaking in tongues, since the miracle of Acts 2, for example, was a miracle of God. However, Paul builds in so many restrictions in 1 Corinthians 14 as to make the practice of mere utterance, what is practiced mostly today, virtually of little value.”
 Jonathan Shapiro - “I normally keep a series of draft in a catalogue type of book in which I scribble, sketch and draw ideas.”
 Tomas Rosander - “Beyond Blond has established a special branding for Sweden in the western region of the U.S. that presents Sweden today as a nation at the top of its game in delivering innovative design, scientific achievements, communication technologies, sustainable development, energy, environment technology and business prowess in numerous fields affecting contemporary lifestyle and quality of life. I'm pleased to say that Beyond Blond 2006 goes beyond California this year, featuring for the first time lifestyle events elsewhere within this consulate's 13-state region, including Washington State and Nevada.”
 Steve Sabol - “No one used to care about halftime. But the Super Bowl has gone from a game, to an experience, to an event, to a holiday.”
 Dr. Dicpinigaitis - “Cough is the single most common reason that patients in the U.S. go to their doctor. Since it's a problem that's so huge, we certainly felt that well-written, state-of-the-art guidelines were necessary to help physicians all over the country deal with this common and often very difficult problem.”
 Philip Dick - “Drug misuse is not a disease, it is a decision, like the decision to step out in front of a moving car. You would call that not a disease but an error of judgment.”
 Sophia Young - “I didn't know (Houston-San Antonio) was a rivalry, but if it is, I think it's going to be fun. The first time we play them, I'll see what it's like.”
 Bill Gates - “You make a grown man cry.”
 Janet Smith - “I almost lost him one night because daddy told us to be in by 11, and we didn't get home until 12. And daddy sent him on his way.”
 Madame Stael - “A man must know how to fly in the face of opinion a woman to submit to it.”
 Steve Squyres - “For Spirit, the priority has been to reach a safe winter haven.”
 Karel Capek - “You still stand watch, O human star, burning without a flicker, perfect flame, bright and resourceful spirit. Each of your rays a great idea - O torch which passes from hand to hand, from age to age, world without end.”
 Jim Bell - “There are models that predict certain rates of meteors, and like on Earth, there are shower times.”
 Barry Bonds - “Barry Bonds, his name continually linked to suspicion of steroid use, later broached the subject. It busts me up when they show some teenager who's been on steroids and his life is suddenly messed up, ... It's the parent's job to be a parent to that kid. ... I tell my boy, 'if I see you doing steroids, I'll bust you up.' And I mean it.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “Vlad is a quiet guy around people he doesn't know. Besides being his coach, I was his interpreter and I was helping him off the field, and we pretty much hung around a lot when we were playing. I think Vlad got a lot of sense of humor and he's just shy around people.”
 Paul Carvel - “A cigarette hanging from the lips of a woman is as sexy as a missing tooth on her smile.”
 Steven Wood - “Higher claims suggest slower job gains, which should dampen income growth, consumer spending, and overall economic activity.”

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