My Favorite Quotes

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 Unknown - “Mental sunshine will cause the flowers of peace, happiness and prosperity to grow upon the face of the earth. Be a creator of mental sunshine.”
 Vikas Khanna - “Every block of the city is a quintessential definition of the highly diversified New York food cultue. Each area is divided as a small village of its own unique flavors and history. The variety of cuisine that the city provides is almost infinite. Starting from Tribeca, Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, Lower East Side, Meat Packing district, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Gramecy Park, Theater, Lincoln Center, Upper East Side, Harlem, The Bronx, Brooklyn to Queens New York City will never fail to surprise us with its treasure of cuisines. The answer is in the pride New Yorkers take in saying ONLY IN NEW YORK”
 Yasser Arafat - “This is leading to a real open war between the army of occupation and us. We have called upon all the Palestinians to resist this occupation and to confront it,”
 Bill Clinton - “The Bible is the authoritative Word of God and contains all truth”
 Major Applewhite - “There's time where you have to have fun, ... The grind of the camp becomes too much for the psyche of a college player. You have to always, constantly try to be on the same page with your players. You can't let them get too far away where you can't tell what they're thinking or what they're feeling. At the same time, it's not a sit-around-the-camp-fire session every day where we are discussing our feelings.”
 Gary Thompson - “He was kind of the epitome of a local boy makes good story. Not just a great player, but a great citizen.”
 James Galway - “Control of vibrato helps your musical expression.”
 Bruce Bochy - “We have some decisions to make, and we need to get the staff together and talk.”
 Romeo Crennel - “He'll probably miss the year. Hopefully this time next year, he'll be on the field.”
 Peter Harder - “Glyn Berry lived his life well. We are tremendously proud of him, and we will miss him very much.”
 Alan Price - “When the script was written, it was sent to me with asterisks marking where he felt a song would be appropriate. Before the film was shot, the score was written. I made a demo of it, so they lived with the music as they were making the film.”
 Alan Hunter - “This market is one of the wealthiest in the nation.”
 Nort Thornton - “Everyone's on the same page and they all enjoy being around each other. They know what they have to do and they do it. For many years I couldn't say that.”
 Cliff Floyd - “I don't have to do anything. Nothing. Just follow up with her and watch what I eat and drink a lot of water. There are little things you have going on that you have to monitor. I'm just happy we can move on and that we were able to get a hold of this, as far as checking myself. I'm relieved.”
 Mike Lowell - “I figured that out when 3,000 people turned out to watch us stretch on the first day.”
 Monica Tooley - “Today and Wednesday are big tests. Coming off these two games we'll know where we stand.”
 Brad Smith - “He's definitely aching to get back and I think this week is a great time for him to come back,”
 Cheryl O'Brien - “She wanted to spend more time with her sister because she was getting older and wasn't sure how much more time they would have.”
 Manny Legace - “Different, ... I don't like some of the things, but it's going to free up a lot of opportunities to score, and it did tonight. A fast-paced game -- I thought it was a really fast-paced game.”
 Steve Carlton - “The final release point for the fastball is the tips of your fingers.”
 Joe Paterno - “You need to play with supreme confidence, or else you'll lose again, and then losing becomes a habit.”
 Julie Walters - “I wanted above all else not to be like my mum.”
 Horace - “If a man's fortune does not fit him, it is like the shoe in the story if too large it trips him up, if too small it pinches him.”
 Jacopo Sannazaro - “Envy, my son, wears herself away, and droops like a lamb under the influence of the evil eye.”
 Charles Jenkins - “They told me the anesthetic was for the battlefield. It was hell.”

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