My Favorite Quotes

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 Edward Paul Abbey - “What ideal, immutable Platonic cloud could equal the beauty and perfection of any ordinary everyday cloud floating over, say, Tuba City, Arizona, on a hot day in June”
 J. Laing Burns, Jr. - “Success often comes to those who have the aptitude to see way down the road.”
 Alix Pasterick - “To live is not to die, to die is to not have lived.”
 Plato - “Bodily exercise, when compulsory, does no harm to the body but knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind.”
 William Shakespeare - “That lowliness is young ambition's ladder,Whereto the climber-upward turns his faceBut when he once attains the upmost round,He then unto the ladder turns his back,Looks in the clouds, scorning the base degreesBy which he did ascend.”
 Cary Justmann - “It's always nice to get a victory on the road in our conference. Tony Chung got his first varsity action this year in singles and won handily. We're looking forward to playing Fort Dodge at home next Tuesday. It should be an outstanding dual and will let us know where we stand against a very, very good team.”
 Helen Slater - “When I'm acting with great actors who are in the moment and playful and have a great sense of give and take there is no difference.”
 Andruw Jones - “I want to be more consistent. I wanna get hits. I wanna get my average back up where people think I can hit.”
 Brad Bird - “Well I'm still working on The Incredibles. So I'm going to take a little time off. I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve. I'm not ready to talk about them yet, but expect the unexpected.”
 Chris Matteo - “We can expect a much better hockey team. It's very obvious that they want to come in here with a purpose, that they want to make a statement about where they belong, where they should be ranked. You can be sure that after the way we beat them the first time, they're going to be coming for blood.”
 Ann Jillian - “I had asked my body to go through an awful lot, and it had come through with flying colors, and I didn't want to put it through any more,”
 Jessica Cutler - “I always regarded people who want fame with a lot of suspicion. Unless you have a product to sell, I don't know why anyone would want to be famous. I can't imagine what need that would fill.”
 John B. Robinson - “Capital, however capital may be defined, would practically cease to exist as an income producing fund, for the simple reason that if money, wherewith to buy capital, could be obtained for one-half of one per cent, capital itself could command no higher price.”
 Tamara Draut - “This is not just happening to the worst cases. This is becoming much more common and widespread and more of the ordinary face of older Americans than it was decades ago.”
 Sarah Brady - “Our ultimate goal- total control of handguns in the United States- is going to take time... The first problem is to slow down the increasing number of handguns being produced... The second problem is to get handguns registered. And the final problem is to make the possession of handguns and all handgun ammunition- except for the military, policemen, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs, and licensed gun collectors - totally illegal.”
 Joe Carrington - “Their big players made the plays when it counted and we didn't. Still, it is a tribute to the hard work of these girls that we finished as high as we did. When the season started, only a few believed we would come this far. We only played seven girls tonight, and they had some reserves that were able to rest some of the starters.”
 Russell Jones - “If we are in an emergency weather situation and the land lines go down, we have cell phones.”
 David Schwartz - “In the large cities that received new Americans, there flowered a golden age of restaurants, manned by the available talent from abroad and fueled by the restless wealth of the newly rich.”
 Alan Ayers - “Jamie had a little bit of a shot and she pushed the shot a little bit, and I thought (Hanna) did a great job blocking the shot.”
 Woody Harrelson - “A grownup is a child with layers on.”
 Gray Davis - “There is only one governor, and his name is Gray Davis.”
 Peter Brimelow - “Why can't teachers end up owning schools, the way waiters can open their own restaurants”
 Alfred, Lord Tennyson - “Now lies the Earth all Dana to the stars.”
 Bob Dylan - “In writing songs I've learned as much from Czanne as I have from Woody Guthrie.”
 David Nabarro - “The village knew about the dangers from these diseased birds, but somehow that knowledge wasn't turned fully into practice.”

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