My Favorite Quotes

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 David McCord - “The decent docent doesn't doze He teaches standing on his toes. His student dassn't doze and does, And that's what teaching is and was.”
 William Shakespeare - “They have been at a great feast of languages and stolen the scraps.”
 Treat Williams - “Most characters for actors like me are not very compelling because they're totally together and they don't have complicated lives.”
 John Mitchell - “The Blues will have to be tackled because they will attack us from everywhere.”
 Aaron Ward - “It's like a preparation for war. It literally is. We're conditioned as athletes to recognize the culmination of our season. Here it is. You have to change your attitude as you go into the playoffs, change your mentality, change how you go about every day. As a player, you basically have to extend yourself past your normal boundaries, because once you're done, you're done. You see the finish line.”
 Zam Fredrick - “I heard some of the comments that were made, but I just take that as it is, with a grain of salt, being that they lost the game and, of course, when you lose, you always tend to have a certain point of view. So I'm going to dismiss it as that and concentrate on what we have to do, and I think our main concern is making sure that we take care of things that we can and play Saints' basketball. If we do, I feel pretty good about our chances of winning tomorrow.”
 Bill Clinton - “The Bible is the authoritative Word of God and contains all truth”
 Austin Croshere - “It wasn't him that gave in, it was his knee that gave out. He never really got a fair chance. I remember him having these problems from day one. It's sad to see anybody's career cut short. He never got a chance to show people on a big stage what he was capable of. It's a very frustrating thing for any athlete.”
 Bill Thomas - “I think the evidence is going to be very clear that he has an absolutely rock solid alibi. And I think you can expect similar evidence with respect to the other individual.”
 Tim Hill - “This is a community in need.”
 Mayor Manross - “The only thing that I wish we'd see is a greater turnout, just more and more involvement. We need a broader representation from around the community on different transportation issues. I do not want us to get to the point of making some final determinations based on a response from a very small number.”
 Phyllis McGinley - “Oh, high is the price of parenthood, and daughters may cost you double. You dare not forget, as you thought you could, that youth is a plague and a trouble.”
 Kevin Knight - “I'd like to see every student be a part of their school, whether they are in sports, band, drama, or any other ac-tivity,”
 Malcolm Muggeridge - “People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to”
 Lisa Norris - “I am really angry with the people who did this, they shouldn't get away with it. By rights they should be put out of their jobs and never allowed back into the National Health Service, because it could happen to someone else maybe worse off than me.”
 Michael Chertoff - “To be sure sometimes we differ, ... but the point is not that one society values privacy more than the other ... but the application of those values.”
 Dany Heatley - “There's always pressure. When you put on the Canadian jersey you're expected to win. We all understand it, it makes us better.”
 Qur'an - “And what (reason) have we that we should not believe in Allah and in the truth that has come to us, while we earnestly desire that our Lord should cause us to enter with the good people Therefore Allah rewarded them on account of what they said, with gardens in which rivers flow to abide in them and this is the reward of those who do good (to others).”
 Jared Dudley - “I went to prep school and hoped a team would take a chance on me. It worked out. BC was there at the right time. They needed good players and it was a good fit for both of us. Basically it was good for both parties.”
 Steve Botkin - “I thought we really did a great job on the boards. We went after the glass hard and that made a difference.”
 Alan Jackson - “For some reason I've been labeled that and it's fine, but there are a lot of other artists that sing real traditional stuff, so I don't know why they picked me. That's what I've always done.”
 Katharine Fullerton Gerould - “All violations of essential privacy are brutalizing.”
 Harold Pinter - “Beckett had an unerring light on things, which I much appreciated.”
 Alonzo Mourning - “He has big hands for his size hands like a 7-footer. He can grab the ball and palm it. And he has great athletic ability.”
 Brent Miller - “The more people who are on the registry, the chances are better for people to find a match. If other people are helped, it gives me hope and shows me that it's possible for me to find a match.”

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