My Favorite Quotes

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 Bernard Mandeville - “The only thing of weight that can be said against modern honour is that it is directly opposite to religion. The one bids you bear injuries with patience, the other tells you if you don't resent them, you are not fit to live.”
 Mike Farrell - “It is inappropriate for the Bush administration to trump up a case in which we are ballyhooed into war.”
 Bainbridge Colby - “It is a high patriotic duty that we support and sustain the men who have been placed in position of difficulty, burden, responsibility, and even danger as the result of our suffrages.”
 Phyllis Diller - “What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day”
 Hein Verbruggen - “I think it's clear I don't like the man.”
 Gezahegn Kebede - “The escalating food crisis in Kenya is threatening to plunge the affected region into a level of conflict that hasn't been seen for almost a decade.”
 Benjamin Franklin - “If you argue and rankle and contradict, you may achieve a temporary victory - sometimes but it will be an empty victory because you will never get your opponent's good will”
 Al Henry - “Give credit where credit is due. Fargo South is a machine.”
 Daljit Singh - “It is not profitable. About 98 per cent farmers will be indebted. Only 2 per cent will be debt free. Some may hide it.”
 John Glass - “The lukewarm consumer response to tests in the U.S. combined with the significant capital outlay for oven equipment played a considerable part in the decision to delay (if not desert) this initiative.”
 Jacques Rogge - “The best athletes are not competing and the major athletes perform in an environment where doping controls are not what we have in the Olympic world.”
 Angelo Johnson - “It was important. It's one of the wins we need to try and make districts.”
 Albert Pujols - “In Washington, you thought I was probably pushing a little bit. Sometimes you're going to push. Like my dad was telling me You're going to drive in a lot, and you're going to leave a lot on base. You always leave more on base. You always make more outs than hits. That's why this game is almost even.”
 Tina Yothers - “As far as the media is concerned, I wouldn't shoot anything down.”
 Valentino Rossi - “Racing with Yamaha gives me a great taste and a great motivation to win these last two championships have been two of the best,”
 Jil Walton - “We have a little bit of hope because the airport radar ... had an animal about her size moving toward the runways last night. They sent out a patrol to check and they found nothing. It's all totally grasping at straws, but it's something.”
 David Blitzer - “This was one time hit from oil prices. We knew oil had to go up from an unsustainably low number late last year.”
 Dean Haen - “We've diversified our cargo somewhat recently. It helps stabilize the high and lows of each commodity. Our tonnage is up 50 percent over the last five years.”
 Francois Rabelais - “The scent of wine, oh how much more agreeable, laughing, praying, celestial and delicious it is than that of oil”
 Isiah Thomas - “I think the league was just. I understand it's his wife, and we all have the natural instincts to protect our family. However, as professional athletes, we've always been held to a higher standard.”
 Todd Williams - “I'm excited to watch the men's field and the women's field. Doug's put together a field that's the best in the United Stares for competitive road running, so it's exiting to watch.”
 John Delaney - “It's not about timing but who we get. Our approach will be more head hunting than the interview style of last time.”
 Kalin Lucas - “(Jones is) a great player, a real great player. He takes his time, (but) he's very fast. He might (be able to) play in the Big Ten.”
 Manuel Puig - “It's my own personal unconscious that ultimately creates the novel's aesthetic facade.”
 William Joyce - “We see the industry in a consolidating mode,”

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