My Favorite Quotes

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 Lao Tzu - “The man of superior virtue is not conscious of his virtue, And in this way he really possesses virtue. The man of inferior virtue never loses sight of his virtue, And in this way he loses his virtue.”
 Brigham Young - “True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right.”
 Samuel Johnson - “Silence propagates itself, and the longer talk has been suspended, the more difficult it is to find anything to say.”
 Amy Stephens - “I'm excited at the opportunity that President Maxwell and the administration have given me. Their support is reflected in the extension.”
 Cliff Politte - “He takes the heat for us, and that's what everybody says they like about Ozzie. To a certain degree, we have to realize it's us. We're not doing the job for him, and he's taking the blame. We can't allow him to take the blame for everything.”
 Pete Mitchell - “I can confirm to you that officials in Basra have recovered the body of journalist Steven Vincent. The U.S. Embassy is working with British military and local Iraqi officials in Basra to determine who is responsible for the death of this journalist. Our condolences go out to the family.”
 Stephen Rubin - “Yes, I'm disappointed it has not sold at a stronger level. But I'm thrilled we put as much effort as we did into this book.”
 Anatoli Boukreev - “I want this book to be facts, to be important, to be history.”
 Jack Myers - “One of the big landowners is Clear Springs and they are developers of land. There would be talks of right-of-way donation from them.”
 Ed Clair - “Some of the Sago miners requested that the United Mine Workers of America be their representatives for the purposes of this investigation, and they have a right to be there. Together, the state and MSHA made a commitment to the families that we would conduct a fair, open investigation, and we decided we needed to take this extraordinary step to keep that commitment.”
 Mark Palmer - “We didn't even have enough space to keep the trailers, so we put them on property that someone let us use. But then, security becomes a concern.”
 Qur'an - “(Some) say (They are) three, the fourth of them being their dog and (others) say Five, the sixth of them being their dog, making conjectures at what is unknown and (others yet) say Seven, and the eighth of them is their dog. Say My Lord best knows their number, none knows them but a few therefore contend not in the matter of them but with an outward contention, and do not question concerning them any of them.”
 Qur'an - “Then We raised you up after your death that you may give thanks.”
 Tessie Moton - “You've got to be diligent in wanting to get to a goal. So absolutely, you have to be realistic with your goal in the first place. Know that you're going to have to be patient and take the time to plan for a goal.”
 Nouriel Roubini - “I think it's a very negative signal we're sending to the world. We don't have the luxury to snub the world.”
 Darrent Williams - “Guys are going to make plays. You've got to come back and fight.”
 Kyle Cooper - “Mother Nature has been an incredible bull. It's hard to imagine a scenario more bullish than we've had.”
 Peter Weiss - “As far as I know, we haven't gotten a significant number of neighborhood complaints since the spraying started. The county has now come in and pretty much taken that under their wing.”
 Brian Cashman - “Why should it There's nothing wrong with him. I'm not worried because no one else has told me there's any issue here.”
 John Grahame - “I just think we have a very resilient bunch of guys. We've been there, we learn from our mistakes pretty quick. We go out and correct something that went wrong and go out and apply it to the next game. I think maybe that's the biggest thing we are able to do.”
 Daniel Adair - “Chad brings the bulk of the ideas to the table, and we all polish and rework the ideas he comes up with. He's such an accomplished songwriter. He wrote a song for ('American Idol' runner-up) Bo Bice, Enrique Iglesias - he's got that ear to be a musical chameleon and get into the zone of an artist. And he can't help but write a song you can hum along to. And that voice, you know it when you hear it.”
 Kwame Scruggs - “I want to teach them to understand life through stories. To see the character traits of the heroes. The things the hero does. And take those traits and apply them to life.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “The thought of secret hearings where once again the accused will never hear the case against them fills me with dread.”
 John Roberts - “very strongly in the separation of power that is very protective of our individual liberty.”
 Melissa Caldwell - “There's a certain mythology that prevails in Hollywood that kids are only interested in risky or edgy stuff, ... and I don't think that's always the case.”

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