My Favorite Quotes

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 Carol Bellamy - “The commercial sexual exploitation and abuse of children is nothing less than a form of terrorism -- one whose wanton destruction of young lives and futures must not be tolerated for another year, another day, another hour,”
 Lori Nelson - “We're really capitalizing on the great outdoors, being so close to Red Rock Canyon. By day, it's truly a resort experience. You hang out at the pool, get your spa treatments, go do some adventure hiking, and at night you have the excitement of Vegas.”
 Andrew Carnegie - “Do not look for approval except for the consciousness of doing your best.”
 Steve Mitchell - “The mayor could care less about what people outside of Detroit think about him now,”
 Jack Ablin - “The bond market is still behind the inflation curve. The inflation story continues to chip away at our economy and it doesn't seem to be getting any weaker.”
 Pedro Munoz - “I would like the new captain to be Emilio Sanchez Vicario. He would be the popular choice to do the job,”
 William Penn - “My prison shall be my grave before I will budge a jot for I owe my conscience to no mortal man.”
 Helen Zille - “I have already stated that we cannot start signing contracts worth millions of rands until we have been given adequate information on how much the stadium will cost and how it will be paid for. Thus far we have not been presented with a proper financial model to work with, and it would be irresponsible to proceed without one.”
 Laveranues Coles - “I've been depressed the whole time. I've been just sitting in my house feeling bad for two days.”
 Jean Johnson - “There's energy and leadership at the top, but there is a task to be done in getting parents and kids to understand some of the ideas. You can do a lot from the top, but you can't do everything. Schools are local. The leadership needs to reach out and help the public understand the challenge.”
 George Reid - “Andrew Carnegie has gifted progressive philanthropy to the world.”
 Drayton McLane - “It hurt for a minute, but now I'm ready to go. We're still in charge. It will just make it all the more meaningful when we do win it in St. Louis.”
 Clint Hurdle - “I want him to know that I have the confidence in him by giving him the ball opening day. I can't make a bigger statement.”
 Nancy Hirshberg - “It's been a nightmare. The only good news is it hasn't been just us.”
 Steven Aftergood - “If you think about all of the infrastructure needed to support that number of people, you start to get a sense of just how vast our intelligence system has become. Think about all the things going on that we don't know about.”
 Tim Leonard - “The freshmen next year, now they'll have the opportunity to vote.”
 Mike Goforth - “If we had a week, it wouldn't be much of an issue. Three days for an offensive lineman is going to be tough. We'll do everything we can to help him with the pain, but he has to be able to push off and deliver a blow. For a guy his size, that puts a lot of stress on his leg.”
 Michael Deaver - “He needed to reassure us on the economy and reassure people there is a future they can be positive about.”
 Andy Garcia - “I've got a six-minute drive to work.”
 Steve Davis - “I thought he was very influential, especially in the first half. He is developing into something very special.”
 Abraham Zapruder - “Yes, sir, I was in the processing room watching them actually process the film.”
 Mary Barnes - “I'm not sure if I'm glad they went or I wish they'd have stayed. I know the hospital needs him.”
 Joe Sabol - “Hold onto the knife tight with your whole hand, put your right hand and your knife right on the center of the stump.”
 Peter Som - “Wearing a strapless romper can be risky and risqu, but it works on her. I would have made the short a bit shorter to give her a longer line, but it looks great.”
 Proverb - “The oldest trees often bear the sweetest fruit”

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