My Favorite Quotes

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 Ingrid Newkirk - “Young people who see Randle as a role model may learn to associate the terror of defenseless chickens as a form of amusement.”
 Victor Borge - “I only know two pieces one is 'Clair de Lune' and the other one isn't.”
 Thomas Hood - “I remember, I remember,The fir trees dark and highI used to think their slender topsWere close against the skyIt was a childish ignorance,But now 'tis little joyTo know I'm farther off from heav'nThan when I was a boy.”
 Samuel Johnson - “Dictionaries are like watches the worst is better than none, and the best cannot be expected to be quite true.”
 James Thomson - “Come, gentle Spring ethereal Mildness come.”
 Cameron Clapp - “I reached out to these guys and showed them my appreciation (for serving). They got to hear my experiences and I got to hear their stories.”
 Tony Russa - “Well, I bet if they had their hand on a bible, they'll tell you they don't think we're really good because they beat us four out of seven, so I hope we throw out the regular season. We saw them play well, and they play well enough to win a championship, and that's really what counts. They're in the tournament.”
 Steve Peterson - “We try to encourage them to go to a vocational school or take a college course or they can elect to do charitable work and be involved in a service organization.”
 Jeff Foxworthy - “I used to say that whenever people heard my Southern accent, they always wanted to deduct 100 IQ points.”
 Dennis Hastert - “provides for common sense tax relief in the future. We have the largest surplus in history, which means the taxpayers are being overcharged.”
 Cindy Shaw - “The U.S. share loss is consistent with our view the company is losing share in its established markets, which we consider an ominous trend.”
 Jason Thunstrom - “That could easily come into conflict with the safe, fun family environment that we hold.”
 Rodney Selph - “We never should have put ourselves in that big of a hole to start with. We played so poorly offensively. Give Ozark credit because they played solid defense. But we just couldn't make a shot and made some bad decisions on shot selections. Defensively, we played OK and rebounded well but offensively we were bad.”
 Paul Konerko - “The Angels did everything right -- they didn't make it easy. If something was glaringly bad about it, it would have been an easier decision.”
 Adonal Foyle - “People don't see what an incredible will he has. There's a lot of leaders that are good who are not able to kind of get the message across, bend people to his will. I think that Baron has an amazing and infectious gift that he can come into a locker room and really make people believe and really make people better. I think people have seen him have fun with the game, but they haven't seen the kind of forceful personality he has.”
 Ellen Miller - “I'm an artist, but my father is an old rocket scientist, so we talked about physics a lot over the dinner table,”
 Brent Alexander - “They try to stick to their game plan. They've been winning games. They're not going to change up just because other teams do something.”
 Kirk Hinrich - “We made a couple of big plays. We had a couple of stops and that's what we need to do. We need to have guys step up when it really counts, when the game is on the line, and make plays, Tonight we did that.”
 Amir Peretz - “We have no intention of allowing negotiations to take place, or allowing a third party to force us to recognize an organization that openly seeks to destroy Israel.”
 John Kyriakopoulos - “U.S. economic reports serve to remind investors that U.S. economic growth remains solid, and as long as this continues, writing the U.S. dollar off could prove a costly strategy.”
 Rich Brooks - “There are some rumors out there that I'm going to resign at some point, ... Well, that ain't happening, OK I'm not going to walk out on the players that I recruited and this program that I'm trying to turn around.”
 Kevin Norrish - “The market's had a crack at 60 several times recently, but not looked at all convincing below that level. I just don't think there's the appetite to push it down there.”
 Mariah Carey - “Music is what I love and it's what I feel and it's in me and to know that I can do something that I enjoy and hopefully bring some enjoyment to other people. . .”
 Jay Sidhu - “We think 2006 is going to be a good year. It's not going to be a dynamite year, but it's going to be a good year.”
 David Pak - “I hadn't been shooting the ball very well the last couple of games. I've been putting in extra practices. I knew things would turn around. I've been hitting shots in practice.”

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