My Favorite Quotes

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 Henry George - “Poverty is the openmouthed relentless hell which yawns beneath civilized society. And it is hell enough.”
 RenĂ© Descartes - “Everybody thinks himself so well supplied with common sense that even those most difficult to please. . . never desire more of it than they already have.”
 Mary Catherine Bateson - “The capacity to combine commitment with skepticism is essential to democracy.”
 Mike Mills - “I think Elliott's songs and The Spree's songs complement each other both chord and tone-wise, as well as with the goals of their music. In different ways, they both have written music that deals with being fragile. Yes, I think The Spree are all about fragility. As big and happy as they can sound, they're sort of 'The Fragile Army' to me.”
 John Nestor - “Our own high end estimate was between 1,000 and 1,200 - there may be additional advisors who aren't signing up and adopting a 'wait and see' attitude.”
 Eleanor Cooper - “He is a blessing to me, ... All these people, these ones who were once strangers (from Alabama), they are blessings to us.”
 Nikolai Khabibulin - “Trades are part of the business. I have no real control over that. I don't want to go anywhere. It'd be nice to be here until the end of my career. This is a great place to be. I think we're going to turn it around, and when we do, this will be one of the best places to play in the NHL.”
 Mark Shapiro - “At some point this year he's going to help us in the bullpen. He's come a long way in the last year and had a good training camp. He just needs to work on commanding his fastball better.”
 Tony Diggs - “I really feel very positive about this, because we've already received so many positive comments. But your help is critical, because it will take a community effort to make it a successful campaign.”
 Joe Weinert - “It might come to a point where Pinnacle has a decision to make. The company could reduce its equity stake to a third or less.”
 Matt Hasselbeck - “It was a chance I shouldn't have taken. They had a good plan and executed it well. They blitzed early on, but we did a pretty good job of picking it up. After that, they kept seven and eight back in coverage a lot of the time.”
 Harvey Ewing - “We thought it would make better understanding for those people (the board members) could represent.”
 Hiroichi Nishi - “The broader market will probably struggle to make any headway today.”
 Christine Keeler - “As a little girl I used to daydream about my real father coming on a white horse to rescue me.”
 Lewis Goodkin - “We're really coming back to a more normal market.”
 Alcaeus - “To be bowed by grief is folly Naught is gained by melancholy Better than the pain of thinking, Is to steep the sense in drinking”
 Walter Hill - “Somebody once said, you have to wait 20 years before you can tell if a movie's any good or not so that's probably true.”
 Jimbo Fisher - “It was wild for a minute. We were just trying to keep our guys off.”
 Lionel Blue - “I have begun to sympathetically understand Paul, though I don't like him much.”
 Dennis Kozlowski - “She seemed to mean what she said. She said pretty much this I retained some lawyers, I have to move on with my life, I am divorcing you, and then she added, I need money.”
 Salih Booker - “Pressure from the British because they are playing a similar role in neighboring Sierra Leone, pressure from the French because they are also heading a peacekeeping operation in the Ivory Coast -- and also they are involved in the Congo. So there is a sense that the United States should provide leadership and share some of the international peacekeeping burdens, and Liberia is most appropriately a case for U.S. leadership.”
 Brad Johnson - “Homeowners and residents will not be able to find information about chemicals that are being released in their communities.”
 Jeff Stoughton - “You hate to lose any game, but I don't mind getting blown out because it's a little easier. You're more relaxed, at least when you know the end should be near.”
 Alfred Mutua - “We just realized that these advertisements do more harm than good to society.”
 Skip Pighetti - “Landis is a very good mat wrestler and when he got in that position I knew he would come out with a reversal. He's very aware of his surroundings and he knows what he needs to do to get a reversal or a takedown.”

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