My Favorite Quotes

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 Javier Solana - “Any military action is definitely out of the question for us.”
 Chris Reynolds - “(The agreement) provides reasonable protections for the university. We have every reason to believe that coach Davis will continue to carry himself with class and dignity.”
 Bill Irwin - “We constantly run lines together before every show too, and then there's a long, traditionally long, story to tell the audience every show. Today, we're doing it twice.”
 Alex McLeish - “It is up to ourselves and we can only blame ourselves if we don't finish second. We have to make Hearts earn it.”
 Dalai Lama - “We are born and reborn countless number of times, and it is possible that each being has been our parent at one time or another. Therefore, it is likely that all beings in this universe have familial connections.”
 George Morgan - “I've gone to school and classes since I have been on the fire department for the past five years and finally get a chance to utilize my skills and help other people. I am trying to give back I guess.”
 Charles Taylor - “My leaving office is dependent on two factors one, my willingness to do so, and secondly, the presence of an international force that will stabilize the situation in the country as I depart,”
 Mike Davis - “You can't take credit for guarding Dee Brown. He's one of the best players in our league. I think he just missed some open shots, but he still had 11 assists. We can't take credit for that because Dee is an awfully good player.”
 Sergio Rouco - “We clawed. This is the way we win games, playing defense.”
 Ludwig Wittgenstein - “The real discovery is the one which enables me to stop doing philosophy when I want to. The one that gives philosophy peace, so that it is no longer tormented by questions which bring itself into question.”
 Jim Allen - “Montgomery is only about a 45-minute drive to the front door of our home, ... If I took the job, it meant I could go home every night.”
 Billy Donovan - “I think the tournament is wide open. Is it any more wide open than in years past It's hard to say, but I just think on a neutral site with the way this league is anything can happen on any given night.”
 Paul O'Neill - “With accommodative monetary policy, I think we are in the right place and moving in the right direction,”
 Jim Tharp - “We didn't make it compelling enough for the guys to show up. But we're hoping the women who liked the movie will bring the men out over the next week.”
 Joseph Butler - “What interested me is that it is working-class and some middle-class housing, ... Typically one finds ornate homes of the wealthy as landmarks.”
 Larry Campbell - “People have said we've done pretty well with these. We had Cascade Bakery over here, and they were asking us if we wanted to work for them. This has been a great experience.”
 Bob Klein - “So we provide more local information to better serve victims of crime. We have local people making local decisions for local victims of crime not people up in Phoenix.”
 Bill Belichick - “We know Richard is a pretty good force inside. He has been for four years, ... We thought we could get some force from the outside with Jarvis and Rosie (Rosevelt Colvin).”
 Ani Difranco - “i smoke and i drink and every time i blink i have a tiny dream but as bad as i am i'm proud of the fact that i'm worse than i seem”
 Ramon Dyer - “(The dunk) is up there in my all-time top five. That felt good. That felt really good.”
 Winston Churchill - “If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”
 Wilhelm Wundt - “Physiology and psychology cover, between them, the field of vital phenomena they deal with the facts of life at large, and in particular with the facts of human life.”
 Efraim Zuroff - “The State of Israel has always known how to reap the privileges owed it in light of the Holocaust, ... but it has not always known how to accept its obligations in light of the Holocaust.”
 Jack Cole - “Information access is all-important,”
 Allan Zaremberg - “I think if you look at most polling, Californians want their taxes on gas to go toward improving the transportation system, not toward something that might marginally improve carbon emissions.”

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