My Favorite Quotes

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 Alexander Pope - “What's fame A fancied life in other's breath. A thing beyond us, even before our death.”
 Charles Dickens - “Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.”
 Jane Austen - “The little bit (two inches wide) of ivory on which I work with so fine a brush as produces little effect after much labour.”
 David Beard - “This is really sending a bad message to the public.”
 Shannon Sickels - “This is about making a choice to have our civil rights acknowledged and respected and protected as any human being.”
 Jim Kennedy - “When he woke up this morning, ... Ken Starr had a choice to serve the public or himself. He chose the latter.”
 Stephen Fry - “Christmas to a child is the first terrible proof that to travel hopefully is better than to arrive”
 Salman Rushdie - “Meanwhile, it seems, the world is suffering from compassion fatigue,”
 Jeremy Bates - “Serbia are a world-class team but in Davis Cup tennis the crowd are such an important factor.”
 Benjamin Watson - “Although our backgrounds and languages may be different, one thing isn't so different, and that is everybody likes to have a good time. If there's one language that's universal, it's dance, particularly folk dance.”
 Jeff Fisher - “I think the thing I am most pleased with is how good it is to see an inexperienced team accept the challenge that they did this week. The defense, the tackling in the running game, the turnovers, the sacks that weren't there last week were here. We told them if they just work at the little things, they would come.”
 Teri Garr - “My doctor said, for want of a better word, now that we've got medicines out here that can help, let's put you on one of them and say we're treating MS.”
 Stefan Zweig - “When they are preparing for war, those who rule by force speak most copiously about peace until they have completed the mobilization process.”
 Stephen Meer - “New 9-1-1 technologies and services must meet public safety's rigorous standards for reliability, security, and availability. Extending our integration lab to support these new technologies and services will help our customers and partners ensure these standards are met before new 9-1-1 capabilities are introduced into live networks.”
 Flip Saunders - “I told Ben after, I had been in the Western Conference for a lot of years and I have coached against Dirk many times. I don't think I had seen as good a job of playing a guy one-on-one as that. Dirk made some shots, but he really had to work. We wanted to make him a volume scorer, and 25 points on 23 shots, that's pretty good.”
 Faye Dunaway - “So Liam and movies are obviously big passions, and I read and write.”
 Eleanor Walker - “Usually only 40 people vote, so I was very pleased that so many people came out to support me.”
 Chris Dailey - “She was very much a small-town girl. I always knew that she'd be successful and happy in her life because she's generally a happy person, someone who always looks at things in a positive way. She's great with people. I'm not surprised at all that she's back home.”
 Louis Freeh - “I was a prosecutor and an FBI agent for many, many years.”
 George Gissing - “Flippancy, the most hopeless form of intellectual vice.”
 Randy Edsall - “They're all pretty excited about it, but they also understand the practice squad can be a week-to-week thing,”
 Jim Coleman - “If the finest hour is now, then I'll always be in it.”
 Mort Kondracke - “Practically every day, there is a story in the newspapers about a new breakthrough drug on Parkinson's.”
 Roy Romer - “I think the big force is going to be consumer buying power.”
 Epictetus - “If you wish to be a writer, write.”

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