My Favorite Quotes

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 Charles Caleb Colton - “Evils in the journey of life are like the hills which alarm travelers on their road Both appear great at a distance, but when we approachthem we find they are far less insurmountable than we had conceived.”
 Samuel Johnson - “To keep your secret is wisdom but to expect others to keep it is folly.”
 Jacques Rogge - “There was probably a little bit of lack of enthusiasm in some sports. The general public was a little bit absent in providing atmosphere. There are events where attendance has not been maximum.”
 Nancy Clark - “Nowadays, you've got to consolidate, and we're trying to use good business practices so that we're very diligent. It's going to double our space. People are on top of each other now.”
 Ryszard Kapuscinski - “The official independence celebration was going to be held over four or five days, and a group of journalists from all over the world was allowed to fly in, because Angola was closed otherwise.”
 Quentin Williams - “As two massive objects pass near each other, gravitational forces induce dramatic physical changesdecompressing, melting, stripping material away, and even annihilating the smaller object. You can do a lot of physics and chemistry on objects in the solar system without even touching them.”
 Shawn Gilmer - “I am very proud of my guys for winning the Boll Weevil Classic for the second straight year. It was a long week in which we played six games, but they stayed focused. We hit the ball really well this week and once again our pitching was outstanding.”
 Patrick Leahy - “The attorney general plays a role in bringing people together, ... But Senator Ashcroft has often taken aggressively activist positions on a number of issues that deeply divide the American people. He had a right to take these positions, but we also have a right and duty to evaluate how these position will affect his conduct as attorney general.”
 Graeme Souness - “Kieron says he feels better now than at any time and that's encouraging. He has been extremely determined and shown strength of character, considering all the stories about him. It must have been, and is, a worrying time for him until he gets games under his belt. He deserves credit.”
 Tom Daschle - “There was a sense I had from the very beginning that this was in part politically motivated, and they were going to maximize the timing to affect those who were having some doubt about this right before the election,”
 Alex Tanguay - “These are real important games right now. Tonight, the power play worked really well.”
 John McCarthy - “Hard distinctions make bad philosophy.”
 Richard Fox - “It's still very early days, but the economies appear to be heading in roughly the same direction. A small measure of convergence is already there.”
 James Love - “It's no big stretch to do it for a medicine, particularly in a case like this, where a patent owner cannot supply the stockpiles of medicines that the WHO says are necessary.”
 Neelie Kroes - “I think national champions are absolute nonsense. This rhetoric is extremely dangerous.”
 Lee Miller - “We've had a number of distributions with basic items such as water and ice. The Temple Foundation has given us a grant to be used to supply food. It's a massive undertaking, and to tell you the truth, it could get a little overwhelming after a while.”
 Chris Perry - “To not repeat history is to show history and I think people really need to see this.”
 Robert Mullen - “Farmers may not yet be 100 percent comfortable with the changes, but they understand why it's being done and can see the value in it. All land-grant universities in the North Central region are moving toward a similar basis for generating nitrogen recommendations.”
 Gregory Henderson - “I saw people dying at the convention center, I saw people already dead, and there was nothing nothing I could do because I had no tools, ... That was the hell of the day. Then the night would fall, and it became like a Stephen King novel. These predators were holed up in the center, and they came out and preyed on the people.”
 Lanny Berman - “It's not uncommon to have somebody look good today, look terrible tomorrow, look good the next day.”
 Cody Butler - “We've had to move our practice time this week to accommodate physical therapy. We don't hit the floor until 630 (p.m.).”
 Alan Moore - “To paint comic books as childish and illiterate is lazy. A lot of comic books are very literate - unlike most films.”
 Carlos Santana - “If our history can challenge the next wave of musicians to keep moving and changing, to keep spiritually hungry and horny, that's what it's all about.”
 Isabel Burton - “He who knows not and knows not he knows not he is a fool -- shun him.He who knows not and knows he knows not he is simple -- teach him.”
 David Harris - “The jury got to hear that he wasn't what anybody saw. ... This is a person who's lying to the police, who wasn't being cooperative with the investigation.”

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