My Favorite Quotes

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 Sir Scott - “Adversity is, to me at least, a tonic and a bracer.”
 Scott McClellan - “This is a positive step, we welcome it. This agreement will encourage more people to participate in the political process not only this weekend but in the future.”
 Quevedo - “This exhibition brings the students' conversations about photography into the Museum space, ... The images in Reclaiming Beautiful present the teenagers' new awareness about how perception can be altered to redefine how they think about beauty.”
 Chris Austin - “A blackout is similar to any side effect of drinking too much such as vomiting or abnormal behavior. The implications beyond that are people don't know what they did.”
 Richard Green - “The astronomers credit Hubble's superb vision for finding the disk. Only Hubble has the resolution in blue light to observe this disk, ... It is so small and so distinct from the surrounding red stars that we were able to use it to probe into the very dynamical heart of Andromeda. These observations were taken by the members of our team that built STIS. We designed its visible channel specifically to seize such an opportunity - to measure starlight closer to a black hole than in any other galaxy outside our own.”
 Reverend King - “Unfortunately this is a weekend that much of the country treats as a black holiday. We should always be looking as who we are as Americans.”
 Gloria Sutton - “The increased fuel pries, the increase in the amount of insurance costs, as well as the cost of purchasing a new vehicle were all factors.”
 George Bernard Shaw - “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”
 Ruth Rendell - “Publishers Weekly said 13 Steps Down ... all her trademark virtues vivid characters, a plot addictive as crack and a sense of place unequaled in crime fiction.”
 Ken Johnson - “The lieutenant told me it's only a property crime. Crime pays here, obviously.”
 Vaclav Prospal - “We didn't have our defense playing and they took us apart. Today, team defense let us down.”
 Jeremy Foley - “Keith is just flat-out outstanding. He is a tremendous administrator and will bring passion, great organizational skills and a strong work ethic to that role. He is one of my closest friends. This is a grand slam for the University of Central Florida.”
 Justin Johnson - “I feel real comfortable going into next season. I've got a big line to run behind, good coaches to listen to and coach me up, and we're going to have some good leaders from last year. I think we should do good. We'll try to go and win another state championship.”
 Norm Roberts - “They have a great player, he makes unbelievable shots. Most people don't make those shots.”
 Will Sergeant - “I've been talking about Hugh Jones for years and nobody's taken any notice of me and so I was really pleased that he came back and did it.”
 Hines Ward - “There's excitement that builds up when you have an opportunity to bring another championship back to the city of Pittsburgh. Everybody joins in. I'm a big Crosby fan. I have his jersey. You just hop on. You want to be part of the excitement. We'll be right there with our jerseys on supporting those guys as well. That's just how the city of Pittsburgh is. We're all one big family.”
 Mark Fuhrman - “could have murdered people.”
 Issac Asimov - “Well, I can type all day without getting tired. In response to a question as to which he preferred, women or writing”
 Gary Kelly - “Mark Cuban made mention of all the Wild Turkey he thought would be flowing at Southwest Airlines, and we would hate to disappoint him.”
 Michael Redman - “From the time the weather service issues a warning to the time we have out sirens running, it's about one to two minutes.”
 Jeff Law - “I've got eyes and ears all over the place. I want to try to get some high school kids this time, to get a little consistency. All my connections are open. We'll have to see what comes through the pipeline.”
 Thomas Hamilton - “I've seen a few articles that maybe the thief will get the reward because he returned the objects. When I saw that, I thought, that's not right. The whole story should be heard.”
 Ray Walston - “I should have been trying to build a career, rather than leaving it in the hands of somebody else.”
 Algernon Blackwood - “Something plucked at my heart and made me feel afraid.”
 John Beerling - “There was some rolling back after the Fed move, and then Rita came on top of that, and we started to see everyone head for the exits.”

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