My Favorite Quotes

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 Albert Richards - “A beautiful blossom is a fleeting thing It stays for a moment and then takes wing With special rays we catch it ere flight So all may enjoy the beautiful sight.”
 Friedrich Nietzsche - “I fear we are not getting rid of God because we still believe in grammar.”
 Robert Redford - “Well, I mean, I guess I support any individual's ability to speak on their own behalf.”
 Steve Smith - “I was thinking about that. If I have a good game, we lose, and if I have a below-average game, we win. But however we can get a win, I will take it.”
 John Thomas - “This is the toughest I've ever seen, and I've been in the business quite a few years.”
 Craig Wright - “This is a great opportunity, we don't want to miss it. The fiscal situation in Canada is the envy of the G-7 ministers and probably well beyond that.”
 Ed Orgeron - “We have a lot of families in Gulfport (Miss.) and Biloxi (Miss.) and obviously we have a lot of family down in New Orleans. We're really sensitive to that. With our program, family comes first and we're going to take care of these young men.”
 Foreign Ministry - “To uphold the interests of most developing nations, and to preserve the long-term interests of the United Nations, China will resolutely vote no if the G-4 proposal is put up for a vote.”
 David Bowens - “In college, everything was pretty much structured, ... Now you get money for playing, and once you leave the building, you're off on your own. Now you've got to really manage your time.”
 Bertrand Delanoe - “often unacceptable conditions in which families in social difficulty live in our country.”
 Mike DeWine - “After high school, Michael wanted to take the next step and help his country. When he was 17, he urged his mother to support his decision to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps. Though she was hesitant, Marianne knew her son would follow his own path.”
 Helen Suzman - “It is increasingly hard for young white people to find jobs, and I can understand why white parents are worried about the future.”
 Jimmy Carter - “We cannot be both the world's leading champion of peace and the world's leading supplier of the weapons of war”
 Vince Farrell - “I think the Fed is done hiking, but this economy has shown great resilience, so it's far too early to call for a decline in interest rates. I think the Fed's out of the picture for now.”
 Rajnath Singh - “Maybe, the West also knows about our nuclear resources and wants to weaken our capabilities and hence this nuclear deal.”
 Micky Arison - “We are extremely disappointed to have to withdraw from this transaction, ... The proposed combination of Fairfield and Carnival was a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on many outstanding marketing synergies that would have benefited both companies.”
 Jennifer Owen - “I don't think that any of us thought it would go completely smoothly this year, ... We knew this was going to be a year where unfortunate things would fall into place. Disappointing is a mild word, because what we're talking about, instead of 140 kids, is 18 more at 5,000 a child going out of our district.”
 Jesse Garcia - “At first they might be surprised. So if the student has a weak stomach, they don't have to be in there to watch it.”
 Larry Wilson - “With it retention pond being overgrown, it's not holding water back the way it should.”
 Dennis Erickson - “It's a combination of young guys and some veterans. I spent a lot of time interviewing and talking to the staff here. I really felt they did a good job. I wanted to keep as many as I could.”
 Barry Diller - “We want to be able to sell you anything, anywhere, any time you want it.”
 Jennifer Baker - “The three people that can remember.. I had them plot on the map where they thought it was.”
 Hutton Wilkinson - “But she wanted to be with the royalty of America. So she moved to Beverly Hills, where all the Hollywood stars were.”
 Daryll Hill - “We are not just playing for ourselves. St. John's has that history and we are trying to bring it back like it was before.”
 Glen Taylor - “Absolutely not. We've got plenty of good guys. We've just got to get more out of them.”

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