My Favorite Quotes

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 Helen Adams Keller - “It would be wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse.”
 Jill Pendley - “The answers at present elude me because I am not ready to hear them. An answer given must then be acknowledged, lived, accepted. The acceptance of truth may be harder than the question.”
 Carol Bruce - “Things have moved ahead of the nature center a number of times. It's time to build.”
 Lee Remick - “Breasts and bottoms look boringly alike. Faces, though, can be quite different and a damn sight more interesting”
 Branford Marsalis - “Pay attention to me, please.”
 Akitaka Saiki - “Through the talks, we hope to make our position clear to the DPRK and get further knowledge about their stance.”
 Kenneth Roberts - “We clear so many rights and permissions that something's going to get missed. We've been singled out as a whipping boy.”
 Fred Thompson - “People think that they can waltz up to Congress and say anything that comes to their minds, ... Until somebody is prosecuted for some of this activity, people are not going to take congressional investigations very seriously in the future.”
 Dave Johnston - “We contend the property owners contribute significantly toward the funding of the federal government and its many agencies and should, therefore, be eligible to receive financial assistance in times of disaster.”
 John Cusack - “When applied to politics and taken to its extreme, kitsch is the mask of death. Fascism was all aesthetics. There was no core principle to it. There was no truth to it.”
 Carl Levin - “This does not mean setting a date now for departure, ... It simply means conveying clearly and forcefully to Iraqis that the presence of our forces is not indefinite and that our staying there requires them to come together politically, since Iraqi unity offers the only hope of defeating the insurgency.”
 Bruce Bochy - “It has to be close to a borderline miracle.”
 Danny O'Brien - “We realized that the big problem was that AOL was taking some of the money.”
 Tim Robbins - “During the ceremony, Robbins described Sarandon as a great actress. She has stunned me in 'Bull Durham,' 'Thelma Louise,' this morning, or when she's reading to my kids at night, ... Long may her star sparkle and shine.”
 Jeffrey Lurie - “It's an important night for the Eagles because we are recognizing truly one of the greatest football players in the long history of the National Football League and also one of the finest human beings in the long history of the National Football League.”
 Mick Koczersut - “I like to feel like your job is on the line every night you show up here. So, I would never say it was written in stone. But I'm comfortable about the way we played the last two nights.”
 Joanne Boyle - “For the next three years, those freshmen are going to remember that last half-hour (of the selection show) and remember what it's like and what it means and start owning their team and buying into what we're telling them.”
 Hiroki Shimazu - “If figures in the jobs data are stronger than expected, 10-year treasuries could rise to 5 percent with sentiment already weak.”
 Eric Coldwell - “If an investor pulled out of the space because of this, they don't understand what they are invested in.”
 Gary Collins - “It looked like she got four steps at the end, but at that point the refs are looking more for the foul than they are the travel. You've got to hand it to her for knocking it down.”
 Phil Ochs - “I can spare a dime, brother, but in these morally inflationary times, a dime goes a lot farther if it's demanding work rather than adding to the indignity of relief.”
 Richard Sundblad - “You might ask yourselves if the document you have now is relevant to where you want the district to be, and where you want the new superintendent to take the district. Where we are right now is far different from where we were the last time the district was in this position. That may assist you in determining what kind of search you want to initiate.”
 Brian Tracy - “Your greatest resource is your time”
 Susan Glisson - “These three states, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, all have high rates of poverty. These are the kinds of people who don't have access to insurance, the kind of people who, when a catastrophe hits, don't have a safety net.”
 Kofi Annan - “I did not influence, or attempt to influence, the procurement process.”

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