My Favorite Quotes

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 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Sooner of later that which is now life shall be poetry, and every fair and manly trait shall add a richer strain to the song.”
 Robert Johnson - “A man will treat a woman almost exactly the way he treats his own interior feminine. In fact, he hasn't the ability to see a woman, objectively speaking, until he has made some kind of peace with his interior woman.”
 Maury Povich - “Paul has been a very integral part of the success of this program. We are energized about the upcoming season and I feel confident that under Paul's leadership we will continue to grow the show and further expand our audience.”
 Benjamin Franklin - “An autobiography usually reveals nothing bad about its writer except his memory.”
 Miguel Tejada - “We are going to show that the Dominican Republic has a great talent for baseball.”
 Elaine Vogel - “This theater is actually always busy. There's so much going on here.”
 Paul Miller - “The way they came out put us in a hole and kind of got us on our heels. I think we panicked a little bit. It's frustrating to end your season with a loss in a game where you feel like you didn't play as well as you're capable of playing.”
 Dennis Ruedinger - “I pretty much let our training staff take care of the training. They tell me when he's OK to play and I put him out there. We have a very good training staff. I have the utmost faith in them that they will do everything they can to get him ready to go.”
 Butch Lawson - “He changed the course of Franklin College football history. We won.”
 Sue Semrau - “Boston College coming in is just the kind of game you just want to play. You have a Top 20-ranked team coming to your place and it's their first time ever in Tallahassee. There the team that will probably finish fifth or sixth in the conference and we just really want to lock in and go to work with that. We're not going to hold anything back, we're going to go after it and try to get this game with everything we've got.”
 Florence Belcher - “Another special thing about our bridal show is that we are incorporating cultural wedding traditions into our activities. Greek, African, Pacific Islander, Jewish, Asian and Hispanic cultures will be showcased, because they are traditions that can be shared by all cultures. You don't have to be a member of the African American community to jump over a broom.”
 Jane Albright - “It's very unfair, in my opinion. It's also something we can't control.”
 Stephane Dujarric - “The secretary-general is particularly troubled that the death occurred in the circumstances when, because of the inadmissible restrictions imposed by Eritrea, the medical evacuation of the sick peacekeeper to a hospital required the use of a longer route.”
 Laura Martin - “We have the Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission which translates and publishes our press releases into Latino magazines.”
 Curt Schilling - “Every mistake that I make, we're paying for, ... It's a corner you try not to back yourself into, because you tend to pitch tentative, and I can't do that. I left two balls up in the zone, splits. One was the double off the wall. Another was up.”
 Robert Kraft - “Whoever comes in next will have a big challenge, but that's probably what they said after Pete Rozelle. I don't think people appreciate the management job he's done here. It's pretty special.”
 Kyle Davies - “I pulled it and threw it right down the middle. I was trying to go away, and the ball came right back over the middle of the plate.”
 Christopher Hill - “Once they are back in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, with IAEA safeguards, at an appropriate time we will have discussions about the subject of the provision of a light-water nuclear reactor.”
 Chris Hope - “They ain't nothing but another game on our schedule, ... If I had an opportunity to see the future, looking back at how we played last year and how it turned out last year, I'd let them win the first one this time.”
 Dan Fitzgerald - “We get spectators a lot. Most of the time when people come out they sit in the shelters out there. A lot of times people pull up on the road, and we invite them to come up and sit in the shelters. They are more than welcome to come out and watch.”
 Cliff Brewis - “Overall, their entry into the market will do wonderful things. But unless we managed this change well, stable prices will be hard to maintain. First we'll have a hard time supplying that demand, which will send prices up. Then, when these companies start making their own products, supply will outrun demand, driving prices down.”
 Steve Loney - “I really just call plays with my gut, ... And you certainly want to stay away from tendencies. There were very few hiccups in this (victory).”
 Lyndon B. Johnson - “Freedom is not enough.”
 Joseph Conrad - “Words, as is well known, are the great foes of reality.”
 Scott Silverman - “On Cyber Monday, consumers set their sights on surfing for holiday gifts and shopping online, ... This year, online retailers will be capitalizing on the increased traffic by offering special promotions and discounts.”

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