My Favorite Quotes

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 Kung Fu-tzu Confucius - “And imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself.”
 Arthur Godfrey - “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just stand there.”
 David Oman McKay - “There is no cause to fear death it is but an incident in life. It is as natural as birth. Why should we fear it Some fear it because they think it is the end of life, and life often is the dearest thing we have. Eternal life is man's greatest blessing. If only men would 'do his will' instead of looking hopelessly at the dark and gloomy tomb, they would turn their eyes heavenward and know that 'Christ is risen' With all my soul I know that death is conquered by Jesus Christ.”
 William Shakespeare - “No, no 'tis all men's office to speak patience To those that wring under the load of sorrow, But no man's virtue nor sufficiency To be so moral when he shall endure The like himself. Therefore give me no counsel My griefs cry louder than advertisement.”
 Phyllis Diller - “I buried a lot of my ironing in the back yard.”
 Kevin Beary - “We've been told he's heavily armed,”
 Tony Russa - “Well, I bet if they had their hand on a bible, they'll tell you they don't think we're really good because they beat us four out of seven, so I hope we throw out the regular season. We saw them play well, and they play well enough to win a championship, and that's really what counts. They're in the tournament.”
 Skitch Henderson - “I recorded with Sinatra, but the recording business is a very strange strata right now.”
 Proverb - “A stern chase is a long chase.”
 Kevin Keatts - “He's super athletic and he's starting to knock down the open jump shot. He's making it more and more everyday and getting a little more consistent with it. We work on it every day with a lot of form shooting. He's a gym rat. He works on his game.”
 Chantal Kreviazuk - “Once I got a record contract, and I took my songs which weren't quite finished, or maybe they were a good idea, maybe they weren't. I took them into the studio and developed them. They came to life and they evolved... and they're great.”
 Dan Miller - “If you can limit them to one or 112 shots per possession, I think you're doing a heck of a job against those guys. That's really an area, other than sneaking six guys on the court, where we're really going to have to get after it.”
 Brian Hill - “With all the mistakes we made, if you can be encouraged in a loss, I am extremely encouraged with how these guys are playing. They could easily have quit.”
 John Murray - “This will make visibility below one mile at times. It's not advised to travel during the heavy snowfall conditions.”
 Levon Helm - “Drums just always sounded like the most fun part of that good music for me.”
 Phil Flynn - “Demand for gas is outstripping expectations and the question is how storage will fare as it appears we will be drawing on it much earlier than normal.”
 Chris Cichocki - “For us to have an opportunity to win, our goaltending has to be outstanding, and Jake was certainly outstanding last week. It's great for the franchise that Jake won this award.”
 Christine Jacobs - “We've been around for 25 years, but people are getting complacent again. Drunk driving deaths are going back up. There are a lot of people who are killed for no reason at all, because they're so preventable.”
 Chan Park - “I had hard times, but I didn't give up. The injury got better, and the pitching and focus got better, and a better team and better people people (who) make me more comfortable.”
 Daniel Barry - “We believe that Hurricane Isabel could negatively impact September sales by approximately 0.5 to 1.0 percent. Retail stock prices have historically declined during hurricanes 54 percent of the time but usually recover quickly.”
 Tim Hudson - “I hope I'm not too hard to handle. But it's a good thing, I guess. If my ball is hard to catch, they'll probably have a hard time hitting it.”
 Lord Byron - “Men love in haste, but they detest at leisure.”
 Jean Bruyere - “It's motive alone which gives character to the actions of men.”
 Dr. Roberts - “Randy has come through an unprecedented ordeal and continues to improve.”
 Greg Canavan - “Most of the rise in 2005 was in the final quarter of last year, where the gold price hit 17-year highs. We think it might get to US650 this year.”

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