My Favorite Quotes

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 Rita Buchanan - “A sheared hedge ... 'signifies vision, persistence, and patience qualities we crave in today's world. Yet many people do make the commitment. They create hedges, care for them eagerly, and gain much satisfaction from the process. Why Perhaps it's because shaping a hedge is the closest most of us will ever come to doing sculpture or erecting a monument, but I think the real reward is more mundane. Shearing is very empowering it gives you an exhilarating sense of control and achievement. You can stand back afterward and say, look what I've done.”
 Stanley Ho - “I'm confident of this, in spite of all this violence. It's not going to last very long. I think that now that the government has taken action it's going to improve considerably.”
 Tony Ridder - “Third-quarter operating results were held back by continuing advertising softness, exacerbated by the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, ... In the aftermath, most advertisers curtailed or canceled their normal schedules for the better part of two weeks.”
 Suresh Kalmadi - “We keep asking the Board of Control for Cricket in India to confirm whether they want to be part of the Games. But they have no time to answer our question. Maybe they are just not interested.”
 Catherine Helen Spence - “My pamphlet did not set the Torrens on fire.”
 Jason Briscoe - “We aren't trying to shut the door on anyone. We're trying to get a balance.”
 Ernie Kent - “If ever a team needed a win, it was certainly this basketball team.”
 Proverb - “Black as the Devil, sweet as a stolen kiss”
 Phil Gramm - “Some supporters have sprung to his defense. Greenspan deserves relatively little of the blame, ... never deserved all the credit for the boom. I don't think any chairman could have overcome the negative impact of the speculation that occurred in the tech and telecom area.”
 Buck Showalter - “He's capable of doing the job. It's a matter of when, not if.”
 Philo - “You're just immersed in your own narrow-minded thrill of the speed, and you just disregard all of the consequences to yourself and the innocent people on the roadways,”
 Newt Gingrich - “We clearly need the Republican Party to reacquire a movement that designs a 21st century Contract with America.”
 David Briggs - “The market will probably drift to the upside as we close out the year but there doesn't seem to be any conviction to it.”
 Elizabeth Gregory - “We actually choose the schools that we work with in each location, so basically we evaluate them based on curriculum, facilities, reputation and cost.”
 Chris Cichocki - “They've both come in and helped. Ned is a good shooter and generates offense. Jeff skates well and has helped our defense.”
 Rick Heinrich - “The tire went down, lost air pressure. We talked to Jimmie and he had felt the tire start to go down in Turn 1. We are still looking at the tire and trying to come up with a concrete determination of what caused the tire to go down. We don't know if it was a puncture or wear related at this point.”
 Ulrich Wilhelm - “The... allegations are wrong in all their details. The (Federal Intelligence Service) BND, and with it the German government, were unaware of such a plan until now.”
 Rick Upchurch - “First game out of the box, man, and let me tell you, I was running scared. I got my helmet cracked the first time I touched that thing (the ball). Man, it got beat up a little bit. That gives you inspiration to go out there and not make too many mistakes.”
 Karlheinz Stockhausen - “And now even composers are proud of asking people to experience silent moments up to two or three minutes in a given piece of music.”
 Alan Dean Foster - “Living gives you a better understanding of life. I would hope that my characters have become deeper and more rounded personalities. Wider travels have given me considerably greater insight into how cultural differences affect not only people, but politics and art.”
 Mike Sanderson - “It is a very windy, wet and wild part of the world.”
 Isabel Burton - “He who knows not and knows not he knows not he is a fool -- shun him.He who knows not and knows he knows not he is simple -- teach him.”
 Mark Adelson - “The general sessions did a great job in presenting a top down view of the industry as a whole, managing to put all the pieces together in a perspective relative to each other.”
 F. Scott Fitzgerald - “Gatsby wanted to recover something, some idea of himself perhaps, that had gone into loving Daisy. His life had been confused and disordered since then, but if he could once return to a certain starting place and go over it all slowly, he could find out what that thing was.”
 Brooke Baker - “This was a good way to end our last game in our gym. There's a lot of good memories here.”

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