My Favorite Quotes

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 Charles Dickens - “Heres the rule for bargains Do other men, for they would do you. Mr. Pecksniff”
 Peter Nivio Zarlenga - “Action conquers fear.”
 Lawrence Lessig - “So uncritically do we accept the idea of property in culture that we don't even question when the control of that property removes our ability, as a people, to develop our culture democratically.”
 Daniel Goleman - “I think that it's an extraordinary opportunity for science for the first time to learn about the positive potential of these traditions.”
 Brad Garrett - “Raymond's ... Britney (Spears) and our baby.”
 Josef Duben - “The question is not whether but when the first bird flu case appears in our country.”
 Mario Batali - “There's a battle between what the cook thinks is high art and what the customer just wants to eat.”
 Eva Braun - “When he says he loves me, it only means he loves me at that particular instant. Like his promises, which he never keeps. Why does he torment me like this, when he could finish it off at once”
 Diane Harris - “Be specific about what would be best for your child. If you need play clothes for the babies, say you need play clothes for the babies.”
 Robert DiClemente - “This to me looks more like what retailers had said, that colder weather in May might have depressed sales in ways that are not really fundamental. Early anecdotal evidence for June shows a snap-back. It would be a big mistake to view this as a sign of a new wave of retrenchment.”
 Russell Robinson - “They got us pretty good the first time. But we learned a lot from that loss. We're just going to try and bang with those guys, be physical and come out with a win.”
 Greg White - “I thought we had them. They were very aggressive. At the end I think we had the 'I' thing. It's a team sport and a matter of maturity. I think they were trying to do it all themselves.”
 Proverb - “Pride feels no pain.”
 John Leeson - “Dick Mills was in charge of sound effects and all the rest then, and he put the voice through a ring modulator or whatever gizmos he'd got at the time to make it sound a little more electronic.”
 Oscar Robertson - “The Olympics were great, because you had to make the team, and then go to the games. Now, I don't know, these guys today don't want to do anything like that.”
 Khalil Gibran - “Time has been transformed, and we have changed it has advanced and set us in motion it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration.”
 Jim Russell - “They are in the right place at the right time. Goldman also has the greatest presence in non-US markets and those markets are growing exceptionally fast.”
 Tom Bentz - “There is a long list of production and refineries out because of the hurricane. The course is similar to what we saw with Ivan last year, which hit production for a long time.”
 Robert Urich - “I know it sounds hokey but I think, ultimately, on television you can't hide who you are.”
 Jennifer Connelly - “People who are incapable of having any kind of intimate relationship have to turn to feeling this incredible hunger and void, have to turn to some quantifiable external product to make them feel whole.”
 Joseph Brodsky - “It is well to read everything of something, and something of everything.”
 Graeme Murphy - “It's the emotional trigger points that are important to me because I know if I could believe in the characters and try and imagine how they felt then I'd be able to do something quite honest..”
 Alfred, Lord Tennyson - “Maybe she warn't a beauty- I niver giv it a thowt.”
 Travis Jackson - “We're just looking to get through this spell and continue to improve as we hit the end of the season.”
 Jim Bush - “Around 1104 p.m. Saturday, Lamont Carter, 28, of Hope, was arrested for criminal trespassing, public intoxication and loitering,”

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