My Favorite Quotes

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 Marc Falcone - “This offering is not a complete surprise, reducing insider ownership and improving the liquidity of the stock. However, we find the timing of the sale interesting, ahead of the opening of Wynn Macau in the third quarter of 2006.”
 Daisuke Matsuzaka - “We came over here with one goal in mind to show the world our quality of baseball.”
 Leo Strauss - “God is therefore unknowable. This is the fundamental premise of the Bible.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “I recognize that we also need more bipartisan cooperation to make it all happen, ... And I promise I will deliver that, because Californians believe that the state is on the wrong track. Californians believe that we need reform, we need change. But the people of California are sick and tired of all the fighting, and they are sick and tired of all those negative TV ads.”
 Stephen Kamman - “Legally, (a company) cannot do any post-merger planning until the merger is closed. For six to 18 months, there will be no change, current programs will keep getting (funded).”
 Mike Silverman - “AP was reporting accurately the information that we were provided by credible sources -- family members and the governor. Clearly, as time passed and there was no firsthand evidence the miners were alive, the best information would have come from mine company officials, but they chose not to talk.”
 Tim Johnson - “The American people in general won this debate.”
 Joseph Brooks - “There is a serious defect in the thinking of someone who wants--more than anything else--to become rich. As long as they don't have the money, it'll seem like a worthwhile goal. Once they do, they'll understand how important other things are--and have always been.”
 Jameer Nelson - “He came back as a senior and helped his team become very successful and moved up 12 to 15 spots in the draft.”
 Bart Bryant - “It was kind of every golfer's dream. You make a putt to win a tournament and walk off to shake the hand of Jack Nicklaus. It's a golfer's utopia.”
 Dustin Hoffman - “In my room as a kid... I'd play a fighter and get knocked to the floor and come back to win.”
 Steve Norton - “It has nothing to do with flawed policy.”
 J. Philippe Rushton - “I received a D.Sc. from the University of London in 1992.”
 Maria Sharapova - “It's the first time for me to throw beans at the media. It's kind of revenge.”
 Bern Elliot - “This is the new dial tone. The basic customer-service model today is broken for most customers, it's not a satisfying experience. This is a new way for businesses to reach out to their customers.”
 Michael Olowokandi - “You wake up thinking you might hear about it in the news. Sometimes, I'll go on the Internet or watch television. If I see it, then I'll know.”
 Bob Hatcher - “All of us worked with Kirby so many years, we're crazy about him. I think we'll all be a little more emotional.”
 Rachel Means - “It didn't start out too well and, even in the field, I've been making a few errors. But hitting-wise, it's getting better.”
 Hugo Papstein - “We have to wait and see what the guys who have shown interest but haven't been around for a few rounds are going to do.”
 John Dugan - “We cannot have these lower wages dragging everyone else down. We've got to bring Connecticut workers up.”
 Source Unknown - “Irritation in the heart of a believer is always an invitation to the devil to stand by.”
 Piper Perabo - “I got lost a lot, and I was a really bad waitress... I got lost on the subway.”
 Georg Trakl - “The guilt of newborns is immense.”
 Pat Robertson - “Robertson's comments last week have increased already tense relations between Caracas and Washington. On his TV show The 700 Club, ... is a dangerous enemy to our south, controlling a huge pool of oil that could hurt us very badly. We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability. We dont need another 200-billion-dollar war to get rid of one strong-arm dictator. Its a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with.”
 Chere Avery - “It is under review. Past that, we're unable to share any other information.”

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