My Favorite Quotes

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 Dick Gephardt - “We fully support the president's decision today to undertake military action with our allies against Iraq. Saddam Hussein's defiance of U.N. weapons inspectors is a clear violation of the international community's determination to ensure that Iraq no longer poses a threat to the region.”
 Lalit Modi - “The emphasis of the marketing committee was to raise revenue for the ruling body and one of our plans is to have a production house for the BCCI that would generate funds through media rights.”
 Jeff Pentland - “Adrian wanted to talk about his hands, and I wanted to discuss his legs. Really, this was a situation where he needed greater movement off his back hip. This spring, he regained control and direction of his swing and body movement, and you see the difference.”
 Dat Nguyen - “It was weird at first. It's part of business and, unfortunately, that's how it is. Our friendship is always going to be there. I have a lot of friends who are not here any more.”
 Brian Bell - “When I saw that quote, I thought the same thing. I was studying Shakespeare at a university during the making of Make Believe, and it did spark some concern, and I asked Rivers about it. We never directly say, 'So, does this mean this is our last record What does this mean' But I know he took Shakespeare too, and maybe it struck a chord with him.”
 Doug West - “Our players are developing nicely as a team, working hard to be in soccer conditions and moving the ball with quick passing through our opponent's defense .”
 Chad Kroeger - “I was very upset, and for two months, if I saw his picture somewhere I would get angry, ... I hadn't lost somebody to a shooting before it wasn't as though he'd been killed in some sort of accident. He was taken in such a horrible, malicious way that just made it more painful.”
 Marc Habermann - “That dog can go places you can't.”
 Mary Alice - “If the roof of your condo gets damaged, for example, and water leaks into the unit, the master policy would cover the roof repair but not individual unit repairs to things like the ceiling, walls, carpets or furniture,”
 Mike Huckabee - “We believe that it's an important thing to elect people like the mayor, to maintain a Republican majority, and also that people representing their states can actually know what it's like to live there,”
 Chang Chen - “Sex scenes are the easiest to film. Everyone is an animal. Everyone is the same when they're making love. It's just a matter of whether the director can direct,”
 Markus Naslund - “It's important for us to use our speed and make them pull us down.”
 Joe Germaine - “It was an unbelievable moment. The Rose Bowl is the greatest bowl game there is. It was the greatest memory of my life.”
 Roger Hatch - “It was just one of those extraordinary seasons where anything that could go wrong did. Last year it was just the total opposite. Everything went so smoothly with us - we didn't have any injuries and had lots of veteran leadership, and this year we lost a lot of our veterans and it hurt us a lot. But the guys hung in there and during the last three weeks we played pretty well.”
 Mo Johnston - “He's an exciting young kid. He's fast, obviously he's 16 years old. When you have kids like that, you can hopefully build them into men and become good soccer players.”
 Milan Mandaric - “One dream was fulfilled and now the other is not far behind and it will be a wonderful sight to behold.”
 Alfred Marshall - “All wealth consists of desirable things that is, things which satisfy human wants directly or indirectly but not all desirable things are reckoned as wealth.”
 Billie Armstrong - “I'm an idiot anyway, but sometimes you feel like an idiot times ten when you're stoned.”
 Robin Oakley - “But it comes at a time when the IRA is under intensive pressure. It has been put on the defensive over the arrests in Colombia of IRA members working with FARC rebels and there are allegations it was involved in a burglary of Special Branch offices in Belfast in March,”
 Allen Wallace - “He's very patient. He goes after the best guys and he realizes a lot of these guys aren't going to decide until the end and he also realizes some of them are going to decide and keep it a secret. And most of the time he wins that late battle.”
 Edie Brickell - “But who cares I can honestly look back and realize that everything happened for a reason. Everything that fell apart has fallen back into place beautifully and magically.”
 Reba McEntire - “And the two planes that were taking the band and crew that we had taken out to San Diego were flying out after the show. And so I was never supposed to be on that plane.”
 Randy Edsall - “He's throwing the ball better and is making good decisions. He can hurt you throwing the ball and running the ball.”
 Darius Kasparaitis - “It would be such a great honor and such a big responsibility being the captain of the New York Rangers, ... I don't think there's anywhere else that you can compare that. Especially going after Mark Messier, it's going to be tough and a lot of pressure.”
 Marv Levy - “We weren't selecting an offensive coach or a defensive coach. We were selecting the best head coach. He is going to be a head coach and not invest himself in one area.”

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