My Favorite Quotes

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 John Foster Dules - “The mark of a successful organization isn't whether or not they have problems, it's whether it has the same problems it had last year.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “Paradise is not for him who reproacheth others with any favor he doth to them.”
 Jimmy Kennedy - “We've got a new attitude. We want to stop the run.”
 John Fitzpatrick - “When I was there, he was a great administrator and great boss. He did a whole lot for this community and for indigent clients. I think the good outweighed the bad. Plus, he helped springboard me to where I am now. He taught me a lot about criminal law and procedure. I'm indebted to him.”
 Howard Dean - “This is why Republicans are going to be out of business.”
 Chad Whitworth - “I hope the kids have a chip on their shoulder after what happened to them up there. We need to get two wins out of our next three to clinch it.”
 Bryan Lynton - “Arlington is a great team, and I would hope that we could have come out a little differently. And the opportunities we got, we didn't convert them. Against a good team like that, were not going to get 20-25 shots on goal. Were going to get maybe 10 chances, and we need to make the most of it.”
 Robert Greenwald - “I do think that we are facing a crisis in our democracy. As true patriots, each and every one of us has to speak up, speak out, and change those in charge. Our democracy depends upon it.”
 Wes Craven - “A lot of life is dealing with your curse, dealing with the cards you were given that aren't so nice. Does it make you into a monster, or can you temper it in some way, or accept it and go in some other direction”
 Malcolm Deans - “In the second half, we played some pretty stifling defense.”
 Donald Rumsfeld - “There's been no discussions about any troop adjustment in Europe. And it would be wrong to inject that into the discussion, and cause tremors unnecessarily and inaccurately,”
 Dennis Green - “It was a collaboration of two unexpected companies -- Disney with their rich heritage of characters and Hysteric because of their strong fashion and trend-setting reputation.”
 Kammron Taylor - “I just want to get into the (NCAA) tournament and bounce back from this loss.”
 Leslie Williams - “Seems like everyone wanted to use my name to sell this, my face to sell that, ... I made the mistake of listening.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “If you say ... this is for a narrow universe of calls, there is absolutely no issue with getting a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant for that.”
 Brian Graden - “The number of people exposed to videos under our umbrella is greater than it's ever been, We view the two as very tethered together.”
 Jeff Morris - “In February we will be expanding our jet fuel production. This is an opportunity for us. We haven't been selling jet fuel -- we've been selling to bases in Abilene and Wichita Falls.”
 Joe Sinsheimer - “The lottery is what started it all. It left an ugly taste in people's mouth. Then the thing everybody talked about for 10 years how a lottery would introduce corruption to the state was happening.”
 Pete Mackanin - “He decided that Perez was throwing at him, but he wasn't. I can understand where you would be suspicious and could think something like that might happen, but we played two clean games. I think it was the wrong call, but I understand his suspicions and especially when the league office alerts you.”
 Phil Flynn - “Iran's restarting of its uranium enrichment program was a slap in the face to Europe, which has tried to negotiate a reasonable outcome to this threat to the world -- only to have Iran shove it right back it their face.”
 Orlando Rodriguez - “In Connecticut, because of our extremes of wealth, you can't rely on census data.”
 Ken Wattret - “It takes the pressure off the euro, and it is maybe the first time when a couple of consecutive numbers have come out positive for it.”
 Joseph Quinlan - “You pray for miracles, ... Life is special. You should do everything possible to extend a person's life, but there is a time for each of us to die.”
 Steve Holland - “I think if they had been on land, it still would have been disastrous, but not nearly as much,”
 Amanda Hill - “I like it I think it's good. We needed it, ... There's definitely more parking. As far as Munn goes, I think it's safer. They have better crosswalks.”

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