My Favorite Quotes

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 Thomas J. Watson - “It is better to aim at perfection and miss, than to aim at imperfection and hit it”
 George Burns - “Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair.”
 Mary Renault - “How can people trust the harvest, unless they see it sown”
 George Bush - “PHILADELPHIA (CNN) -- Accepting the Republican vice presidential nomination Wednesday night, former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney looked ahead to the moment President Clinton leaves office, saying the eight years of the Clinton administration were marked by little purpose ... repair what has been damaged.”
 Claude Puel - “We don't care about what our rivals are doing. We needed this win before we go to Monaco next week. We are a little ahead of the others now and it's good for the rest of the season.”
 Marcel Proust - “A fashionable milieu is one in which everybody's opinion is made up of the opinion of all the others. Has everybody a different opinion Then it is a literary milieu.”
 Tony Russa - “Well, I bet if they had their hand on a bible, they'll tell you they don't think we're really good because they beat us four out of seven, so I hope we throw out the regular season. We saw them play well, and they play well enough to win a championship, and that's really what counts. They're in the tournament.”
 Samuel Butler - “The Bible may be the truth, but it is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”
 Charles Dickens - “No one is useless in the world who lightens the burden of it for anyone else.”
 George Takei - “I marched back then - I was in a civil-rights musical, Fly Blackbird, and we met Martin Luther King.”
 Kurt Barnard - “What's happening is very simple. The numbers we saw today are clear evidence that the American public is shell-shocked to the point of being frightened over a big long list of circumstances surrounding the economy over which they have no power, no control.”
 Tony Dungy - “We can't rely on the fact that we beat them once before. It's a month and a half later and hopefully it turns out the same way. But we're going to have to play the game.”
 Nick Fry - “It is up to them to make a suggestion. I think he (Jenson) is worth a lot to both teams. We wouldn't be squabbling over him if he were not, but his value is impossible to quantify.”
 Bill Richardson - “Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, our nation is stronger when we are respected throughout the world.”
 Hector Carrasco - “I'm keeping the ball down. In Spring Training, I think I was working too much. Running like crazy and lifting a lot of weight. You have a night game and you have to get up. I was tired I didn't get enough rest.”
 Cindy Walker - “Lots of people have been calling asking about converting their oil-heated homes to propane-heated homes,”
 Roy Blumberg - “Oracle is putting pressure on the technology stocks, but the Dow was up for seven days in a row before yesterday. The market was more than due for some kind of a sell-off.”
 Kevin Sneddon - “It hit Joe the right way on his stick and bounced the wrong way for us unfortunately. We'll be back. A lot of those guys in the room certainly remember what happened last year against Dartmouth lost the first game and came back and won two.”
 Brett Rosedale - “The thing with Pugh is you're always in the match. Every time he lets you up you get a point, a takedown is only worth two, so he's only getting one point every time. I knew to not get frustrated if I got down in points.”
 Leo Buscaglia - “Love yourselfaccept yourselfforgive yourselfand be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.”
 Nick Vitucci - “We've certainly worked hard to put ourselves in that position. The next three games will dictate whether we have home-ice advantage or win a division title. It's nice to be in that position.”
 Alice Cooper - “Yet I was Marilyn Manson - times 10.”
 William Wallace - “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”
 Ron Lepper - “What's great about him is he walks around school and you wouldn't know he's having the kind of year he's having. Except for his hair cut.”

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