My Favorite Quotes

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 Wendy Abramowitz - “I would look for IBM to still have decent growth in the fourth quarter. It's usually a pretty good quarter as far as tech spending goes.”
 Alan Abramowitz - “The war on terrorism is still his strong suit.”
 Alan Abramowitz - “This is not something you do when a child dies, ... We need to be talking about this all the time. .”
 Alan Abramowitz - “Plus, she gets the flexibility so she can spend time with the kids when things aren't going on,”
 Alan Abramowitz - “We have to treat people as if they have nothing.”
 Alan Abramowitz - “We're trying to pour services into the home and offer everything we can to make sure a family can stay together,”
 Wendy Abramowitz - “There is still very good growth opportunities, although slightly slower than what they were the past couple of years, ... There's still a good demand for technology out there.”
 Alan Abramowitz - “Hopefully either they get licenses lawfully, or they shut down as they're required to do by court order.”
 Wendy Abramowitz - “He shouldn't run and split it up immediately. Hurd should be given the option to look at the company as a whole and see if it's worthwhile keeping it together.”
 Alan Abramowitz - “You know, if we didn't have any (day cares) that would be a major problem. I think it shows we're actively engaged with working with these providers. Because in the end, the community needs child care.”
 Alan Abramowitz - “I just feel like it's helping children in the community and families, ... I enjoy doing the work. I like to kind of still use my brain instead of just running around with the kids.”
 Alan Abramowitz - “Competence is not a partisan issue. (T)here is growing concern among Republicans that they could lose their grip on both chambers if the midterm election turns into a referendum on a president with approval ratings in the thirties or worse.”