My Favorite Quotes

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 Bill Carmody - “He's persistent. He doesn't get discouraged. He's a quick jumper to basket, a good shooter. I think he's the best low-post guy in the league. You have to keep the ball from him.”
 Bill Carmody - “I'm glad we beat a really good team tonight. We really needed this.”
 Bill Carmody - “Dillon made big play after big play for them. He really hurt us tonight.”
 Bill Carmody - “I expected him to be here and be ready to play. It just didn't happen. I thought our guys played hard. I thought our guys hung in there during a tough situation.”
 Bill Carmody - “I thought they controlled us from just about the start. They got pretty much what they wanted on offense.”
 Bill Carmody - “The speed, shooting and quickness of both teams is pretty daunting. But I think we're playing decently right now so it's as good a time as any to go on the road.”
 Bill Carmody - “But we will be a little more fragile this time.”
 Bill Carmody - “We're the worst three-point shooting team in the league. We shot 31 against them last time. We said we weren't going to do that again.”
 Bill Carmody - “They had a stretch where they turned the ball over a bunch of times, but we were doing the same thing on the other end, so it's only a matter of time before they get going, and they did that.”
 Bill Carmody - “Sterling was very active today. You need a guy like that, especially with Mohamed not in there.”
 Bill Carmody - “I think they have a good chance tomorrow.”
 Bill Carmody - “I think the lack of success hurts in a lot of ways. Somehow, you have to win and see if that can help (the program) I don't know if 'snowball' (is the right word) but incrementally get better.”
 Bill Carmody - “I thought the guys hung in there in a tough situation. Don't get me wrong I'm not happy. But I thought the effort was pretty good.”
 Bill Carmody - “I should have called a timeout. I'm upset with myself. I take full responsibility. I have to make that call.”
 Bill Carmody - “If they had won (against Minnesota), there's a possibility they could look past you. But still, when they're at home they shoot the ball extremely well, which they did not do (against Minnesota). Certainly, they'll probably be a bit more focused because of that loss.”
 Bill Carmody - “We addressed preventing a letdown after our Iowa game, yes. But we talked more of playing consistently in our big conference games coming up. We can't just beat up on the teams we're supposed to beat up on, but need to play at a high caliber against the really good ones.”
 Bill Carmody - “At the start of the game we simplified (the offense), just went with a couple things. But when they weren't working, we probably went to some pipe-dream things.”
 Bill Carmody - “It seemed like he was all over the court.”
 Bill Carmody - “If they'd won at Minnesota, there's a possibility they could look past you. But when they're at home, they shoot the ball extremely well. They'll probably be more focused because of that loss. But I'm more concerned with the home court and playing there than them losing.”
 Bill Carmody - “Teams are better in transition at home, at least that's what I've noticed. At least we are. We are clearly better at home pushing the ball up and down the court for whatever reason.”
 Bill Carmody - “I like to press all game, but we haven't been able to because it wears you out. Next year, with a little depth, we should be able to run up and down the floor. Point guard T.J. Parker , he's a little blur, but you have to have someone to throw to. Mike gets up and down the court, and when he gets around the basket, he can score.”
 Bill Carmody - “Sometimes you get a lot of European guys who go over to Canada and play in prep schools there. Toronto has been good for long time, and people are discovering it little bit more. Montreal's not as good, but there are some very good teams.”
 Bill Carmody - “I didn't like his body language out there.”
 Bill Carmody - “Moore came through for us and finally got his confidence going. That was key. He hasn't shot it yet, so it's good to see him do that. He's a basketball player. Maybe with the young guys, I expect too much too soon. But I look all across the country, and guys are doing it as freshmen, so why can't he”