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 Byron Scott - “You can't give them open looks. And if you do, they are going to burn you.”
 Byron Scott - “That's why those guys are here. Their job is to give us a boost, and be aggressive. We have a couple of guys who we rely on to do that, especially with P.J. (Brown) and Desmond (Mason) out of the lineup.”
 Byron Scott - “I'll always bleed purple and gold, but I'm not going to give up any wins.”
 Byron Scott - “He feels pretty good, but they want to give him a couple of more days.”
 Byron Scott - “I knew that we could win 35. But behind closed doors when I'm talking to the coaches and talking to the players, our goals are a lot higher, and obviously we've changed our goals.”
 Byron Scott - “It wasn't a good break. He's got to get a plate in there and everything.”
 Byron Scott - “It's just sore. I don't think he'll be out any more than just tonight. We've got a good couple of days before we go to Utah for this next road trip.”
 Byron Scott - “Hopefully this is something that will be uplifting and bring happiness to the fans that come to the game and cheer us on.”
 Byron Scott - “I knew he was extremely aggressive on the defensive end, and has a very good defensive head.”
 Byron Scott - “It's not a matter of can we do it. We've proven we can. It's a matter of will we do it. A lot of that is basically heart.”
 Byron Scott - “We just stunk. We got tentative, we were passing up shots. It's what we call just getting tight. The next five days of practice are going to be hell. By the end, they're going to be wishing they had a game.”
 Byron Scott - “I don't think we can hope for that much. He'll be playing in a backup role here.”
 Byron Scott - “If you know Charles, you know how crazy he is. That's Charles trying to be funny and have humor on the air. I don't think he did it maliciously. If he comes to a game, he might not want to leave.”
 Byron Scott - “Even though we won the game we have a lot of things to learn from. Our athleticism and our quickness are the keys to our team and we need to use them to our advantage.”
 Byron Scott - “We came out in the third quarter and acted like we were walking in the park. Then as the game gets tight, we try to turn that light switch back on. Very rarely in this league are you going to be able to do that.”
 Byron Scott - “We made a lot of changes this year and thought we'd gotten much more athletic. I didn't know we were going to have the same problems on the defensive end. Guys are getting beaten off the dribble like drums, and then when the help comes, the other guys aren't coming in.”
 Byron Scott - “I thought our effort was much better. Defensively we're just having way too many lapses. Guys aren't communicating out there and talking to each other. You give up (52) points in the paint, you're not going to win too many games.”
 Byron Scott - “Terrible. I thought we started off terrible, no sense of urgency, no resistance on the defensive end. We played like the game didn't mean a thing. It's not everybody obviously, but as a team, collectively, we were awful. We looked more like we were scared than anything.”
 Byron Scott - “We played a lot better than we have in the last five or six games. The one thing that I wanted us to do was compete, and I thought we did a pretty good job of that.”
 Byron Scott - “I thought we came out better than we have the last five or six games. It just seems like in the last two or three minutes of each quarter, they hurt us. The Spurs are a championship team and they can really buckle down on you defensively during those stretches. The one thing I want more than anything right now is to compete and I felt like we did that tonight.”
 Byron Scott - “I thought we had gotten to the point that both parties were OK with it. We're disappointed and I'm sure he is. He was looking forward to being here.”
 Byron Scott - “I thought they did a fantastic job cheering us on.”
 Byron Scott - “Right now I'm disappointed because we are not ready to play in the second half. We are coming down the floor like we are down 30 points, putting up threes and not getting into the lane. I thought we were soft on defense, soft on the boards. That tells me we're scared.”
 Byron Scott - “I thought we were soft. Soft on defense. Soft on the boards. That tells me we're scared.”
 Byron Scott - “It's starting to get better. I thought we had some lapses in the second half. We get a little comfortable when we get a nice lead.”

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