My Favorite Quotes

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 Chris Powell - “We certainly don't have boring racing here now, but we will have more exciting racing in the future. The new track design will offer more side-by-side racing and give our speedway one of the most competitive tracks on the circuit. It's all about the fans.”
 Chris Powell - “The National Short Story Prize will address this by filling a gap in the awards market and breathing life into this once great British literary form, helping it to identify and reward a new generation of talented UK writers.”
 Chris Powell - “It's going to give our speedway one of the most competitive tracks on the circuit.”
 Chris Powell - “Journalists don't need a get-out-of-jail-free card, ... Instead we should be given more access to information.”
 Chris Powell - “The demand for race tickets in Las Vegas continues to increase every time we stage a NASCAR race. We're especially thrilled to be announcing this sellout, given that we added the 17,000-seat Richard Petty Terrace for this year's race.”
 Chris Powell - “Today is the first I became aware of it, and that was when I read a press release.”
 Chris Powell - “I don't have any more concerns about it this year than I've had in the past. Obviously, we're always on the lookout for any little glitches. I'm confident everything will be as good as it's been for the past few years.”
 Chris Powell - “Almost every day of the year, there's some type of event happening. And every one of those events puts people to work.”
 Chris Powell - “Our hearts go out to all of those people who have been affected by the storm. It seems that with every news report that comes in there is another heartbreaking story. We want to do our part to assist in the relief efforts, and we hope that we are just one of thousands of organizations that will help in the relief effort.”
 Chris Powell - “I don't think courts will ever let someone be convicted on secret evidence, no matter how conservative the judge, ... The tape eventually going public was very anticipatable and indeed it did.”
 Chris Powell - “Everybody had a lot of hopes for growth in the company and there were a lot of changes at that time.”
 Chris Powell - “Our company has announced it is going to make a significant capital expense investment at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, but on the specifics of those projects I'm not ready to comment.”
 Chris Powell - “This is going to be a tricky task because this particular individual apparently infected four people, but did not infect his four grown-up children who live with him.”
 Chris Powell - “The judiciary in Connecticut has chosen to obey the laws it wants to obey, and to tell you folks you can't pass other laws. The judiciary has got to get out of the legislation business.”
 Chris Powell - “This area will offer a perspective on the sport of auto racing that never has been available to the average race fan. And the fan interactive area will bring an element of entertainment that is befitting of the culture of Las Vegas. The possibilities will be limitless.”
 Chris Powell - “The new track design will offer more side-by-side racing and give our speedway one of the most competitive tracks on the circuit. By moving pit road closer to the grandstands, race fans will have a much crisper view of the exciting action in the pits.”
 Chris Powell - “If documentary evidence in deaths involving police action is withheld, the public will be invited to suspect that the government is covering up for itself.”