My Favorite Quotes

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 Gordon Wood - “I think reconstructing his library would be fantastic. That would be a real contribution to scholarship.”
 Don Wood - “Obviously as time goes on you need to expand the search area, in terms of information. Somebody could have driven through this area, not knowing Jennifer was missing a week ago. They could be in Kissimmee. They could be in Tampa. So, we're going to reach out as far as we can go.”
 Don Wood - “These situations are always solved by somebody in the public knowing something. What we do know is somebody probably knows the person involved or people involved.”
 Don Wood - “(We'll) help the family make sure that all the resources are used the most effectively from experience that we've had.”
 Gordon Wood - “The country was really at a crisis point in 1798. Lance gave us the context, made the struggle comprehensible.”
 Gordon Wood - “For a long time, most intellectuals saw him as a spokesman for capitalism and for making money and getting ahead, a view of America many have had.”