My Favorite Quotes

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 Justin Wilson - “When we are in full production, the trucks are rolling in and out of the plant all of the time. That's not happening now. They don't have enough people for full production.”
 Justin Wilson - “It's all signed, set, and I'm ready to go, ... It is a nice position to be in at this time of the year. It is nice to have that behind me and just concentrate on the job in hand and try and win races this year.”
 Justin Wilson - “Last year was hard on me and hard on the team. It was hard for me to watch them play, and I wasn't out there to help them. And then I had to sit out 11 games this year. So that made me anxious to get back and play again. It makes all of us want to have a better season this year.”
 Justin Wilson - “The bottom line is, they don't seem to have any weak areas.”
 Justin Wilson - “I was on the racing line and someone came down on me and then Cristiano (da Matta) came over me. It's really unfortunate that I got caught in the middle of it. I thought the Intel car had a good shot at bringing home a top result. We're going to regroup and look for a better race in Montreal.”
 Justin Wilson - “Obviously I was trying to get close. But his car's been fantastic, and he didn't make any mistakes ... With about eight or nine laps (left) he completely disappeared (from view). I was hoping he had pitted at that point.”
 Justin Wilson - “I had to keep pushing, hoping maybe he'd make a mistake and I could capitalize, but it didn't happen today. Eight or nine laps from the end, he just went out of sight. I was just hoping he pitted at that point.”
 Justin Wilson - “It's just different getting ready for the Rolex because its not just two drivers, there are four drivers working together. Everything is a bit different, and you are trying to understand between the four people what everyone is looking for, and ultimately how to make the car go quicker for everyone, rather than being focused on just yourself and your car like we tend to be in Champ Car.”
 Justin Wilson - “I think qualifying was pretty good. We went out slightly earlier than some people and got a good time in, so I was quite pleased with that, and then slowly started to slip back down the order, which is kind of the normal situation as qualifying works out, everyone gets quicker towards the end. The race is a different thing. We've just got to be smart, make sure we have a good first lap, you know, see how the race pans out. It's going to be a very long, tough race. Anything can happen.”
 Justin Wilson - “I'm looking forward to having CDW support me for the 2006 season. The technology expertise and equipment they can bring to our team can help us make sure our car is performing at its best, improving my chances on the track. It's great to have a lead sponsor that can really be a part of the team and help contribute to victory.”
 Justin Wilson - “We had a good test plan that allowed us to evaluate a lot of changes that we hope will help us at Long Beach. We've been working very hard on the overall quality of the team and I've been really impressed with the preparation as we head toward Long Beach.”
 Justin Wilson - “The trouble with measuring the economic cost of obesity is that it's very difficult to determine whether someone incurred medical expense because they were fat, or because they had heart disease, or they had this or that.”
 Justin Wilson - “The car was a lot more stable in qualifying than it was in practice ... I feel like we've got room to improve and I don't have quite as much of a death grip on the wheel, so we'll take it from there in tonight's practice. Hopefully we can make the car a bit quicker. Last year we struggled in qualifying, but had a very good race car, so we were able to work our way through the pack. This year we're starting a little further up the grid so I think we can challenge early in the race and hopefully end up with a good result.”
 Justin Wilson - “The victim was out on the balcony and appears to have been trying to sit on the railing when he fell three stories to his death,”
 Justin Wilson - “He had it under control. I tried to stay in there just in case there was a mistake I might take advantage of. But it never happened.”
 Justin Wilson - “We have had tremendous support from the community. They have brought us doughnuts, hams and drinks, and donated money.”
 Justin Wilson - “We didn't go quite as quickly as we were hoping to. We've got a little bit of work to do. Generally, we are just trying to get a good balance on the car and get the car to handle well.”
 Justin Wilson - “It's a more stringent approval for extraordinary or large-size docks so there will be an opportunity for the public to voice their opinion.”
 Justin Wilson - “It apparently led to him putting the victim up into an apartment. He would call every two hours and if the victim did not answer the phone, he would then beat her. An average of twice a week, he would go to the apartment and have forced intercourse at times with the victim.”