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 Kurt Barnard - “Kmart's earnings were lower than a year ago, and the reason why they were lower is because there is a lot of money being invested in infrastructure. But it's going to pay huge dividends in the future, ... Kmart is finally very excellently positioned to turn around and create a very strong place in the sun.”
 Kurt Barnard - “These two companies give a must-have lesson for all retailers. Shaper Image has seen sales jump in the double-digits because they keep innovating and offering new, fun and useful products.”
 Kurt Barnard - “There is an exceptional dearth of hot, must-have items. So what people are turning out for is the hope that they'll stumble upon something they can buy and give.”
 Kurt Barnard - “We believe the earnings will be quite good, and that the result will give a boost to retail stocks. Everything has been favorable for retailers in terms of abundant consumer spending.”
 Kurt Barnard - “These numbers come on the back of heavy discounting. The back-to-school period also fueled results. Beyond that, the situation last year in July wasn't good. So retailers were up against much easier comparisons.”
 Kurt Barnard - “If demand should continue to plummet, a lot of retailers will find themselves with too much inventory on hand despite their course of caution. A lot of retailers are cutting back on inventories, canceling orders, in virtually every single area of retail.”
 Kurt Barnard - “It's an extremely popular hobby.”
 Kurt Barnard - “They (retailers) don't know. All they can do is hope and guess more than anything else. It's a brutal, brutal problem,”
 Kurt Barnard - “The May contribution is going to be very substantial because of the in-house brands, displays, and ambience of the stores.”
 Kurt Barnard - “All I can tell you is that we've had some information that April retail sales were somewhat disappointing for some chains,”
 Kurt Barnard - “She may be right on the button. But for me to believe she'll be right, she'd have to tell me that she knows what will happen with Iran, jobs, the price of home heating oil and interest rates.”
 Kurt Barnard - “A Valentine's Day gift requires a lot of thought.”
 Kurt Barnard - “The August figures this time are basically not very reliable for anything whatsoever. A lot of the Labor Day activity will come in September this year.”
 Kurt Barnard - “Consumer spending is heavily devoted to hard goods. That implies for the most part that home-oriented things have been doing well for some time, ... Home sales have been skyrocketing. Every time a home changes hands, tens of thousands of dollars are spent on decorating, furnishings, adding new kitchens and bathrooms.”
 Kurt Barnard - “This is not the time for runaway enthusiasm. The first half was very good for retailers but consumers are going to be very wary in the second-half, ... if we're lucky.”
 Kurt Barnard - “He (Loeb) has been in charge for a long time. He is basically ready to step down.”
 Kurt Barnard - “Today's (consumer confidence) numbers do very little other than to simply confirm what we had predicted some time ago, that a consumer spending slowdown is basically inevitable so long as the employment climate remains as stagnant as it is.”
 Kurt Barnard - “Early indications show that store traffic and the promotional activity is at lower levels than last year at this time. I wouldn't be surprised if many retailers try to get away with selling merchandise at full price.”
 Kurt Barnard - “Today's (consumer confidence) numbers do very little other than to simply confirm what we had predicted some time ago, that a consumer spending slowdown is basically inevitable so long as the employment climate remains as stagnant as it is,”
 Kurt Barnard - “Demand is great simply because home sales have been going through the roof, and every time a home is occupied for the first time, usually tens of thousands of dollars are spent on furnishing it and refurbishing it,”
 Kurt Barnard - “They are all planning very cautiously, very carefully. Some companies have very decent inventory controls, but however good those controls are they still have to do some economic forecasting, and forecasting is a little difficult this time around. Nobody is going to spring for big orders until there's evidence that consumer demand is back, and there is no such evidence to date.”
 Kurt Barnard - “It is a good time if you're willing to accept slow growth and slow improvement. We do not anticipate at this time that the foreseeable future will bring a real strong massive upturn in consumer spending.”
 Kurt Barnard - “It's going to be a one-time pop, and it's not going to be much of a pop, either.”
 Kurt Barnard - “What the Gap is doing is not only what it must be doing, but what it should have done a long time ago.”
 Kurt Barnard - “Halloween has become in recent times a little more of a retail-type holiday than you've seen it in decades past. It's becoming a little more important not just for sales of scary masks, but there generally is more traffic into the stores. It's sort of the beginning of fall, something like the precursor for what's to come.”

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