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 Kurt Barnard - “They are taking big bites of market share out of the sneakers. The sneaker business is a mature business that represents primarily a replacement mode. People mainly buy sneakers when the old ones wear out.”
 Kurt Barnard - “The entire athletic footwear business is not doing well, ... Sneakers, the lifeblood of the business, have peaked and are on a downhill slide.”
 Kurt Barnard - “A cold spring does hurt business.”
 Kurt Barnard - “It's not a core business, but (gardening) is a very profitable part of the business.”
 Kurt Barnard - “The only way to grow in the retail business is to add yet another 100 stores, another 600 stores. Then someone else will see that you are successful. And that other fellow will do the same. And for a while it is fine, until suddenly there are more stores than the community needs.”
 Kurt Barnard - “The bigger it gets, the smaller the percentage growth will be. Let's say that when you add 10 new stores to 100 stores, you grow the business 10 percent. When you add 10 stores to 3,000 stores, the growth isn't obvious.”
 Kurt Barnard - “There are a lot of companies out there whose essential business operating concept is past its prime and therefore their comparable sales are on a gradual decline.”
 Kurt Barnard - “While it's true that Sears is stuck in a sales slump for a long time, the retailer has also been in a restructuring mode, ... By getting rid of the credit business, it can finally devote all its resources to its core business. I'm convinced Sears will deliver impressive results in the next six to 12 months.”
 Kurt Barnard - “By shuttering the Marshall Field's catalogs, Target is saying something about its department stores business -- business isn't what it used to be, ... Part of the reason is that department stores overall are doing badly.”
 Kurt Barnard - “I think the future lies in two different kinds of Internet players. The one is the bricks and clicks, and that will be the dominant factor in the business, ... The other one will be highly specialized pure play click operations that carry things, do things that are simply not available elsewhere through other channels.”
 Kurt Barnard - “Today, (consumers) are beginning to realize they have to do some buying, but there isn't that much money yet after gas and what they've already bought at Wal-Mart.”
 Kurt Barnard - “Even the most loyal customers won't be able to resist a very good bargain. And by the time the loyal customer has bought all the Wal-Mart bargains, there won't be very much left for Target.”
 Kurt Barnard - “There's no question it's been very anemic. Now the big question is, will the bargain hunt continue into the next 16 to 17 days before Christmas, or will consumers just simply go shopping”
 Kurt Barnard - “What we are seeing is that consumers' cautious spending is now stretching to the low-priced discount stores as well as to the other stores. ...Today, saving money is chic. Bargain hunting is fashionable.”
 Kurt Barnard - “So far, this has turned out to be the year's great bargain hunt,”
 Kurt Barnard - “With this kind of weather, we've now had this for some days, I think you'll find retail sales will reflect a cautious attitude on the part of consumers,”
 Kurt Barnard - “What Sept. 11 has done to the economy is to accelerate, hasten and deepen the decline, but the decline existed before. The attack gave it the extra push in terms of retail sales. If you don't have a paycheck coming in, it doesn't matter how much cost of gasoline has gone down.”
 Kurt Barnard - “Unless it turns out that this is another terrorist attack, I don't believe it's going to have as much of an impact on consumer spending as we saw in the month of October, when it had declined sharply. If this does turn out to be a terrorist attack, all bets are off.”
 Kurt Barnard - “His capture is extremely meaningful for Iraq and the Arab world, but as far as the U.S. consumer is concerned, it doesn't mean much.”
 Kurt Barnard - “Investors may appreciate the chance to look outside the tech sector. We think that retailers who are able to cater to the home will do very well, ... Since the middle of 1998, we have seen a switch. Suddenly people spend proportionately more money on things for the home - on home enhancement, we call it - than they do on apparel.”
 Kurt Barnard - “All apparel-based retailers got creamed. They lost much of their market share to discounters.”
 Kurt Barnard - “All apparel-based retailers got creamed. They lost much of their market share to discounters,”
 Kurt Barnard - “The name Burlington Coat Factory is a misnomer because they carry a full line of fashion apparel, including coats in the winter. It's basically an off-price operation. You get good value there, very good value.”
 Kurt Barnard - “Based on what we've heard and seen so far, the fashion apparel stores and department stores are going to be hit with lower profits.”
 Kurt Barnard - “When the full story is reached at the end of the quarter, retail profits will be less impressive, especially in apparel. There was nothing in the display windows (of clothiers) to incite cautious customers to buy.”

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