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 Dan Monson - “I don't anticipate having him in the near future. But as I told him, we're nearly two months away from playing games, and a lot can happen in two months.”
 Ken Simonson - “This marks a real turn around for non-residential construction. I think we will see more real gains in 2005.”
 Dan Monson - “They came in and got into an offensive rhythm. Games like these aren't won or lost at the end against great teams. You can't let a team go on a run and expect to win.”
 Dan Monson - “We never got into a rhythm of getting stops and when we did they did a good job of scrapping up some rebounds and keeping it alive against us.”
 Ken Simonson - “Fast-rising materials and fuel costs have exaggerated the growth in some of these categories, especially highway construction.”
 Ken Simonson - “Growth has been steady and well distributed among the major construction segments for the past several months. For the first 11 months of 2005, total construction was nine percent higher than in same months of 2004. Private residential construction grew 11 percent, public construction, eight percent, and private nonresidential, five percent.”
 Ken Simonson - “As was the case for most of the year, growth was well distributed among the major construction segments. Comparing December 2005 to December 2004, public construction grew 10, private residential construction rose 9.0, and private nonresidential was up 6.0. For the year, those categories increased 8.0, 11, and 5.0, respectively.”
 Ken Simonson - “Today's report on construction spending shows the industry is hitting on all cylinders with strong, balanced growth.”
 Ken Simonson - “On a two-month basis, there were several segments that showed exceptional growth. Shopping center construction leaped 61, after swelling nearly 40 in 2005 and 25 in 2004. Hospital construction grew 22, while manufacturing and commercial warehouse construction climbed 20. The previously lackluster office segment was up 18.”
 Roger Monson - “In-zone markets will probably have slower earnings growth.”
 Dan Monson - “It was going to be a tough game for either Horner or Vince to lose because both of those guys had such great offensive performances. Iowa just outplayed us over the last 10 minutes. They did a good job of getting us stretched out and slipped in for some lay-ups that really hurt.”
 Ken Simonson - “If a substantial percentage of the immigrants took the day away from work, that would have a noticeable impact on construction.”
 Peter Simonson - “These new stories are from a very innocent source,”
 Thomas Monson - “Perhaps the surest test of an individual's integrity is his refusal to do or say anything that would damage his self-respect.”
 Dan Monson - “Players come and go, but kids learn how to win and they pass that down to the bench. Until somebody defeats Wisconsin, Illinois or Michigan State I don't think you can say that team is better because they've never proven it.”
 Thomas Monson - “Work will win when wishy washy wishing won t.”
 Dan Monson - “Your theory is true, to a degree. The great teams are the ones that keep improving when they're having success. It's easier to handle failure than success.”
 Dan Monson - “I think he played very aggressive. Their inside guys I thought were huge. They were more physical and more aggressive than we were.”
 Jerry Simonson - “Then this guy drops into our laps. We had an amazing pool the second time. . . . We're really coming out of this smelling like a rose.”
 Dan Monson - “If we somehow could win a couple, our last 10 would be a very good record against top 20 teams. We have to keep grinding because that's what the Big Ten is about. We're playing against teams that beat us the first time, and we're trying to show we've improved by getting some of these guys on the way out.”
 Dan Monson - “We couldn't play them the same way we did the first two times. It just wouldn't work. We needed something to change that, and we challenged Vince earlier in the week.”
 Dan Monson - “We just couldn't play Horton the same way we did the first two times. We challenged Vince early in the week, and just giving a potent point guard a different look was important to us.”
 Dan Monson - “I called a couple other things in those time outs, both times. It's what Vince wanted, and again, I was trying to go to the best player.”
 Dan Monson - “It was a one-play game, four or five different times, and we just didn't get it done. We just need to get some wins to build some confidence. Our guys are just really hurting right now.”
 Dan Monson - “I think 8-8 (in the Big Ten) would get you in. We would have to go 7-2, which is extremely difficult. One game doesn't fix you. Can we go out and duplicate that nine more times”

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