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 Neal A. Maxwell - “The Lord knows our bearing capacity, both as to coping and to comprehending, and He will not give us more to bear than we can manage at the moment, though to us it may seem otherwise. Just as no temptations will come to us from which we cannot escape or which we cannot bear, we will not be given more trials than we can sustain.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “Unproductive worry like Parkinson's proverbial law tends to expand to fill the time available.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “Sometimes we are so busy being the hammer or the anvil, that we forget who really needs the shaping.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “It is one of the great ironies of human history that some mortals with incorrect understanding of God and life's purposes sometimes scold God because of the abundance of human misery and sufferingwhich, indeed, lies all about us. Such individuals almost dare God to demonstrate His existence by straightening things outand at once But He is a much different kind of Father than that. Surely it is requisite to eternal life that we come to know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent (see John 173).”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “There is no democracy of facts.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “We should not assume however, that just because something is unexplainable by us, it is unexplainable.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “It is only by yielding to God that we can begin to realize His will for us. And if we truly trust God, why not yield to His loving omniscience After all, He knows us and our possibilities much better than do we.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “It is better to trust and sometimes be disappointed than to be forever mistrusting and be right occasionally.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “Trials and tribulations tend to squeeze the artificiality out of us, leaving the essence of what we really are and clarifying what we really yearn for.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “When one comes to know God and His Son Jesus Christ through the scriptures, the Spirit, and personal revelation, it is impossible to feel anything other than overwhelmed by the attributes so perfectly developed in them and so tentatively and superficially developed in oneself. Even so, we are told to strive to become like them.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “C. S. Lewis pointed out that some people are angry with God for His not existing, and others for His existing but for failing to do as mortals would have Him do. Instead of such childishness, we are urged to know God and to learn of His attributes.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “Time Management Tips One can make a radar-like sweep of the horizon to identify time and task challenges while these are still manageable and while we still have a choice. The organizational adage, 'the more parts, the more trouble,' also applies to words. Multiplying words may actually multiply the probability of being misunderstood economies in expression (without being taciturn or aloof) not only save time, but usually are more honest and more clear. Regarding writing down thoughts and ideas often we never recover what came to us once and went unused. What is the wisest use I can make of this sliver of time Commit rather explicitly to goals.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “Spent timelike a spent bullettells us much about its 'processor.' for we see not only the residual slug, but indicators of how spent time is grooved by a man's soul, a reliable indicator of what a man is like.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “I thank the Savior personally for bearing all which I added to His hemorrhaging at every pore for all humanity in Gethsemane. I thank Him for bearing what I added to the decibels of His piercing soul cry atop Calvary.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “Time Management Tips The perpetual processing of the same temptation is both dangerous and time-wasting. Cycling and recycling the same temptation (instead of rejecting such blandishment out of hand) is not only to risk one's soul, again and again, but is to bring on fatigue, so that the Adversary may be able to do indirectly what we will not let him do directly. A lack of decisiveness in dealing with temptation ties up our thought processes and prevents us from doing good with the time allotted to us.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “Those who believe for a while make only a brief tour in the kingdom, though thereafter they often feel qualified to inform those who know even less about the Church but the fact is they were really only tourists not natives who really knew the kingdoms countryside.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “The submissive will make it through to that final scene, for the word of God will lead the man and woman of Christ 'in a straight and narrow course across that everlasting gulf of misery ... and land their souls ... at the right hand of God in the kingdom, to sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and with Jacob, and with all our holy fathers' (Helaman 330) 'who have been ever since the world began ... to go no more out.' (Alma 725)”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “Submissiveness to God enables us to govern ourselves.... Lacking this capacity we vulnerable, like 'a city which is broken down, and without walls' (Proverbs 2528). We are vulnerable if we can be taken by a wave of emotion, invaded by an invidious impulse, roughed up by resentment, or engulfed by a surge of selfishness.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “There is also the very real possibility that, in the justice of God, one of the reasons He uses the weak and the foolish of the world is so that no argument could be made later that certain people were advantaged in some unfair way by that which was unearnedeither in the premortal life or here. Hence it seems prudent for us to realize that just because one is set apart or ordained to a certain calling or assignment he or she must not expect to be set apart from the stresses of life. There appear to be no immunities.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “The strait and narrow path, though clearly marked, is a path, not a freeway nor an escalator. Indeed, there are times when the only way the strait and narrow path can be followed is on one's knees And we are to help each other along the path.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “Those of little faith mistake local cloud cover for general darkness. Keeping spiritually intact results in our keeping precious perspective by seeing 'things as they really are.' (Jacob 413)”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “Some find it easier to bend their knees than their minds. Exciting exploration is preferred to plodding implementation speculation seems more fun than consecration, and so is trying to soften the hard doctrines instead of submitting to them. Worse still, by not obeying, these ... lack real knowing. Lacking real knowing, they cannot defend their faith and may become critics instead of defenders”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “When our minds really catch hold of the significance of Jesus atonement, the worlds hold on us loosens.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “In contrast to the path of selfishness, there is no room for road rage on the straight and narrow way.”
 Neal A. Maxwell - “If another person only had in his storehouse of deserved self-esteem what you had put there, what would he have to draw upon and to sustain him”

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