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 Nancy Pelosi - “At last, President Bush has recognized what I have been saying for more than a week the federal response to this disaster must be managed by a capable leader,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “At last, President Bush has recognized what I have been saying for more than a week the federal response to this disaster must be managed by a capable leader,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “A vote for real campaign finance reform will end the corrosive influence of special interest money, and level the playing field so that all Americans can participate and be heard,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “It's clear that the elections in California , Virginia, New Jersey and across the country were a rejection of the misplaced priorities of the Republicans in Washington, D.C. ,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “As generations of Americans have before us, we will pay any price and bear any burden to keep our country secure,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “These courageous astronauts were pioneers in a grand tradition of space exploration whose mission -- to improve our lives through unprecedented scientific breakthroughs, life-saving medical research, and building international cooperation -- is only accomplished through the heroic commitment of such brave men and women.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “Bush's critics say his response to the hurricane proves that he's not a leader. Oblivious, in denial, dangerous, ... blame game.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “It's not about assigning blame, it's about preventing any future acts of terrorism to our country,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “Republicans have been and continue to resist true reform because they all benefit from enabling the culture of corruption.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “Social Security has never failed to pay promised benefits, and Democrats will fight to make sure that Republicans do not turn a guaranteed benefit into a guaranteed gamble.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “Democrats stand ready to address the challenges facing Social Security's solvency, ... but this cannot begin until Republicans begin talking about ways to make Social Security stronger, not weaker.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “That prompted some Democrats to call on House Speaker Dennis Hastert to denounce ... unethical threats, ... The Republicans should allow baseball to remain as it is, an American pastime loved by millions, regardless of their political beliefs.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “As one who served as the ranking Democrat on (the) foreign operations (committee) for many years, and worked closely with the World Bank, I don't see a match in commitment to the vision of the World Bank,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “I cannot support the Patriot Act conference report because it does not secure the right balance between our national security and civil liberties. As we protect and defend the American people, we must remain vigilant in protecting law-abiding American citizens from unaccountable governmental intrusion over their personal records. ... It would still permit personal records to be seized and retained indefinitely without any obligation on the part of the government to demonstrate a connection to terrorism.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “As we wish the members of the interim government well in the undertaking that will require so much of our attention and assistance in the coming months, it is also appropriate to reflect on the costs of the war thus far in lives lost and wounds suffered, and in the billions of dollars spent, ... The sacrifices of the dead, the wounded, and their families, must always be in our thoughts as we take stock of what may be achieved and at what cost.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “America will be far safer if we reduce the chances of a terrorist attack in one of our cities than if we diminish the civil liberties of our own people.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “I would be concerned as an American in any part of the country about a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “NMA leaders noted with appreciation that both liberal and conservative leaders have strongly criticized the federal response. The people of the Gulf Coast were struck by two disasters, ... first the Hurricane, and then the failure of the federal government in their time of great need.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “Admiral Allen is an emergency response professional, which has been lacking from federal management of this crisis. Admiral Allen has a difficult job ahead, but at least he brings to it years of experience,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “As the number of people without health insurance has increased for four years in a row, Republicans are charging ahead with 45 billion in cuts to Medicaid -- the health insurance program that provides medical care to America's poorest children and many of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, ... Republicans give new meaning to the words 'suffer little children.'”
 Nancy Pelosi - “This isn't about partisanship and I'm afraid the White House is taking it in that direction in preventing this from coming forward,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “a strong advocate for an independent judiciary, particularly in response to recent threats to impeach judges for their judicial decisions and to strip federal courts of jurisdiction.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “Port security under the Bush administration is full of holes.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “I would not want any president - Democrat or Republican - to have the expanded power the administration is claiming in this case.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “Under this administration, the value of no-bid contracts has skyrocketed Oversight of federal contracts has been turned over to private companies with blatant conflicts of interest. And when government auditors and whistleblowers do flag abuses, their recommendations are often ignored.”

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