My Favorite Quotes

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 Rig Veda - “A person who brings out the greatness of his friend himself gains importance.”
 Rig Veda - “Everybody likes to befriend a Soft spoken person. Therefore one should always speak good of others and be soft spoken.”
 Rig Veda - “By attaining godliness one shall be blessed with happiness and growth.”
 Rig Veda - “The real happiness of life is in doing 'karma'.”
 Rig Veda - “One who talks sweet, spend all their days in happiness.”
 Rig Veda - “When one works with his whole heart, mind and soul, success is definite to come.”
 Rig Veda - “One whose mind is pure and chaste, and who works incessantly all the desires of his heart are fulfilled.”
 Rig Veda - “Indra Thou dwell in heaven only because of your success.”
 Rig Veda - “Knowledge destroys the darkness of ignorance.”
 Rig Veda - “One should always strive for knowledge so that ignorance never touches him.”
 Rig Veda - “The stupid due to his ignorance runs away from scholars.”
 Rig Veda - “It is in the best interest of the human beings to take inspiration from gods and work diligently towards their goal.”
 Rig Veda - “Everybody is aware of the power of intelligence and hence the person, who uses his intellect properly, shall definitely prosper.”
 Rig Veda - “Only a good intellect can orient towards good work.”
 Rig Veda - “There are two ways by which knowledge can be imbibed- from an able guru and self study.”
 Rig Veda - “One has to be humble if he desires to acquire knowledge.”
 Rig Veda - “A scholar is always praised. He who attains knowledge also acquires capabilities to vanquish his enemies.”
 Rig Veda - “Those who exchange ideas, views and knowledge can never be harmed by anyone.”
 Rig Veda - “Without knowledge a man is no better than an animal.”
 Rig Veda - “By attaining knowledge the mind becomes enlightened.”
 Rig Veda - “The person, who imparts knowledge also gives numerous added advantages.”
 Rig Veda - “Knowledge brings power.”
 Rig Veda - “One definitely benefits by imparting knowledge to others.”
 Rig Veda - “Knowledge is the most important thing without which one can not achieve his goal.”
 Rig Veda - “One should constantly strive to acquire knowledge and by doing so one shall be praised and respected amongst by scholars.”

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