My Favorite Quotes

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 Ronald Allen - “I think he'll do real time, and I don't think it will be short.”
 Ronald Allen - “All I could do was pump my Michael Jordan fist, ... You know, when Michael Jordan hit that last shot I pumped my fist and continued to work out in the weight room. It just made me realize it was time to put in more work.”
 Ronald Allen - “I would think that (612 years) would be the lower limit. After all, Ryan is more responsible for this than Fawell is.”
 Ronald Allen - “He's working my butt off. I couldn't feel my arms I was so tired and it was so hard, but I'm smiling because I'm so grateful I'm able to feel this kind of pain, able to sit down in a classroom and worry about writing a paper while other people are worried about getting their lives together.”
 Ronald Allen - “You pray for a lot of things when it begins to happen you don't notice it, but it's even more scary when you do notice. I noticed that not necessarily my prayers were answered, maybe not the way I wanted it to happen, but the way God wanted it to happen.”
 Ronald Allen - “The defendants are going to have to show a real problem before the Court of Appeals is going to throw out a verdict on this.”
 Ronald Allen - “We're not just a business that dabbles in arcade games.”
 Ronald Allen - “If I have to sit out this year and not play basketball, that's my worst-case scenario, and for a lot of people that's a dream, ... That's how I look at it - I'm still blessed.”
 Ronald Allen - “She's just an angel she dropped from heaven,”