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 Shaukat Sultan - “It is a whole generation that has been lost in the worst affected areas,”
 Shaukat Sultan - “Our soldiers pulled out the girl,”
 Shaukat Sultan - “In some of these villages no house is intact,”
 Shaukat Sultan - “If they (India) agree to that, we will too,”
 Tipu Sultan - “Most of the cows came from India through 25 corridors we have set up along the border to facilitate import.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “Some foreigners were amongst those killed, but we have no information on their origin,”
 Shaukat Sultan - “We had information about the presence of foreign militants. It was a sting operation and the target was knocked out.”
 Tipu Sultan - “Age-old techniques have come to light,”
 Shaukat Sultan - “Our investigation revealed that it was blasting on the roadside by engineers, under way exactly at that time when the helicopters was flying over the area,”
 Shaukat Sultan - “Today it has been proved that all apprehensions (about the presence of NATO troops) were incorrect and false.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “It is a national tragedy. This is the worst earthquake in recent times.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “This is a disaster of enormous scale and we have to understand that,”
 Tipu Sultan - “If the government builds up necessary infrastructure and exempt some duties, we will earn US 1.0 billion in the next few years.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “These people are now on the run, and they will be chased wherever they are,”
 Shaukat Sultan - “This number is likely to further rise.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “It could be more prominent in the valley because it is very narrow and aftershocks trigger landslides in the mountains, which have already been cut by the earthquake, ... It kicks up dust due to which local people believe there could be some volcanic activity.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “This matter is still being investigated.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “I am not in a position to say yes or no. We know that media is reporting it, but we have no such information, or any details. We are still investigating this matter.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “This can happen only when Afghanistan is at peace.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “Five people have been given the death sentence,”
 Shaukat Sultan - “The official death toll is 25,000 plus and the number of injured is more than 63,000,”
 Shaukat Sultan - “The death toll from the earthquake is now 38,000 and 62,000 people are injured.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “I can confirm that death toll has crossed the figure of 38,000. More than 67,000 were injured,”
 Shaukat Sultan - “There is no danger to our nuclear installations and weapons from earthquakes. They are fully safe.”
 Shaukat Sultan - “This is totally fabricated and there is no question of any Indian soldier crossing the LoC (Line of Control),”

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