My Favorite Quotes

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 John James - “He'd go back to school and brag to the other guys.”  
 Robert Pires - “We will say nothing to them, we will not brag about it. It's not our style, ... They were defending their colors and we were defending ours. It will be kind and gentle in training.”  
 Rasheed Wallace - “We know it's going to be a playoff atmosphere. We only played them once, and we can't sit here and brag and have a chip on our shoulder like, 'We put them out last year and we beat them early this year.' Because you can be beat on any given night in this league.”  
 Red Cavaney - “A long time ago, people used to brag about reserves. It's all about reserves.”  
 Richard Kouri - “Texas public education definitely doesn't have numbers they can brag about. We can only get so far with the resources that we have. It's simple - teachers are getting involved because they are mad. Really, really mad.”  
 Hunter Gomez - “This is a business, ... You have to keep a cool head. Ill talk about what I do if other kids ask me, but I dont like to brag about it.”  
 Lucius Annaeus Seneca - “Those who boast of their decent, brag on what they owe to others.”  
 Helen Fisher - “What our grandmothers told us about playing hard to get is true. The whole point of the game is to impress and capture. It's not about honesty. Many men and women, when they're playing the courtship game, deceive so they can win. Novelty, excitement and danger drive up dopamine in the brain. And both sexes brag.”  
 Kent Early - “Normally I dont brag on my kids too much, but they were ready to play this weekend. They came out fired up to play. I was impressed.”  
 Steve Lynn - “It helps (both football and track). It's no good unless it helps us both and R.J. is a good kid. He's not trying to brag about things. He's just doing it.”  
 Jim Johnston - “She used to brag to me that she had beachfront property. Now her property's in the Gulf,”  
 Ryan Thompson - “Sam has just wrestled real well. He finished 41-0 - that's something to brag about.”  
 Jack McKeon - “Another series win. We're not going to brag about it. We just want to win as many series as we can.”  
 Matt Henry - “She's not going to brag about herself. I'll guarantee you that. She really is somebody special.”  
 Linda Young - “For two hours, she had to listen to him brag about how he killed my family.”  
 Marlin Fitzwater - “If you wanted to tell stories, he could tell them into the night. I used to kid that every story he had ended in a near-death experience. He didn't brag, which was a big part of his charm. He was a man's man and an intellectual to boot.”  
 George Karl - “Overrated. Teams that have it, brag about it. Teams that don't have it, don't.”  
 Norman Herren - “It pains me to brag on the media, but because of some of the positive coverage in the paper about our roof problems, she said, 'Have you ever taken advantage of our program' And I said, 'no,' and she said, 'I'll come down and explain it to you.'”  
 Chris Hart - “Faron is like a big brother because he helps calm me down. He tells me to get my head together sometimes in the huddle and tells the other players to stop arguing if they are doing that. But Faron never complains about not getting the ball and doesn't brag.”  
 Ryan Newman - “I don't want to brag and I don't want to sound cocky, but we could have been seven for seven this year.”  
 Bryan Hilferty - “I wouldnt brag too much about this one because its so small, but its still seven straight months.”  
 Zuill Bailey - “When they play in the Chamber Music Festival they get to experience the flavor of why El Paso is so special, and they go and brag about us.”  
 Victoria Hunt - “He just told us to go out there and do what we do best. I think it would have been better if he was here, though. But Coach Jordan did a good job coaching us tonight. We don't really brag about (our record). We just thank God we've got players who play up to their potential.”  
 Willie Randolph - “I beat hitting coach Rick Down. Cliff was pretty good and Chris had a nice jump shot. But I beat one of my coaches, so I guess I can brag about that.”  
 Kevin Hall - “This is a great platform from which the governor can brag about the results.”  

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