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 Sallust - “In my opinion it is less shameful for a king to be overcome by force of arms than by bribery.”  
 Michael Musto - “In the last few years, the very idea of telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is dredged up only as a final resort when the alternative options of deception, threat and bribery have all been exhausted.”  
 Denis Kearney - “They have seized upon the government by bribery and corruption. They have made speculation and public robbery a science. They have loaded the nation, the state, the county, and the city with debt.”  
 Billy Martin - “Bill Campbell has been waiting for this moment to tell his side of the story. He may have done some things he's not proud of, but it was not bribery and it was not illegal.”  
 Frank Rizzo - “After being accused of bribery (patronage jobs in exchange for being able to name candidates for District Attorney and City Controller) by Democratic City Chairman Peter Camiel, and being challenged by the Philadelphia Daily News to a lie detector test with himself, Commerce Director Harry Belinger, and Camiel, Rizzo accepted and said, if this machine says a man lied, he lied. After the machine showed that Belinger and Rizzo were lying and Camiel was not, and he was asked about what he thought of lie detectors, he said, that machine is full of crap.”  
 The Committee - “Bribery.”  
 Henry Miller - “The American white man (not to speak of the Indian, the Negro, the Mexican) hasn't a ghost of a chance. If he has any talent he's doomed to have it crushed one way or another. The American way is to seduce a man by bribery and make a prostitute of him. Or else to ignore him, starve him into submission and make a hack of him.”  
 Dick Pound - “We are not accusing any member of corruption or bribery or suggesting that there was criminal conduct, ... These members are guilty of breaking the oath they took and bringing the reputation of the IOC into disrepute.”  
 Kathleen Clark - “It certainly suggests a kind of corruption, not the kind of corruption that can be prosecuted under the bribery law but the kind that shows a manipulation of system,”  
 Phil Singer - “The fact that Katherine Harris thinks the best way to help her campaign is to change the subject from her ties to a bribery scandal to how her candidacy is in disarray speaks volumes.”  
 John Danforth - “An investigation is going on in a very serious manner involving fraud and bribery, and that investigation must be conducted in a very full manner, and it must be conducted with an open mind. You can't conduct a fair and full investigation if before it even takes place, or before it's completed, you're already proclaiming that various people are involved or not involved.”  
 James Robinson - “This operation was a coordinated, nationwide attempt to root out bribery, kickbacks and fraud in the repair and maintenance of Navy supply ships in the maritime industry.”  
 Randall Eliason - “If they go so far as to make some sort of express deal, then all of a sudden it can become criminal. There's a lot of nodding and winking and that's why I say the entire campaign finance system we have is in some way a sort of organized, legalized bribery.”  
 Li Jinhua - “We need a correct definition such as what is commercial bribery and what is the legitimate commission.”  
 Mark Greene - “None of the ethics legislation that's pending would have had any effect on that investigation. We have bribery laws on the books, and it's always been illegal to hand over bags of cash.”  
 Pete Hamill - “One great example of the way Tweed really helped the Irish was when the water started to overflow from the Croton Reservoir, it went to certain parts of Manhattan but not to where the poor lived. The mythology of the dirty Irish developed because they had no water, not until Tweed, through aggravation or bribery, got the water to flow through poor neighborhoods.”  
 Randall Eliason - “There's a very fine line between what is considered legal and ethical and legitimate, and what constitutes bribery.”  
 Chad Clanton - “Her charges are completely false. It's a misleading attempt to shift the focus off her involvement in the largest congressional bribery scandal in history.”  
 Robert Jarvis - “So if all that Ms. Greene has done is looked out for her constituents, and said that she's going to cast her vote in a way that is best for them, then there wouldn't be bribery. If, however, if she asked or received from developers or someone else, money or some other tangible property or item that has value that she accepted in exchange for promise to vote or not vote in a serving way, then that would of course be bribery.”  
 Bob Hall - “You're essentially getting close to bribery. The whole thing just smells bad.”  
 George Mason - “Impeachment should be reserved for treason, bribery, and high crimes and misdemeanors where the president's actions are great and dangerous offenses or attempts to subvert the Constitution and the most extensive injustice.”  
 Drew Johnson - “If I had a bill in front of the legislature and came to the Coon Supper with enough bottles of 'Old No. 7' for all the legislators in attendance, it would be called bribery. When Jack Daniel's does it, it's just politics as usual.”  
 Augusto Pinochet - “These allegations will be deeply embarrassing for BAE, a leading British company with ready access to Downing Street under this and previous governments and a company which receives significant subsidies from the public purse ... The government needs to send a strong message to British companies that corruption and bribery will not be permitted or excused.”  
 Larry Noble - “Members may escape a conviction for bribery but not escape the political fallout.”  
 Gore Vidal - “Our form of democracy is bribery, on the highest scale.”  

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