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 Lorelei Sims - “The campaign season prior to the April 2005 election was somewhat volatile, with the University Village Housing project as the dominate point of the contention. I feel that my position against the proposal was validated by the election results.”  
 Matt O'Connor - “After peacefully campaigning for three years to ensure children get to see their fathers, we condemn any individual who planned this appalling outrage which is anathema to our campaign.”  
 Matt Mechtel - “I would like to say up front that I started out my campaign today the way I intend to finish my campaign, and that is on top of Earl Pomeroy.”  
 Lorie Smith - “Television ads are very expensive - and it's been the opinion of folks working with me, and my opinion, that the kind of campaign that I've been running has been one where I've been more in touch with the voters themselves. And putting money into those types of efforts rather than TV ads seems to make sense at this point.”  
 Laura Murphy - “How often do you see the attorney general go on a sort of a charm offensive ... I see this as a defensive measure on his part. It is a political campaign.”  
 Marty Wilson - “We're in the middle of a campaign and we have to raise money.”  
 Marty Seyer - “This campaign is all about raising awareness on a critical issue. This is not a game, this is real.”  
 Ken Bell - “They've put something into the statute that wasn't there. Certainly neither the speaker nor anyone in his campaign thought this was illegal.”  
 Kevin Madden - “There's a parallel campaign going on, with his audiences, his constituency in Texas and the Republican conference here in Washington. It's important that his constituents and his colleagues understand the egregious nature of the charges he faces.”  
 Kevin Kelly - “I think Republicans are going to make it a major campaign issue.”  
 Kevin Jones - “It's basically turning your company into a teaser campaign.”  
 Kevin Griffis - “Helping our cause is a Republican Party that saw the results from the last election and decided that their candidates were not partisan or divisive enough, even though their standard-bearer ran a campaign focused tightly on the GOP base.”  
 Nigel Pickard - “We're bringing out our strongest shows and supporting them with a major marketing campaign.”  
 Kevin George - “It's arguably the best, most efficient way to launch a campaign.”  
 Kevin Flynn - “We are extremely pleased to be working with AND 1 on an exclusive shoe supported by a national ad campaign. Exclusivity, along with the added value of a gift with purchase, continues to help Finish Line differentiate itself in the mall as well as bring additional shoppers into our stores.”  
 Newt Gingrich - “My campaign could have paid the entire amount,”  
 Newt Gingrich - “I don't want to be critical of the White House, but the key is to put the Iraqi campaign in the context of a regional struggle that includes elements in Syria , Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and then put that in the context of the larger struggle against the irreconcilable wing of Islam,”  
 Nelson Wolff - “As I stated in my letter of March 12, there are time restraints. In order to leave adequate time to reach required agreements, find a suitable stadium location and organize a campaign, we need to fish or bait by May 15th.”  
 Kevin Cunningham - “We have philosophical differences on how to run the campaign. If the committee wanted to withhold money to make it more difficult for me to run my own campaign, I won't ask for any now.”  
 Nelson Wiseman - “In the last three elections, they've seen a quarter of their vote melt in the last week of a campaign.”  
 Kevin Collins - “At this point, the campaign is about raising money and winning the support of the grass roots and the leaders of the Republican and Conservative parties.”  
 Kevin Conroy - “This campaign reaches Web users where they are -- online. With a changing media landscape, a multi-pronged approach, which also includes print, broadcast and outdoor billboards will more effectively reach today's consumer.”  
 Kevin Conroy - “This campaign reaches Web users where they are -- online, ... With a changing media landscape, a multi-pronged approach, which also includes print, broadcast and outdoor billboards will more effectively reach today's consumer.”  
 Nashat Aqtash - “When it comes to their resistance, people have a right to be worried, because more than anything right now we need someone who is going to make our life easier. But the social work softens that, and this is the direction they took in the campaign.”  
 Keith Self - “There are only three of us in the race, and I am not sure what Rick is referring to. But that is not coming from this campaign. If I find out that it does, it will be stopped immediately, because that is not the way that we operate.”  

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