My Favorite Quotes

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 Roger Zelazny - “When you are about to die, a wombat is better than no company at all.”  
 Minoru Yamasaki - “Let's talk about the Gas Company because this is my favorite job.”  
 Steve Wozniak - “The more we thought, the more they all sounded boring compared to Apple. You didn't have to have a real specific reason for choosing a name when you were a little tiny company of two people you choose any name you want.”  
 Steve Wozniak - “For some reason I get this key position of being one of two people that started the company that started the revolution.”  
 Steve Wozniak - “But I know newspapers. They have the first amendment and they can tell any lie knowing it's a lie and they're protected if the person's famous or it's a company.”  
 Tom Wopat - “There's a guy at the record company who's 30, and he says, I would not listen to these songs except in this context. Somehow the recording process, the arrangements, make it more accessible.”  
 Dick Wolf - “Everybody knows things are not the same. The people running the TV end of a major vertically integrated company know how much money a successful show can make.”  
 Mike Wilson - “Being a starving company isn't fun for anyone. Most that go away need to go away... but certainly not all.”  
 Treat Williams - “I'm a partner in a company called Helicopter Services and Instruction out of New Jersey.”  
 Barry White - “We were ready to launch Barry White, but the record company wouldn't put it out. Said it wouldn't sell.”  
 Paul Westerberg - “It's like, it's up to the people to fall in love with the song. The record company can only do so much.”  
 George Washington - “It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company.”  
 Sela Ward - “If I wasn't an actress I would run a fortune 500 company.”  
 George Wald - “I have lived much of my life among molecules. They are good company.”  
 Robert Wagner - “I was in the movies. I danced, I sang, I learned to work in front of a camera. It was like being in a repertory company.”  
 John W. Thompson - “Well we have a good working relationship with Microsoft at the development level. But let's not kid ourselves, this is a company with enormous resources and talented people, and there is a certain pride that comes along with that for them and for us.”  
 Alan Vega - “No, it was a company called CRASH. They're a very hot ad company in England. A very commercial ad company, one of the biggest, does all these commercials.”  
 Matthew Vaughn - “I'm a big believer that it doesn't matter what you call your company, nobody ever notices.”  
 Bonnie Tyler - “Every time I release an album my old record company releases another one.”  
 Bennie Thompson - “Even President Bush has cited the need to outlaw the practice of corporations making loans to their officers. Strangely enough, when the President was a corporate officer, he took out several loans from the company.”  
 Robert Trout - “The East India Company established a monopoly over the production of opium, shortly after taking over Bengal.”  
 Linus Torvalds - “In many cases, the user interface to a program is the most important part for a commercial company whether the programs works correctly or not seems to be secondary.”  
 Ernst Toller - “Gradually I became aware of details a company of French soldiers was marching through the streets of the town. They broke formation, and went in single file along the communication trench leading to the front line. Another group followed them.”  
 Michael T. Thomas - “But a large symphony orchestra basically is a repertory company and it has a very enormous repertoire and it is important for the performers to be able to know how to shift focus so that they instantly become part of the sound world that a particular repertoire demands.”  
 Julie Taymor - “After I had received the Watson Fellowship and had been two years in Indonesia on this traveling fellowship, I stayed to start my own theater company.”  

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