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 Niklaus Wirth - “Indeed, the woes of Software Engineering are not due to lack of tools, or proper management, but largely due to lack of sufficient technical competence.”  
 Fred Thompson - “There's a lot more to competence than a law degree and a modicum of courtroom skill.”  
 Robert Mueller - “If you look at the 19 hijackers who came to the United States in Sept. 11 to commit those acts, if you'd looked at them before they got onto a plane, you could probably say the same thing. There were various levels of expertise, various levels of competence.”  
 Serge Lang - “To address questions of scientific responsibility does not necessarily imply that one needs technical competence in a particular field (e.g. biology) to evaluate certain technical matters.”  
 Tony Greig - “The U.N. has been so disappointing to date on the whole Rwanda issue that despite the people they've sent through, and I have no doubt their competence, in the end, the decision is going to be made by other people and not by them.”  
 William Glasser - “Told that the passing grade is a B or competence and that we will help you to get there, students do competent work. The lowest passing grade in the real world is competence. Why do schools accept so much less”  
 William Glasser - “No human being will work hard at anything unless they believe that they are working for competence.”  
 Jim Costa - “It does not matter what party you are a member of in this great Nation of ours. Accountability and competence are characteristics that Americans value throughout our great land.”  
 John Cleese - “But then acting is all about faking. We're all very good at faking things that we have no competence with.”  
 Mark Twain - “Obscurity and competence That is the life that is worth living.”  
 Anne Manes - “It's questionable, though, how long it will take for the Red Hat sales and marketing team to gain competence in selling an application platform, which is much further 'up the stack' than the operating system.”  
 Viviane Reding - “The European Commission will help to turn this into reality by co-funding centers of competence for digitization and providing a truly European framework for protecting, accessing and using intellectual property rights in digital libraries. Member states will have to do their bit by providing the basic means for digitization.”  
 Dennis Goldford - “What this does, at the very least, is raise the question of competence. Did someone fall asleep at the switch”  
 Samuel Bodman - “I was very impressed, I have to say, by the capability, by the competence, by the enthusiasm displayed. I came back with an increased level of confidence that they would do what they said they would do.”  
 Thomas Mann - “Frankly, this goes well beyond his conservative base. The problem to most Americans across parties is that it goes to a matter of competence, and reinforces the reaction they had after Hurricane Katrina.”  
 Volodymyr Lytvyn - “His dismissal is within the government's competence.”  
 John Roberts - “appreciate the difference in institutional competence between the legislature and the courts.”  
 Javier Solana - “I do not have the information - I do not have the competence - to ask the countries how they have handled these questions.”  
 Dennis McAlpine - “Hollywood has never been bashful about its own competence. If studios see somebody else do something, they think they can do it better. But it's not as simple as it looks -- the story has to attract people.”  
 Bertrand Russell - “Morally, a philosopher who uses his professional competence for anything except a disinterested search for truth is guilty of a kind of treachery”  
 Arlen Specter - “Members of Congress are irate about the Court's denigrating and, really, disrespectful statements about Congress' competence, ... method of reasoning.”  
 Arlen Specter - “On Aug. 8 Specter sent Roberts a similar letter regarding Supreme Court cases that overturned laws dealing with interstate commerce. Members of Congress are irate about the Court's denigrating and, really, disrespectful statements about Congress's competence, ... any real justification for the Court's denigrating Congress's 'method of reasoning' in our constitutional structure of separation of power.”  
 Mike Tadych - “The competence or performance of a non-employee is not the fodder of a closed session. It really ought not to be the fodder of the group at all.”  
 Michael Gelb - “... by stretching yourself beyond your perceived level of confidence you accelerate your development of competence.”  
 Michael Caddell - “There are so many inconsistencies between their data and their conclusions you have to question either their competence or their integrity.”  

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