My Favorite Quotes

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 Margaret Thatcher - “Her supporters call her The Iron Lady, ... have brought equal competence, strength and courage to everything that they do.”  
 Mark Twain - “Obscurity and competence - that is the life that is best worth living”  
 Ayatollah Khamenei - “America does not have the competence to guide a global movement against terrorism, and the Islamic Republic of Iran will not participate in any move which is headed by the United States.”  
 Norm Coleman - “to get a better feel for her intellectual capacity and judicial philosophy, core competence issues.”  
 Lindsey Graham - “In the absence of a paper trail, with almost no law-journal articles and relatively few case filings to scour, the fight came down to two main issues competence and character. Just shut up for a few minutes, ... Give the lady a chance, to find out who she is.”  
 Brian Duffy - “We do deal with massive amounts of data on a regular basis, and we have a high degree of competence. But sometimes, one of the cats you're herding to the barn gets away from you.”  
 Phil Angelides - “I think voters are seeing each and every day that this governor just doesn't have the competence and the credibility to govern.”  
 Sam Zarifi - “This election could have produced a parliament that really reflected the wants and needs of the Afghan people to be free from the rule of the gun . . . and for clinics, roads, schools and jobs. Instead what we may get is a parliament stocked with figures who represent the bloody past and who have very little legitimacy or competence to address the basic needs of the country.”  
 David Martin - “No one has her competence and expertise.”  
 Jonathan Todd - “I can confirm the Commission is due to consider sending a letter to Poland warning Poland the Commission considers that they may be in breach of Article 21 of the merger regulations, which gives the Commission exclusive competence over mergers of a European dimension.”  
 Will Smith - “Competence is first and foremost. You want to be seen doing something well.”  
 David Kay - “You pick inspectors according to their competence.”  
 Doug Muzzio - “What this says is that the Democratic Party is not a fully functioning party. It means that it has lost its base and some sense of its direction. One of the things that's going on here is a lot of soul searching. . . . There are discussions of the old tribal politics being replaced by competence and performance politics.”  
 Ellen Johnson - “Women can be as strong as men and we've got good examples throughout this world of strong women who have brought equal competence, strength and courage to everything that they do, in the UK, Pakistan, India, ... Iron Lady.”  
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “men and women known for their honesty, integrity and competence.”  
 Orison Marden - “To many a man, and sometimes to a youth, there comes the opportunity to choose between honorable competence and tainted wealth. The young man who starts out to be poor and honorable, holds in his hand one of the strongest elements of success.”  
 Carlo Piana - “That Microsoft now questions the competency and integrity of a trustee they themselves helped appoint is outrageous. All the parties involved in the case found the trustee showed an intimate competence and understanding. How do they now dare maintain that he is biased”  
 Tarja Halonen - “Under-representation of women and other inequality among researchers is a problem that will not solve itself as women acquire competence.”  
 George Bush - “Competence is a narrow ideal. Competence makes the trains run on time but doesn't know where they're going.”  
 Neelie Kroes - “I am determined to ensure that member states do not stand in the way of mergers falling within the commission's exclusive competence.”  
 Zalmay Khalilzad - “Elected leaders need to govern from the center, not the ideological extremes. This is particularly true in the security area, where the new government must continue increasing the capability of Iraqi security forces while ensuring that Defense and Interior Ministry officials are chosen on the basis of competence, not ethnic or sectarian background.”  
 Charles Padaratz - “What is lacking is tradition and branding, but through persistence, competence, seriousness and more constant visits to the market we may develop a good future in the medium term.”  
 Gustav Humbert - “We are very pleased to enter into discussions about possible next steps of co-operation with our Chinese industrial partners who, over the years, have developed real industrial competence on which we can now draw.”  
 William Petersen - “I'd lulled myself into the insularity of competence. I'd forgotten that, to do good work as an actor, you have to keep alive that part of yourself that's rebellious, that's an outlaw, that's... that's stark, raving crazy.”  
 Charles Morrison - “Personally, privately, we don't hate (Morgan). Kinship, by clan, there's nothing wrong with that. He does not have the knowledge or the competence to lead his people.”  

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