My Favorite Quotes

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 Joshua Slocum - “To be taken into account were some years of schooling, where I studied with diligence Neptune's laws, and these laws I tried to obey when I sailed overseas it was worth the while.”  
 George Mason - “Attend with Diligence and strict Integrity to the Interest of your Correspondents and enter into no Engagements which you have not the almost certain Means of performing.”  
 Henry Hudson - “I used all diligence to arrive at London and therefore I now gave my crew a certificate under my hand, of my free and willing return, without persuasion or force by any one or more of them.”  
 Martin Chemnitz - “Therefore we examine with considerable diligence the consensus of the true, learned, and purer antiquity, and we love and praise the testimonies of the fathers which agree with the Scripture.”  
 Buddha - “Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence.”  
 Miguel de Cervantes - “Diligence is the mother of good fortune, and idleness, its opposite, never brought a man to the goal of any of his best wishes.”  
 Andrew Walsh - “From a procedural perspective, the issues from here are bidder due diligence recommendation levels and, any conditionality on the bidder's funds,”  
 Antiphanes - “Everything yields to diligence.”  
 Arthur Levitt - “But when that information travels only to a privileged few, when it is used to profit at the expense of the investing public, when that information comes by way of favored access rather than by acumen, insight or diligence, we must ask, 'Whose interest is really being served'”  
 Brenda O'Connor - “I think what will happen is that the teachers will be more diligent in saying to kids to put their backpacks over by the wall and that all they need is a writing instrument. My teachers are always diligent. It's not due to a lack of diligence that this happened. As far as we are concerned, it was an isolated incident.”  
 David Wilmot - “White laborers known for their enterprise, their diligence, their economy, which builds up new empires in the West.”  
 Franklin Johnson - “Until we do our due diligence, no one knows, ... Once you get in there, who knows. If they're enthusiastic, they might want to go for more.”  
 Tom Crouch - “Is due diligence necessary Yes. Is seven years of due diligence necessary Probably not.”  
 Kevin Towers - “I just didn't think Olivo would be available. I thought Borders might be a guy they would talk about. But they said Borders was doing a good job of helping their young pitching. They said they would talk about Olivo. I was somewhat surprised, but I figured I might do my due diligence and find out why this guy might be available.”  
 Guru Nanak - “When the performance of an act gladdens his heart, let him perform it with diligence, but let him avoid the opposite.”  
 George Washington - “In executing the duties of my present important station, I can promise nothing but purity of intentions, and, in carrying these into effect, fidelity and diligence”  
 David Smith - “This was a very logical and nearly unanimous conclusion to over three years of work. This was the culmination of extensive research and due diligence. It was quite an ordeal.”  
 Andy Roddick - “I feel more prepared. Last year, you know, I didn't - we played Davis Cup in December, so by the time this came around it felt pretty quick to me. I definitely feel like I did more due diligence this year, was a little more ready to go and had a little bit more time to prepare on my terms.”  
 Andy Roddick - “I definitely feel like I did more due diligence this year, was a little more ready to go and had a little bit more time to prepare on my terms.”  
 Sam Veda - “A man becomes more disciplined, patient and diligent. As a result of his diligence he gets added benefits such as peace of mind, happiness and success.”  
 Mike Stratton - “We believe they could have known and should have known with a reasonable amount of diligence.”  
 John Donne - “I observe the physician with the same diligence as the disease.”  
 Mike Anthony - “We did our due diligence. We could not find anything that would turn the city away.”  
 Michael Lynch - “We still plan to make a higher tender offer, all cash, and arrange all the financing and due diligence, ... if they didn't think a guy like me was serious.”  
 Michael Lombardi - “I think this is a volatile league. A lot of things happen over time. You don't always have a true picture of the landscape early on. Doing your due diligence makes sense.”  

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