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 Herb Edwards - “She's doing an outstanding job. I've always admired her diligence, her passion for art, and I like what she's doing.”  
 Frank Casale - “With everyone being in a rush these days, the tendency is just to do a quick hand-off. But the more successful companies, the ones that are the happiest with the results, are those that take the time to fully assess where they are, do the due diligence internally and clean-up house before they hire the service providers.”  
 Jackie Lang - “Discussions related to structure and the due diligence process are moving forward. But we are not close to announcing a price or a structure of the deal.”  
 Richard Richards - “I don't think we gave any money to anyone illegally, ... I don't think what did was unethical. We did our due diligence to make sure these things were done properly.”  
 Ralph Neas - “Obviously, there's the temptation to sit back and smile, ... But there's so much at stake, we have to do our due diligence.”  
 Hayne Hipp - “They did their due-diligence over the past two weeks, the last three weeks, and then we had an offer that we felt was strong enough and fair enough to take to the board and the (Liberty) board just completed its meeting (today) and, as expected, they did their fiduciary duty and they unanimously endorsed the proposal.”  
 Harry Davis - “It's all about due diligence, due diligence, due diligence.”  
 Guy Hohenhaus - “Lifting the last remaining hold order at Pimlico is a positive that things are coming to a close there. We will continue working with all parties involved to monitor the situation and bring it to a conclusion. We thank the owners, trainers, and staff for their diligence in practicing prudent bio-security measures and their patience as we work through this science-based process that will make sure the remaining horses test negative before they will be released from the detention barn.”  
 Greg Gallaspy - “I appreciate the due diligence of SAWS because our association is made up of hotels, restaurants, bars and other businesses along the River Walk. It looks like they are really trying to do this with the least amount of upset to our businesses and to the tourists.”  
 Stephen Jones - “We're just very comfortable. The players love it. I mean, they're crazy about it. We feel, after doing our due diligence, that it will hold up. And that's really the only remaining question -- how it will hold up over time -- because over a short period of time, it definitely passed the test.”  
 Greg Carlson - “This is for a buy-and-hold person who doesn't want to do that much trading. They are well-suited to beginning investors, and they can be a good first investment. That said, the investor still needs to do a fair amount of due diligence at the outset.”  
 Stanley Hall - “This instrument is not perfect, no budget ever will be, ... I can guarantee there will be budget variances by year-end. I can also tell you that due diligence has been devoted to this project during the short period of time that I have been on staff.”  
 Ambrose Gwinett Bierce - “LAOCOON, n. A famous piece of antique scripture representing a priest of that name and his two sons in the folds of two enormous serpents. The skill and diligence with which the old man and lads support the serpents and keep them up to their work have been justly regarded as one of the noblest artistic illustrations of the mastery of human intelligence over brute inertia.”  
 Ron Gettelfinger - “Due diligence is still under way there, so we're not prepared to comment on that,”  
 Mallory Factor - “After completing our own due diligence, we voted both offers down unanimously, ... fair.”  
 Greg Jordan - “We'll have lots and lots of partners meeting each other from each firm. We take that seriously. These sorts of pre-merger meetings serve a double purpose. They allow for due diligence and are really about getting to know each other.”  
 Mark Rapoza - “When we did our due diligence, we did it based upon the thought of putting athletic fields there.”  
 David Cunningham - “If organizations haven't done their due diligence to this point, you're going to see the red button hit, and when you're in a panic mode you have a tendency to grab at anything, ... We'll be seeing a lot of that.”  
 David Cheng - “We are extremely pleased with the success that we have achieved in only our second quarter of operations, ... The strict due diligence process that was completed by GoldenGooseBet reaffirms the quality of our product and allows us to continue to provide gaming providers a turnkey product to incorporate into their gaming Web sites.”  
 Ted Kennedy - “Members have a lot of respect for the kind of diligence and hard work (exhibited by Burr), ... It's been a very important service (for Burr) to develop that expertise.”  
 Woody Allen - “Now we're in the final stages. There's a lot of (due diligence) work to be done in the next 120 days, but it feels good to get everybody on board.”  
 David Adams - “It's something the fund is going to get more aggressive about getting into than in the past. But this is something you need to do your due diligence on and take a very strategic approach to.”  
 David Oman - “Location is very important to us, which is why the work is taking so much time and why we are taking this on with such due diligence.”  
 Dave Schmidt - “The No. 1 priority for me is to review all contracts and all financial dealings and make sure we are constructing schools with diligence since taxpayer money is involved.”  
 David Massey - “Some of these deals were done at the top of the market. Some of them are probably still in the due diligence stage and might be renegotiated or not happen at all.”  

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