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 Rob Manfred - “Mr. Wells' statement that the discipline was delayed is pure fiction.”  
 Rob Manfred - “Mr. Wells' statement that the discipline was delayed is pure fiction. With respect to the larger issue of steroids, Mr. Wells is obviously unaware that commissioner Selig has proposed a tougher steroid policy for the industry and that such a policy can be imposed only through collective bargaining.”  
 James Marshall - “Earlier in the season we had a bit of trouble with discipline and composure in matches,”  
 Paul Gillis - “What killed us early was a lack of discipline and what saved us late was playing with discipline.”  
 Ritchie McKay - “Joel had a great first half, but we let it get away from us in the second half. Our discipline and execution (on offense) was poor. We stood around and watched.”  
 Ritchie McKay - “I told our team we should have been up 10 at halftime. We didn't play with enough discipline in the second half. (Heath) just took over. He showed great fortitude and found his rhythm and got it going.”  
 Rig Veda - “Discipline brings fame and greatness.”  
 Christine Cox - “Returning is going to be really weird, ... I'm used to discipline, and school is not really a place were you get discipline.”  
 Ben Vereen - “As far as working with Chita Rivera, all I can say is it's a dream come true. Her artistry and discipline and dedication is a joy to be around.”  
 Ray Giacoletti - “As the head coach, I retain the right to discipline my players for a variety of reasons.”  
 Five Live - “His managers should be tough on him. He could go on for 15 years but discipline and respect is essential.”  
 Joe Wilcox - “The Office group is known for running a pretty tight ship, so if he can bring more discipline, that could be very beneficial to future versions of Windows.”  
 Ted Arrington - “The advantage to party leaders is it gives them a way to enforce discipline in the House and the Senate that leaders in the past didn't have.”  
 Paul Gillis - “We lost our discipline and we lost our composure, and at this time of year you need that. You can't lose focus of what you're doing. If something bad happens, you've got to stick to the plan and keep working.”  
 John Bolton - “I believe in discipline. I think daily briefings constitute a form of intellectual discipline. Starting on time is a form of discipline. I failed today.”  
 Porter Goss - “No agency has greater skill and experience in this difficult, complex, and utterly vital discipline of intelligence,”  
 Eddie Jordan - “After the game, we said, 'Why can't we play like this for 21 more games With that sort of effort, that sort of discipline, that sort of force. That's the challenge we'll have every night.”  
 James Summers - “It's discipline. We're playing hard.”  
 James Oberstar - “The carriers seem unable to muster the discipline to reasonably price their product,”  
 Ricardo Patton - “His teams not only play hard, but they play with a great deal of discipline. The guys who are supposed to shoot the ball shoot the ball. The ones who are supposed to set screens set screens, and then they play off of everything else.”  
 Rick Boyer - “These players will know even before they sign, the player handbook will state, that we have rules about no facial hair and their hair being trimmed. They have to be good role models for the kids in the stands. What (the Loggers' rules) show are good discipline and I think a lot of them will be happy that they have rules.”  
 Richard Moncrief - “I was really pleased with the fight in these guys. We created some turnovers. We had some penalties that hurt us. We need to show more discipline.”  
 Richard LaBounty - “I really had a great time playing for him. He was a great leader who instilled discipline in his players.”  
 Richard Giannini - “It's imperative we run a clean program in every respect. From an NCAA situation, from a discipline situation to having quality athletes in our program. If they're not of high character, and not willing to pay the price and do the things they need to do, they're not going to be in our program. It's the same for our coaches. We're going to do it right.”  
 Urban Meyer - “I understand he's en route right now. It's just a family issue. It's not a discipline issue.”  

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