My Favorite Quotes

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 Christian End - “In terms of popularity, what hobby compares to being a sports fan”  
 Crystal Candy - “You know how some kids like to set off fireworks This was kind of his hobby.”  
 Dick Trickle - “It started as a hobby when I was a kid, and I'm finishing as a hobby.”  
 Mary Wilson - “I started singing as a hobby, but the minute I started, I knew that I loved it.”  
 Brian Vaughn - “Reef aquariums are definitely the pinnacle of the hobby.”  
 Peter Firstbrook - “Hackers looked at what they were doing and decided that they would rather get paid for their hobby than continue to do it for nothing.”  
 Sonya Hoiaas - “This is my only hobby. I don't do anything else besides this.”  
 Ed Murphy - “This hobby, it's like gambling or drinking or road rage.”  
 Verle Valentine - “Imagine someone taking away your job and hobby and everything you like to do. It creates a lot of stress in a person's life.”  
 Harvey Feldman - “Barbershop is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle.”  
 Steve Hobby - “He trained so incredibly well here last spring, like a young horse again. When I got up there Arlington , he just... so I ran him once to see if it was a fluke, the way he was training and the way he ran. It wasn't.”  
 Charlie Brown - “I am building a 11 by 11 log cabin at home, using the same techniques, ... This is my hobby.”  
 John Logsdon - “I'm not sure this is a hobby for him. I think this is his next big idea.”  
 Pierre Omidyar - “The interesting thing was, I started eBay off as a hobby so it was free of charge.”  
 Michael Garcia - “I worked with the best of the best in Houston. Painting has been a lifetime hobby.”  
 Steve Hobby - “He ran real well. He had an inside post, and it made him kind of lay up a little closer than we wanted to in a pretty hot pace.”  
 Leigh Steinberg - “They are not getting hurt in some frivolous hobby. They are hurt applying themselves to the exact task they've been hired to do. This is a risk that ought to be shared in a fairer way.”  
 Joan Brehm - “It's not a hobby. It's a job.”  
 Max Clifford - “It's a game, my hobby and my way of life,”  
 Ronald Dawson - “If a customer makes crafts as a hobby, we ask them to bring them in and we will sell them.”  
 Ruth Meyers - “Collectors are all ages. We do have junior clubs. It's a good hobby for a long life. We have a lot of members well into their 90s.”  
 Steve Hobby - “He's done nothing but relax and been great. He's been happy maybe like he knew it was time.”  
 Steve Hobby - “I just hope he can get on him and ride him around over there. That would be really cool.”  
 Stratton Sclavos - “Hacking is moving finally from a hobby to a job. The money is moving online and so are the bad guys.”  
 Ian Hickman - “I don't get crazy with it. The competitive eating thing is a weekend hobby.”  

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