My Favorite Quotes

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 Malcolm Midgely - “We managed to rescue her two-day-old child, five-year-old child and her husband.”  
 Jennifer Barretta - “I used to start all kinds of sports with my husband and he was always better than me. It was supposed to be fun, but I am really competitive and he's really competitive.”  
 Richelle Nice - “There are so many things, so many things. Scott Peterson was Laci's husband, Conner's daddy -- the one person that should have protected them.”  
 Jon Corzine - “There won't be any state aid if we don't manage our budget in a way that we husband resources that we can do more than just provide property tax relief,”  
 Bobby Sherman - “Dear David Inman My husband and I remember a show called Here Come the Brides. ... bad guy.”  
 Aaron Ruell - “That's my lady She actually has a very big husband.”  
 Agatha Christie - “An archaeologist is the best husband any woman can have the older she gets, the more interested he is in her”  
 Benjamin Franklin - “Don't you know, that all wives are in the right It may be you don't, for you are yet a young husband”  
 Anne Baxter - “I knew Elizabeth Taylor when she didn't know where her next husband was coming from”  
 Julie Andrews - “and I have a hunch that husband Blake Edwards has got something up his sleeve.”  
 Alexandre Père - “A husband is always a sensible man he never thinks of marrying”  
 Cathey Lewis - “You are all making it very hard to go back. My husband is homesick. He wants to go home, and I want to stay here. We are at an impasse.”  
 Mia Hamm - “My husband and I feel so welcome.”  
 Guru Nanak - “The worthless bride does not know her Husband Lord she is deluded, forgetting her Husband Lord, she weeps and wails.”  
 Amy Dulworth - “Their wives have been able to provide insight and they have taught me to rely on God to help us keep everything together. Right now, God is my husband while David is away.”  
 William Shakespeare - “What a taking was he in when your husband asked who was in the basket”  
 Sarah Pappas - “When my husband became a professor at USF in 1966 I remember the campus in Tampa was literally a wasteland. When I go to that campus now and look at what's happening, I can't believe it.”  
 Granth Sahib - “My Husband Lord dwells on this shore, and on the shore beyond I would still meet Him, and hug Him close in my embrace.”  
 Guru Nanak - “The virtuous soul brides dwell on the virtues of God, they keep their Husband Lord in their remembrance, and they never suffer separation from Him.”  
 Guru Nanak - “One who enjoys her Husband Lord, O perishable bride, knows Him to be all pervading everywhere.”  
 Roseanne - “When my Husband comes home, if the kids are still alive, I figure I've done my job.”  
 Shannan Aprile - “I was a person who loved my job that is, until I had my son Hudson. Then leaving for a trip was no longer fun and I longed to be on my way home to be with him and my husband.”  
 George Butler - “Were missing Sally, my sister. Sally Canfield, and her husband Timothy.”  
 Julian Bond - “She played a great role when her husband was alive in assisting him. They were truly partners in every sense.”  
 Sharon Frazier - “It was a personal thing. My husband and I believe in giving back so we just decided to do it.”  

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