My Favorite Quotes

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 Yumei Wang - “This produced much stronger ground motion than similar quakes centered at Swan Island or Kelley Point in North Portland.”  
 Richard Bailey - “they are changing the island forever.”  
 Mick Jagger - “Thank you New Brunswick, ... Where else are you from -- from Newfoundland and from Nova Scotia and from Prince Edward Island.”  
 Tiger Woods - “Brad, hes obviously from Rhode Island so it was a great win for him last week.”  
 Filip Losowski - “In the New England region there are only five schools that are active. We're the first professional engineering fraternity in Rhode Island.”  
 Adrienne Esposito - “The Long Island Sound has become a critical and necessary economic engine to our region, and somehow the president just doesn't get that.”  
 Glenworth Ramsay - “We're crawling. Rhode Island just can't seem to get any traction.”  
 Kathleen Tierney - “More than 80 percent of the housing was destroyed. It's an island there was nowhere to go. They didn't know when help was going to come. Law enforcement was rendered ineffective. They didn't know when they'd see another meal.”  
 Nicholas Boileau - “Honour is like an island, rugged and without shores we can never re-enter it once we are on the outside.”  
 Woody Allen - “We were married by a reformed rabi in Long Island. A very reformed rabi, a Nazi.”  
 Chris Perry - “I think it's a quite useful paper. The (island) response is fairly minimal.”  
 Allan Palmer - “It's a historic moment, because it marks the return of aviation to Ford Island.”  
 Allison Hine - “Last year, some wanted to go to Block Island and the Statue of Liberty.”  
 Lenny Shaw - “It's a fictitious one called Devil's Island that is ridiculously difficult.”  
 David Smith - “Anywhere on the island you can stop and see these ants swarming around, and if you sit down and try to eat your lunch, they'll be all over you pretty quick.”  
 Andrew Rudnick - “I see a much stronger case for Grand Island. But, all of us here are kind of playing God without any context.”  
 Amy Cooper - “When Kyra sets it makes her a lot more vocal and involved. She has a tendency when she's not setting to become an island. Kyra's a really smart player.”  
 Amy McNamara - “We can't continue to treat Yellowstone like an island.”  
 Jon Corzine - “It remains to be seen whether or not development on the island would even be permitted under the Endangered Species Act,”  
 Linda Lingle - “Hawaii is an island state, thousands of miles from anywhere. It's as if we are in a boat, caught in treacherous waters, needing to set sail for a better place. If I were to chart a course north, but you insisted on going south, then we would go nowhere. We would stay stuck exactly where we started.”  
 Ann Thomas - “Please do not try to come back to the island. ... Hopefully, in the next couple of days, this island will be cleaned up and we'll get you home.”  
 Linda Doyle - “Because Ireland is an island, it can be a playground for spectrum.”  
 Ron Stratton - “The presence of this facility in Barbados is a major breakthrough for the Caribbean and Barbados in particular, as it not only means better service to BMW owners, but will also mean foreign exchange for this island as all the region's mechanics will be trained in Barbados.”  
 Joe Battista - “Well it could be. Rhode Island has been the younger team, and they matured. They're an older, more mature team, and it paid off.”  
 Bob Brown - “The island has changed a lot since I first came here in the 1970s. There have been a rash of new developments, some sympathetic, some less so. But it has still retained its essential charm.”  

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