My Favorite Quotes

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 Kobe Bryant - “We are going from the bottom to the top all together so it's important for us to enjoy the journey, and that is what we are doing right now. We have four days off coming up here, and I would have been sick as a dog if we would have lost this game. I just wanted to step up and inspire us to play well, and it turned into something special.”  
 Lao Tzu - “The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.”  
 Loesje - “Let life be a journey, instead of a guided tour”  
 Toni Collette - “Both of the girls learn about how the other lives, learning about how the other person is in their shoes. Also the journey they're both going on, even though it appears to be different, is very similar in that they're coming to learn how to be in their own shoes.”  
 Tony Bui - “It's a personal film, ... It's just something I wanted to say ... It's really your own personal journey.”  
 Travis Thompson - “I saw him through everything else. I wanted to see him on his next journey.”  
 Tim Cahill - “A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles”  
 Paul Haggis - “We're trying to reinvent Bond. He's 28. It's very difficult to think of new ways of blowing things up. It's the journey that's the thing--finding a new journey for the character.”  
 Mike Nolan - “This is only the second step in our journey, but it might be more valuable than our first one last week,”  
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “We have absolutely no intention of abandoning the people when we have come to the closing hours of what has been a long and difficult journey toward democratic change,”  
 Gael Bernal - “I think that films are very transparent in that sense and they really portray the journey that that society is going through.”  
 Dennis Murphy - “One of the things we really have done is get away from saying our whole season is about that. Its not the end of the journey that counts, its the journey to the end.”  
 Dan Eldon - “The journey is the destination.”  
 Danny McNamara - “Life's now a great journey for us and we're enjoying the view.”  
 Brandon Evans - “It has been an interesting journey when you look at it like that. But this has been our goal since the beginning, and I think everything that's happened has just helped draw us closer together and made us more determined.”  
 Tad Boyle - “The journey begins. I'm 43. I'm ready to cast my lot and find out exactly what it's like to sit in that other chair.”  
 Theresa Mellott - “The thing to emphasize is that we're on a journey, and it's not for the destination. It's where we are, what we're experiencing, rather than trying to click off this place and that place. It isn't getting there, it's the process of being there.”  
 Gary White - “It's been a long journey. We need to find more money for the arts.”  
 Erek Hansen - “It feels like it's the end of the journey.”  
 Eric Gould - “Combe comes from more of a jam-band scene. His guitar playing takes you on a journey fans of Particle will appreciate. You feel like you've been somewhere when you're done listening.”  
 Ernest Shackleton - “I do not intend to sacrifice the scientific utility of the expedition to a mere record-breaking journey, but say frankly, all the same, that one of my great efforts will be to reach the southern geographical Pole.”  
 Chronicle Books - “The Journey is the Destination”  
 Brad Paisley - “It should feel a lot like my other albums that way, in that it's a progression and there are different themes and you go from one topic to another and it feels a little bit like a life journey, I think.”  
 Ben Sweetland - “Success is a journey...not a destination.”  
 Ben Graham - “I'm doing pretty well so far, ... It's been a long journey.”  

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