My Favorite Quotes

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 Daniel Lewis - “He was just going to pre-kindergarten. It was going to be his first day right when the storm hit,”  
 Bill Waye - “It is not that they are not needed and it is not that they are not valuable. Our legal mission, and what we are required to do, is to educate kids from kindergarten through 12th grade, and when we can go outside that within our financial strengths I think it is OK to do that.”  
 Carol Olson - “We delivered pretty much a kindergarten class a day.”  
 Charles Herndon - “It's a state requirement that students 5 and over have to attend kindergarten.”  
 Abby Bruner - “Our main goal is with the kindergarten team to go with them and help them transition.”  
 Christine Lavin - “I was a very, very serious child, ... I was valedictorian of my kindergarten and eighth-grade class.”  
 Nancy Cartwright - “I did not learn everything I need to know in kindergarten”  
 Don Crawford - “We teach them to read in kindergarten, which makes a difference.”  
 Sarah Miller - “The preschool, kindergarten, and first grades are in a separate building, basically an aluminum shed building, and it survived the hurricane with no damage,”  
 Claudia Smith - “You can't even mix kindergarten and first grade. Because of their different cognitive levels.”  
 Danielle Wilson - “I did it from kindergarten through eighth grade. I twirled and I danced.”  
 MaryBeth Waltz - “This being a Fine Arts Magnet School, we really focus on the arts. The students have been given intense art instruction since kindergarten therefore, the work is unbelievable.”  
 Carol Olson - “That's a nice-size kindergarten class.”  
 Daisy Hernandez - “I think my kids will be very prepared. I think they'll be ready for kindergarten when they leave the Guadalupe Center.”  
 Susan King - “Nowadays, kindergarten is more like first grade used to be.”  
 Leigh Ross - “My son's in Senior Kindergarten and it's happened before, when the bus was delayed. I figured they were just going a little bit slower.”  
 Pat Drake - “It all builds . . . it goes beyond kindergarten, because when they are familiar with them, then we can expand the skills, cut the words apart from each other and put them together, learn sentence structure and beginning sounds.”  
 Robert Fulghum - “All I really need to know ... I learned in kindergarten.”  
 Stephen Bates - “Our work with students no longer begins when they're starting kindergarten, ... It starts much earlier than that. It's also true our work with kids doesn't end with graduation. It continues well beyond that.”  
 Steve Graham - “We're going to work on lowering kindergarten class sizes next year.”  
 Randy Wilson - “I just started thinking about her first day of kindergarten. It's just amazing to see her all grown up.”  
 Reggi Richard - “There was a playground put in with the school. So there is one on both sides of the school, but one is strictly for the pre-school program, and the other is (used by) the kindergarten.”  
 Rob Ball - “We're seeing it statewide. Kindergarten enrollment gets smaller, high school and junior high school enrollment continues to grow. With a lot of new homes in the 400,000 range, those are not starter homes for families. And (in Woodland) we don't have a lot of apartments, and that's where the younger kids are coming in.”  
 Robert Watson - “Space is one of the reasons we couldn't offer full-day kindergarten”  
 Peggy Fuller - “We try to get them ready so they'll be successful in kindergarten.”  

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