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 Sorin Cerin - “Is an intervention of the saints possible compared to an intervention of the man over Destiny Is the saint - which man defined as a superior stage of that mans love - capable of really having Free Will To answer such a question, we shall have to first define in details the notion of saint. It is well known by all what saints are in different popular mythologies, but what are the saints in coaxialism The saints are a superior form of love given by the man to them, nothing else than an Image of the Man, an alter ego, but precisely due to love which is the ultimate form of love, saints receive certain supernatural through which they could act on the plants destiny. Once man is an Image through the Image of his own Destiny, Saints becomes an image of the image, of this Destiny, so they identify to the creator of the image, to the one that can catch the image of the Destiny from outside it, being able to intervene on the Destiny which is the image of the Unique Accidental Occurrence that infinitely succeeds. Even if the creator can intervene on the Image of the Destiny, he will not do it, because it would become an Intended Occurrence and it would disappear forever.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “I repeat, not the man does it, because he has nothing to say on his own destiny, because how the history of the human past is written and that book cannot be changed, so is the future which will be a part of the history and his book neither can be changed. The only free way given to man to act on his destiny is by love. The man can and has the capacity to love or hate. By having love man also has Holiness and Faith and thus he becomes religious.Everything that is Holy receives other new meanings throughout the historical evolution. The term evolution, as I have said it, is inadequate to a world which has a destiny, but it is the closes to what I want to express now. The saints are those who receive supernatural powers from the man. They can do Good or they can intervene in the human destiny.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “How else can we influence the social evolution or could we speed up the return of the man to the Sacred Self We people cannot influence in any way the future evolution of mankind, because everything that is meant to happen will happen, because all of these Intended Occurrences are successions of the Accidental and Unique Occurrence. Since everything is already written, figuratively speaking we cannot go against destiny, nor react in one way or another. Even if we try to change the Illusion of our Life, it will only change depending on the Destiny to which it obeys and not on our illusory actions. Nevertheless, the fact that the man begins to wake up from the millennial numbness in which he was, he starts not to accept the bloody Christ, tortured on the wood of the cross of his own ineffable destiny is a good sign that destiny - and not man - gives to man.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “The image of the tormented man is taken and reproduced in the dirtiest political ways by the institutions of the church, and through this image they squeeze money and a part of the souls of the people in order to convert them to a faith that no longer is part of the ultimate form of mans love, to faith of the obedience to groupings, official, governmental or any other occult institutions and hierarchies. The church stole the image of the Crucified Christ, which is the image of the holiness of man because it wanted this image precisely due to the fact that man found himself again in it. Church found itself that much in this image that it reached the ultimate stage of mans love, holiness. Then it could have been a favourable moment to reunite man with his Sacred Self, if this image would have not been stolen from the man by the church and subsequently institutionalized, becoming eventually the image which will enslave man.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “All this happens because man is love and is there is a great love between two souls, it never dies but transforms itself in holiness, the ultimate stage of Love we can identify.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “This is why man creates his own universes when he Knows them, and these universes can never be prior to man because they are mere images of the vanity of vanities that will make whole mans thirst of solidarity with the Infinite, the Absolute and the Plenitude dusted by so much stardust of its own illusory image of life. To claim that Mans God is independent of him is a fiction, because this God is a God of the mans Illusion of Life because it cannot be any other way, because this the only way in which man can determine and recognize it, because only this way can this God exist.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “No Universe can be INDEPENDENT of man and cannot be created outside the man as long as the man knows it When a Universe becomes known, he is created As I have said before, Creation precedes Knowledge in its capacity as Matrix Word of the Universal Pure Language, because Knowledge ends up being an indirect attribute of Creation, through the print left by the Matrix Word of Love, which is our God in Knowledge.The all these Universes have been CREATED prior to man This is true, all these universes were created prior to man, bu their image, which is Destiny and in which the man is represented, wasnt, and this image is Knowledge, and Knowledge becomes Destiny, and Destiny becomes the main characteristic of Knowledge because it is an Image, so it is Illusion”  
 Sorin Cerin - “How can such a man be chased away in a world full of churches, where there are clans and clans, groups and groups of priests, quacks, gurus, ministers, pastors, rabbis, muftis and other representatives of the cults Dont they represent mans devotion to the church, dont they serve religion What people serve today is not a religion of the man that would identify him with his own divinity, but a religion that identifies man to the salve of an external divinity, as if it not man who knows this world, but the external divinity. Lets assume that the external divinity knew this world which would be independent of mans ephemeral existence.Then why does this world disappear with the man Because it is his world. The world of the dinosaurs existed when there were not people, we have relics of that time. Who dreamed the world of the dinosaurs It was the current man too, when he discovered it, because dinosaurs saw it completely different from what the man sees, and eve if man existed at the time, the dinosaurs would have still seen it different, as animals or birds, fishes or reptiles do.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “If man is vanity, its divinity will be vanity as well. Mans prayer will become his religion And mans religion will have as main subject vanity and not divinity, because everything there is and everything there is not are owed to this Vanity, even the divinity that exists and the one that does not exist, even the Universe because all of these are known by man, because if they were not known none of the would exist Thus, man is and will always remain a religious being, and if he should try to chase away the religious side of his Self he will do nothing else that chase himself away from his own Self, as he is now when he seeks and sees religion outside him.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “The prayer is the symbol of vanity and not of bowing before a divinity, because it only though prayer that man becomes solidary to divinity. Once man becomes solidary to Divinity, to the Universe, he becomes free, because the base of this divinity is the vanity of vanities He becomes free through Vanity because everything is vanity, the entire world and all of mans divinity Before understanding all of this, mankind will have to go through sufferings that are hard to imagine. There will be several wars, more and more devastating, with many victims killed in the most barbaric way possible, and all of this so that some may dominate this world through fire and sword and others to remain their slaves. Mankind will go through times with more and more unmerciful diseases due to viruses that will be, most of them, created in military genetics laboratories. They will kill a great number of persons and they will bring new sufferings. The political and administrative maps will be constantly changing as a result of deaths and occupations of all sorts.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “For man, the vanity of vanities represents first of all solidarity with his own universe, and this vanity is mans Salvation, the way through which he will defeat himself and defeat with it the entire universe which will become a mere appendix of his Sacred Self. Then when and to whom will the man prayBut why does he have to pray What made God pray in the first place Fear Anguish Misery Pain A bit of all of this, this meant a lot.But when man will find his Sacred Self, he will be a strong Man, without fear, anguish, pain, anxiety. It is true, but then man will pray more than ever. WhyPrecisely because he will be stronger than ever, by being solidary to the universe, to the divinity of which he is a part. It is this solidarity that will make him pray to his own saving vanity To pray to his Sacred Self, so that he will never forget the existence of this saving vanity of vanities, that will take him in the lost paradise of his own thoughts The prayer will be nothing else than mans solidarity through vanity. And vanity will be this prayer that will never leave the manIt was, it is and it will be mans destiny If man did not pray, even on subconscious level, he would lose his self vanity, which will set his Sacred Self free.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “Every Universe exists depending on the Knowledge that reflects it and not in its absence. It is absolutely true that our ancestors saw this universe before and after we were born and this is why we think that the Universe exists irrespective of our existence. It is an illusion as big as the Illusion of our Life with our entire universe, because our ancestors too saw the world through these senses that we have too, they were human being too, a part of the human race. For the members of a tribe, for instance, their Universe expands up to the borders on their Knowledge of this world. If these borders are very small, the world will be very small and the other way around. Our Universe will look completely different to an animal, even if we think it sees the same images we do. It is true that we are aware, in the Illusion of our Life that the animal sees the same images, but he will interpret them differently, depending on his level of competence, which will entail a different image of the Universe. The same happens with human beings, who think based on a Logical Coefficient 2 and cannot conceive a world where the beings think and see an universe based on Logical Coefficient superior to the one of the man. That world and the universe that will include it will be completely different to the one that reflects and includes our world.Then the meaning of the mans existence in this world which is for us vanity of the vanities, for a different thinking belonging to a different Logical Coefficient, can be something different.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “The meaning of the mans existence is of not being lonely even if he is solitary to the universe through vanity. Thus, the meaning of mans existence is the vanity of everything not only the vanity of his own existence. This vanity of all involves the Universe, with all his galaxies, with all its great stars, Universe that would have never existed had not been Known by man, because if this Universe or any other universe for that matter is not known, he cannot exist, because it exists as long as we know it.Before we were born, did we know anything on this Universe At least in this life we do not know what we knew of the universe, as we do not know what the dead ones know about this universe. All we can do is to imagine thinking on the lives before or after us. Even if I believe in before and after lives, I cannot claim to know id my soul and the souls of others see the same universe we see here. Considering even the fact that in such Knowledge there would be some disagreements, the concerned universe would change, would be shaped according to those disagreeing ideas.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “Precisely this vanity of vanities which is the mans dream, the Illusion of his Life is the one that finally gives the man the Self Freedom because of the fact that he can be compared to any star, to anything there is in this universe, eve to Universe itself, because they are all born and die, they will al be dust and afterwards Void and Being and other elements, they are all a great vanity, not just the Illusion of Life which man lives on this Earth.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “Only when the man of the Sacred Self will look astounded at how awful his Destiny and that of the mankind would have been if it were not for the vanity, he will find out that nothing can be truly known, that the only true knowledge is finding out that everything is non-knowledge. The inexistence of the vanity would have been probably the worst crime of the divinity, because vanity is the mans priciest asset, because it is his meaning, his true pathWhat would have happened if this path had lead to anything else and not to vanity What would have happened if this path, this meaning of man, would have knocked on a certain door of destiny, on whose address was no longer written Vanity Man would have not been free anymore he would have been the slave of his own eternal meaning. The man would have been dominated by the divinity of the meaning because every meaning of man finally leads to its divinity. In any case, the man was sentenced to be a salve forever.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “How could such an absurd and unfair society that torments with self alienation the human being, already completely alienated be still saved How could a society such full of misery, of the wickedest tortures, because mans diabolical mind, once he has lost his Sacred Self, had the time to invent all these misdeedsHow could we save such a society Is it by saving the man, by explaining him about his Sacred Self No, I do not think so, because mans Sacred Self cannot be explained, but man will have to become aware of the great loss he suffered and to regain it himself. Will it ever be possible I believe so, but it will be necessary for the greatest Evil of man to disappear, namely churches, along with religion which humiliate him before a divinity alienated from itself. Such a salvation will only come if the man will know how to face his fear of Dying and of the lie of the Afterlife as described by some religious cults that thus keep the man chained in the absurd and self alienation. But until all these occur, all other humans will be the guinea pig of their own lives, as their life lives them instead of them living their life. Even when man will find again its Sacred Self, he will not be truly happy, but will understand that his life cannot consist of happiness, but of Balance. This is way it is infinitely better not to have a world at all than to have such a world”  
 Sorin Cerin - “Our whole science and spirituality of which we think that are great achievements of mankind, of its historical evolution is based exclusively on non-Knowledge, to the reference to this non-Knowledge being in fact a great and important achievement of non-Knowledge. This is why we are human beings abandoned by our own Sacred Self This is why we see the cold beauty of this nature so often alien to ourselves this is why everything we think we are is in fact the alien within us, the one that replaces our own lost life And all of these occur because we reference to the non-Knowledge, to its Absolute Truth Is there a way to leave this sad spirituality and this petty life Is there a way to separate us from the lie of our existence Is there a RELEASE And if we released us from ourselves, would it be better Could we ever miss ourselves Miss the lie of our existence, what should we miss Miss the alien within us that has always replaced our own life To miss the absurdity of this world No, no, no, we shouldnt miss anything in this world except for what we really loved in this absurd and vain love.To miss our loves, the sprigs that did not advertised themselves in commercials, to miss the day when weand there so many reasons for which to miss”  
 Sorin Cerin - “After what I have stated, anyone can tell that Knowledge rests on the Void in order to be known, precisely because the Knowledges Self is the Being, the opposite of the Void, but, and I recommend attention, the opposite of the Void does not mean that is is that something, that in fact has a subsistence meaning, no Not in the least.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “Then I started thinking to the Destiny makers that continuously create new images y in books, on television or through other media that provide images. And I said these are Creating Factors and Unique Accidental too. And I looked through the window. It was snowing. The first snow flakes were laying silently on the frozen soil. All of a sudden the silence was broken by the beat of a doves wings. This is when I understood that the silence of the Great Void-Being was disturbed by only one Intended Occurrence, and everything that followed it was a big lie called Image, which is an Illusion and the Illusion is Destiny Eureka, I said, as if I had found the paradise of the Illusion of Life in which we hope to get after the so-called death. It was a paradise of the winner, except that this winner thought he was more defeated than ever because it was a victory over an empire of lie, of an Illusion of a Destiny, which deeply disturbed the Great Void-Being with its lies and hypocrisies.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “And then we went to the end of worlds time with our thoughts burdened by the glory of the lie of this false spirituality of mankind that rests on its own truth as if it would be eternal and not ephemeral, as if it would be a weight in the balance of Creation and not at its feet, as if it were truth and not lie”  
 Sorin Cerin - “Only Destiny gave birth to Spirituality and nothing else, because this is also a form that reflects in the Great Void of non-Knowledge from the Mirror of Knowledge in order to keep the image of Spirituality as closest as possible to the Great Void-Being. Thus only the Spirituality is closer to the great Void-Being that is described to us through death and through the destiny of this Death which can be as tender to this ephemeral existence as he can be unforgiving to the mans Sacred Self.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “And we come back again to the same question, if God is guilty or not for the loss of the Sacred Self of the man at that time. We cannot speak of the Free Will, because man has neither Will nor Knowledge, unless it is at an imaginative level, in its own dream of the Illusion of Life.If we cannot speak of Free Will, does this mean that man did not have the possibility to choose No, man didnt have the possibility to choose.Man only had the possibility to be chosen by the Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one. If he was chosen, could he have been chose to lose at the roulette of his own life against himself, thus loosing his Sacred Self I do not think God, or as I call him, the Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one wished man to lose, because he would have probably not created him in the first place, as I do not think it was a mistake of the creation, when man was conceived in the Intended Mists of Destiny.All that I think is that Man at that time precisely because of the divinity within him called Love He lost because Love in reference to Knowledge is something completely different.If this is no, why didnt our Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one leave his print on another type of attribute of creation which was not a mere Image or a Mirror, since the Matrix Word of Knowledge is in fact the Matrix Word of the Mirror in reality.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “What would be important to me in a moment like this one would be not to deem a mans life or Mankind as a tear of pain on the Creators face, but to think of it as a tear of happiness and fulfilment on its face called nature, which we see with the most diverse landscapes of this world. Then I will want with all my heart to thank to our Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one for the fact that this world is given to us only through the fact that we know of its existence, but be do not Know it and we will never Know it, precisely because KNOWLEDGE DOES NOT EXIST”  
 Sorin Cerin - “Even if I use sweet phrases in this description, I cannot even be sure that what I write here is true, precisely because I do not know the Absolute Truth, but what I argue in this pages is a feeling of this tear that is my life, a feeling on this world that will disappear just as it appeared, maybe in fire and ashes or in steam and tar. My fingers writing in this moments, or I fell they are writing, not knowing the Absolute Truth, will be as my body, just star dust, in a moment of the Universes time..What will it remain from me My thoughts I think they are much more eternal than my body. Eternal in some conscience Even if I stay in the conscience of mankind for a certain time, they will not be forever remembered, because human kind is not eternal either, the whole human kind, with the billions of people living as if they were eternal, is nothing else than a passing tear on the Creators cheek and nothing more. Even Time and Space will go away, and only our shadow named destiny will remainAnd maybe then my cry will be heard from this Redemption of Times and Spaces, a shout that I want, for once, to find out the Known and not the Illusion of Life in a world with a Logical Coefficient 2. And if I were destined to know, to find the Knowledge only once, what will I see, if I try to see with my thoughts without eyes or ears, without forehead and temples to be used or wrinkled I will see Knowledge. And how will it be Will it be beautiful or ugly, close or distant, inside or outside me Everything I know is that I will be befogged by everything I will be meant to see. Because what I will then feel may be the most disappointing moment that I will ever live in any world throughout my destiny. Why will it be the most disappointing moment Precisely because Knowledge, instead of appearing under the shiny form of so many trends of ideas or of any other nature that will tempt me with their divine beauties, it will be nothing more that a mere phrase written in fire letters, saying that Only those who do not know seek knowledge because those who know it do not know what it is and they will never know it, because knowledge exists only for those who do not knowThen I will understand that at the end of the worlds time is truly vanity, that the Absolute Truth is Vanity and knowing that is worse than living with the original sin, not to mention the man who found his Sacred Self again. And I will once again want to go back to the worlds of Knowledge, were to be received in such a world again, irrespective of its Logical Coefficient, even if this Knowledge is to be given to me through senses, as the plants received it, even if I were to be an insect or an animal, a sea mammal or a Man, or anything else in another world with another Logical Coefficient. What would be important to me is to be born again in non-Knowledge and not to find out the Absolute Truth of non-Knowledge, because it is a lot better like this.”  
 Sorin Cerin - “It is only by spring that the death of the autumns returns. What about winter, which is death When the pure snow white covers the naked bodies of the trees that no longer have leaves, when they sleep dreaming about the new leaves that will come over their bodies with bark covered by ice and freezing Do these trees know that they are just like our ancestors, that for generations produced branches of offspring in our history, of each one of us, even if these branches, some of them forgotten, have been almost fully burned by the original sin that came as a curse on our beings when we lots our Sacred Self, the divinity in us. As not even trees know how beautiful they are, in the eyes of the people, during spring, when they give birth to death, we do not know how beautiful we can be at the time of the first kiss or of the first love words to those for which we are, just as trees are for us a wonder of nature, of the spring. Why should we not find peace and the divinity within us like this, if the trees have done it to Or they do not know this peace Should they have an Original Sin too Are they as cursed as the humans are But why are we humans cursed Good God Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one, why, in this dream of yours, did you allow this whisper of pain, that is the Man to be also cursed Wasnt it enough that he was so frail in this huge ocean of suffering of his desecrated history”  

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