My Favorite Quotes

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 Lynn Swann - “And historically the owners have used loyalty to a team or a city to hold players as opposed to always paying their worth.”  
 Jack Steinberger - “I survived only a year in Berkeley, partly because I declined to sign the anticommunist loyalty oath.”  
 Bob Schaffer - “Though there is growing division among the Ukrainian military ranks as to loyalty in this revolution, the possibility of violence looms over the entire situation.”  
 Pierre Salinger - “As much as I liked and admired the various members of the Kennedy family, my first loyalty was to Jackie.”  
 Robert Runcie - “War springs from the love and loyalty which should be offered to God being applied to some God substitute, one of the most dangerous being nationalism.”  
 Josiah Royce - “It is an evil cause in so far as, despite the loyalty that it arouses in me, it is destructive of loyalty in the world of my fellows.”  
 David Neeleman - “What you can't buy is the loyalty that comes through our dedicated crewmembers.”  
 Nicholas Lea - “We both have a great loyalty to it, and I think that it's important to give it our best shot.”  
 Lenny Kravitz - “The loyalty rate isn't that high. I could have a big hit, then put out the next single, and they say, Oh yeah, who are you Prove it again.”  
 Heinrich Himmler - “My honour is my loyalty.”  
 Garet Garrett - “Loyalty of the law-making power to the executive power was one of the dangers the political fathers foretold.”  
 Joe Eszterhas - “I have only one loyalty - to my writing. I never wanted to be the head of a studio or a producer.”  
 Marie de France - “For above all things Love means sweetness, and truth, and measure yea, loyalty to the loved one and to your word. And because of this I dare not meddle with so high a matter.”  
 Mason Cooley - “Bad faith likes discourse on friendship and loyalty.”  
 Bainbridge Colby - “Loyalty to America requires that we should preserve a friendly and encouraging and sympathetic goodwill toward our day and generation.”  
 Gary Cherone - “I could see the tension between Sam and Dave. Sammy had a career before Hagar and people hated him out of their loyalty to Dave.”  
 Jonathan Brown - “Call it loyalty, call it what you want, but I suppose I've got people up here who I'm really tight with, we've made a lot of great bonds over the last few years and I've got people in my corner I can trust.”  
 Ernie Banks - “Loyalty and friendship, which is to me the same, created all the wealth that I've ever thought I'd have.”  
 Floyd Abrams - “I still owe a duty of loyalty to my clients and former clients, so I cannot specify which clients I did not especially find congenial, but the cause was the same.”  
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I felt that a number of people might have questioned my loyalty, but I continue to be a patriotic American.”  
 William Shakespeare - “Had I but served my God with half the zeal I served my King, He would not in mine age have left me naked to mine enemies.”  
 Motto - “Loyalty binds me.”  
 Graham Greene - “He felt the loyalty we feel to unhappiness - the sense that is where we really belong.”  
 Arne Ljungqvist - “We, like many other federations, were not 100 percent happy with the code, but for the sake of harmonization and loyalty and to move the code forward we sort of compromised, all of us.”  
 Ben Ross - “I know it's a big deal for the athletic department to make money, but it kind of stings when you're put in the cheap seats. You feel your loyalty is not rewarded.”  

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