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 Felix Rodriguez - “Perhaps its an overstatement to say that Bush and his immediate team would countenance the violent demise of Hugo Chvez (although in April 2002 they sanctioned an attempted coup against the Venezuelan leader which could easily have ended with his death.) For many months now, the Venezuelan president has claimed that the White House has targeted him for assassination. In March, the State Department retorted that Chvezs spate of accusations regarding a CIA plot to assassinate him were wild. However, serious doubts emerged over the weight of the administrations latest display of supposed indifference to Chvezs fate when Felix Rodriguez, a former CIA operative in Central America and influential Bush-backer in South Florida, claimed in a Miami TV interview that regarding Venezuela, the administration has contingency plans. ... could be economic measures and even at some point military measures.”  
 Foreign Ministry - “Given the obvious sensitivities, we could not accept involvement of Indian military on our side for relief operations.”  
 Finis Shelnutt - “I am not leaving. I've fed the police and the military, I cooked 800 steaks for them.”  
 Farhatullah Babar - “The PPP and Bhutto will not succumb to such pressure tactics of the military dictatorship.”  
 Evo Morales - “The fight against drug trafficking is a false pretext for the United States to install military bases.”  
 Evan Wolfson - “When it comes to special use of forts and military bases and public parks, where they're getting terms nobody else gets, that has to stop.”  
 Gary Murphy - “Part of the premium is due to its exposure to the military and defence industries.”  
 Gary Morgan - “Tom pulled off the coup of the century. He probably planned it like a precision military operation.”  
 Fu Mengzi - “Military relations are the best bellwether for bilateral relations.”  
 Fred Eckhart - “Clearly the more military muscle you have the more credibility you have and the greater deterrent effect you have. That's what we are seeking,”  
 Frank Walker - “Like we say in the military you either love it or hate it. I love it.”  
 Kit Bond - “Missouri made a compelling case, and I am convinced that decisions to close these facilities are not in our military, or nations, best interest, ... Unfortunately, not even my most serious concerns with the process - the recommendations impact on our nations homeland security - were heard.”  
 Rusty Petrea - “This is the kids' place. ... When you're in the military, you don't always get to do things you'd like to do. If we did, it would be short term because you'd have to pick up and move. It's about giving back and doing some of the things we might have wanted to do in our professional lives. It's incredibly exciting. Every day is exciting with this program.”  
 Roscoe Bartlett - “The only question is when the peak will happen. The Chinese are preparing for a global production peak in 2012. Without contingency planning and preparation at least 10 years in advance, the U.S. will have a really bumpy ride. Oil runs our economy. Oil runs our military. Oil makes and transports the food that we eat.”  
 Selig Harrison - “The United States hopes that it can use the four-power talks to bring about a relaxation of the military tensions in the Korean peninsula.”  
 Sebastian Thrun - “If it was only for the military, I wouldn't be here today.”  
 Samuel Berger - “We were reinforcing our troop presence in South Korea and had other military options on the table.”  
 Sam Zarifi - “The young people had been used as cooks, porters and medical personnel, but they had had military training and all were carrying grenades and socket bombs when they were picked up.”  
 Saeed Seyam - “It was agreed that there will be no military shows in the Palestinian streets.”  
 Sergei Ivanov - “There is no better advertisement for our arms and military hardware than a real demonstration of their capabilities in the course of practical exercises,”  
 Sergei Chemezov - “We dominate the Algerian arms market and sell military equipment only for real money.”  
 Scott Milburn - “By far the bulk of new funding 75 of it has been to restore the hollowed-out military the president inherited, strengthen homeland defenses after 911, and fight the war on terror. These are essential investments that were required ... to protect our nation.”  
 Tim Donovan - “They should complete their military obligations outside of Iraq.”  
 Tim Carlson - “Energy independence is an important strategy for our military.”  
 Thomas Wilson - “I would believe, this might be optimistic, but there may be a lot of leadership in the military or security services who would like to disassociate themselves from indicted war criminals, especially if they're not responsible for these kind of atrocities,”  

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