My Favorite Quotes

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 Phil Thomas - “He has been convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole, ... So from a public perspective, he is a very dangerous individual.”  
 Phillip Russell - “He did have some enemies, obviously, but it's hard to see someone doing something like this. This is a genuine murder mystery.”  
 Jon McMullen - “When is enough enough (Prosecutors) got their murder-one.”  
 Philip Vannatter - “I don't have any recollection of making that statement. Any person who has contact with a murder victim is a potential suspect.”  
 John Grant - “It is the worst case of airline terrorism -- the largest mass murder in the world,”  
 Peter Berger - “The verdict makes a lot of sense. I didn't think first-degree murder was really an option in this case.”  
 Peter Berger - “I'm satisfied with it and I think it's a fair verdict. Clearly, this was not a first-degree murder case. The state could not prove that Mr. McGee committed premeditated murder against Mr. Graham.”  
 Peter Sommer - “The need for digital evidence is not confined to obvious cybercrime events such as hacking, fraud and denial of service attacks, ... Its also required when transactions are disputed, in employee disputes, and almost all forms of non-cyber crime, including murder, forgery, industrial espionage and terrorism. With the vast proliferation of computer ownership and usage plus the growth of low-cost always-on broadband connectivity, all organisations require a forensic readiness program.”  
 Peter Smid - “Unfortunately Brad was there also but he could not be spared because he would be a witness to the murder of his father.”  
 Johnny Adriani - “This is murder. It was far too expensive to fly.”  
 John Fitzgibbons - “What is outrageous about this case, if this man is telling the truth This man is a getaway driver for murder. We execute people in this state for that. But he hasn't been charged with anything. It shows how desperate the government is in this case. ... This case has languished for 10 years. ... This is their best shot.”  
 Perry Dane - “The nominees have learned not to say very much. They've simply learned in the wake of Bork and now they go through murder boards that have them rehearse every possible question they've learned to say relatively bland or banal things that don't give away very much.”  
 Peter Hain - “We have a situation ... with the police facing attempted murder and police facing violence which is on a scale that we haven't seen for many years,”  
 Peter Fox - “I'm entirely satisfied that the defendant Michael Peart knew exactly what he was doing when he pleaded guilty to murder on July 15.”  
 John Conte - “We're seeking an indictment for murder.”  
 John Skrzynski - “We charged both for two different aspects of what he did. It started as an assisted suicide and turned into a murder.”  
 Paul Kemp - “We are treating this as murder, and are appealing for anyone with any information to contact our incident room which has been set up at Fairwater police station, on 029 20 571 530.”  
 Paul Howard - “This is not a case about football or football players or the Super Bowl, ... This is a case about the murder of two young men.”  
 John Burris - “He didn't have an intent or premeditation to commit murder or hurt anyone.”  
 Paul Steiger - “Danny was an outstanding colleague, a great reporter, and a dear friend of many at the Journal. His murder is an act of barbarism that makes a mockery of everything Danny's kidnappers claimed to believe in.”  
 Paul Steiger - “Danny was an outstanding colleague, a great reporter, and a dear friend of many at the Journal. His murder is an act of barbarism that makes a mockery of everything Danny's kidnappers claimed to believe in,”  
 Paul O'Neill - “Today we block the finances of an assortment of terrorists involved in financing and carrying out bombings, kidnappings and murder, ... We will continue to expose and shut down these thugs wherever we find them.”  
 Joe Hall - “That part of the world was led to believe it could get away with murder, literally and figuratively. Had there been adequate response initially, I don't think we'd be in the situation we are today.”  
 Jim Talent - “There are people walking around guilty of murder.”  
 Jill Bennett - “John's just tried to murder me. But he didn't succeed.”  

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