My Favorite Quotes

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 Jane Alexander - “I don't know how one actually would define obscenity. I'm sure the definition is different according to the age one is living in.”  
 Georg Christoph - “It is as though our languages were in state of confusion when we want an idea they bring us a word, when we require a word they bring us a dash, and when we expected a dash there stands an obscenity.”  
 Bertrand Russell - “Obscenity is whatever happens to shock some elderly and ignorant magistrate.”  
 Mike Shanahan - “I sat down with him, I said, 'You don't go to a game with (an obscenity) written on the back of your shirt,'”  
 Roman Polanski - “You have to show violence the way it is. If you don't show it realistically, then that's immoral and harmful. If you don't upset people, then that's obscenity.”  
 Rodney Crowell - “We did a show in New York the other day, and after we played The Obscenity Prayer , a woman came up to me and said, 'I'm buying your record as soon as it comes out, because the Dixie Chicks can kiss my (expletive), too'”  
 Jen Bluestein - “Well, he's doubled his own obscenity level, ... As they say in Boston, 63 million is wicked obscene. Here in New York City, we've got a different word to describe it.”  
 Mark McClain - “Executive compensation is an obscenity that is thrust upon this entire society.”  
 Phyllis Schlafly - “The justices have constitutionally protected obscenity in libraries, filth over cable television, and now unlimited internet pornography.”  
 Bruce Taylor - “The past eight years have been tough for groups like Taylor's, as law enforcement agencies -- particularly the Justice Department -- have shown little interest in anti-porn efforts. Janet Reno did not feel comfortable enforcing obscenity laws, ... She didn't want to do it, and nobody made her do it.”  
 Jef Richards - “Commercial speech is like obscenity... we can't seem to define it, but we know it when we see it.”  
 Ernest Hemingway - “Here is the piece. If you can't say fornicate can you say copulate or if not that can you say co-habit If not that would have to say consummate I suppose. Use your own good taste and judgment.”  
 Duane Lammers - “People that watch programming now watch it either on a satellite dish or a cable. Very few people still just really, literally watch over an antenna. So for there to be this vast opportunity for programmers to put on whatever it is they want to put on with no accountability, and for me to have to face a license renewal and an FCC who is very well focused right now on obscenity and things like that -- I mean, I just think those issues need to be discussed.”  
 Bruce Taylor - “Janet Reno did not feel comfortable enforcing obscenity laws. She didn't want to do it, and nobody made her do it.”  
 Scott Higgins - “If the filmmaker has not done the work to grab the viewer with compelling storytelling, then the shock will probably be little more than a passing gimmick or an obscenity.”  
 William Brennan - “Sex and obscenity are not synonymous. Obscene material is material which deals with sex in a manner appealing to prurient interest.”  
 Antonin Scalia - “The line between protected pornography and unprotected obscenity lies between appealing to a good healthy interest in sex and appealing to a depraved interest, whatever that means,”  
 George Bataille - “Obscenity is our name for the uneasiness which upsets the physical state associated with self-possession, with the possession of a recognized and stable individuality.”  
 Groucho Marx - “Women should be obscene and not heard.”