My Favorite Quotes

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 Curt Weldon - “The French had an obvious financial interest in Iraq. That's been documented. They were involved financially in Iraq and in some cases, I think with weapons of mass destruction.”  
 George Weinberg - “I felt like an apostle of the obvious and people imagined that I was doing something daring.”  
 Dorothy Thompson - “Women have had the vote for over forty years and their organizations lobby in Washington for all sorts of causes why, why, why don't they take up their own causes and obvious needs”  
 Hideki Tojo - “From the point of the view of the nation's power, it was obvious that while we were fighting the Sino-Japanese war, every effort was to be made to avoid adding to our enemies and opening additional fronts.”  
 Andy Summers - “The most obvious thing you can't do with a guitar synthesizer is to really sound like a guitar.”  
 Lytton Strachey - “But Racine's extraordinary powers as a writer become still more obvious when we consider that besides being a great poet he is also a great psychologist.”  
 Bruce Springsteen - “Yeah, I had gay friends. The first thing I realized was that everybody's different, and it becomes obvious that all of the gay stereotypes are ridiculous.”  
 Suzanne Somers - “I did trial and error on myself and it took two months. I eliminated all the sugars, obvious sugars, and I ate carbohydrates separate from protein.”  
 Kate Smith - “It became obvious in 1957 that I was endangering my health by carrying so much weight.”  
 Hugh Shelton - “We came back right over the World Trade Center and could see, even from that altitude, the devastation, the smoke that was coming up. It was obvious it was going to be horrible.”  
 Wally Schirra - “John Glenn craved the publicity. I think even John would admit that. When he went into politics, that became pretty obvious He knew how to do public relations.”  
 Pierre Salinger - “On several occasions President Kennedy encouraged me to take a lover, an obvious sign he also had some himself.”  
 Jim Ryun - “While there are no easy solutions to this problem, the Deficit Reduction Act gets us started in the right direction by beginning with the most obvious, commonsense reforms to save taxpayer dollars.”  
 Todd Rundgren - “Sometimes you could tell what it was about - it was interesting - and sometimes it was quite obvious that someone had lost it and it was on an endless loop.”  
 Rudy Rucker - “It's tedious to watch something very obvious being worked out, like a movie that's not particularly good and after about half an hour you know how it's going to end.”  
 Hesketh Pearson - “Misquotation is, in fact, the pride and privilege of the learned. A widely- read man never quotes accurately, for the rather obvious reason that he has read too widely.”  
 Jon Porter - “With everything it has to offer, Las Vegas is an obvious destination for tourists, as proven by the over 40 million visitors the city welcomes per year.”  
 Evan Parker - “I think it's a great document of John Stevens' originality. At that time he was already much more fully formed in his conception than I was. I was sort of struggling to keep up, and sometimes it's pretty obvious.”  
 E. O. Wilson - “It's obvious that the key problem facing humanity in the coming century is how to bring a better quality of life - for 8 billion or more people - without wrecking the environment entirely in the attempt.”  
 Barney Oliver - “If interstellar travel is as time- or energy- demanding as the above figures indicate, it is far from obvious what the motive for colonization might be.”  
 Judd Nelson - “I always thought that the badge a cop has was more like the shield that Captain America has. It's an obvious sign of good and something you'll protect other people with, but it will also protect you.”  
 Luc Montagnier - “One could not have isolated this retrovirus without knowledge of other retroviruses, that's obvious. But I believe we have answered the criteria of isolation.”  
 Merton Miller - “I had some of the students in my finance class actually do some empirical work on capital structures, to see if we could find any obvious patterns in the data, but we couldn't see any.”  
 Bobby McFerrin - “Then I came up with this crazy idea just to walk out on the stage with no band at all and just start singing whatever came to mind. I actually fought the idea for a while because it seemed almost too radical, but it became obvious what I was supposed to be doing.”  
 Andrew Lloyd Webber - “For the obvious reason, nobody knew what impact that would have on the theatre and at that point a lot of productions had not opened.”  

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