My Favorite Quotes

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 Tom Wopat - “I sang opera, I sang show tunes. I got into a rock band for a while. I've sung a lot of different things.”  
 Wim Wenders - “Take opera for example - to go to the opera you have to dress up in a tuxedo and pay lots of money.”  
 Julie Taymor - “I'm not going to spend two years on a film or four years on an opera if I don't feel like I can put my own self into it. That doesn't mean it has to be about myself.”  
 Jo Stafford - “I had four or five years in school training as a soprano. I fell into pop singing because of economics. I got out of high school and had to go work, and they weren't hiring opera singers.”  
 Bobby Short - “I link them together myself, but Robeson was many, many different things. He possessed a brilliant instrument, but did not do much opera.”  
 Patti Smith - “When I was younger, I also dreamed of being an opera singer, simply because of Maria Callas.”  
 Elisabeth Rohm - “I had a soap opera, and my next job was working with Kyle McLachlan on The Invisible Man.”  
 Luciano Pavarotti - “Opera is one of the most important art forms. It should be listened to and appreciated by everyone.”  
 Luciano Pavarotti - “Above all, I am an opera singer. This is how people will remember me.”  
 Maureen O'Hara - “I really wanted to be an opera soprano.”  
 Trevor Nunn - “I've never had any feeling of disconnection between the classical theater, or the contemporary theater, or musical theater, or the thing that we call opera.”  
 Nana Mouskouri - “One of the most wonderful memories in my life was when I sang at the Opera House in Sydney. I will never forget that. It is one of the most beautiful Houses I have ever sung in my life.”  
 Freddie Mercury - “We're a very expensive group we break a lot of rules. It's unheard of to combine opera with a rock theme, my dear .”  
 John Mellencamp - “This is not a rock opera. This is not Tommy. I can write songs that emote, and that's it.”  
 Gustav Mahler - “An operetta is simply a small and gay opera.”  
 Chris Lowe - “Even the Beatles lived their lives as a soap opera.”  
 Jerome Lawrence - “In no instance is there to be a musical or opera of Inherit the Wind because it doesn't sing. It's an intellectual play.”  
 Ray Liotta - “I was on a soap opera before that for three years, where I was the nicest guy on earth.”  
 Richard H. Davis - “Wednesday a junior came to me, and told me I was to be hazed as I left the Opera House Friday night.”  
 Carlisle Floyd - “The performances of my works in the last 10 years are probably equal to all the previous years put together. There are so many venues now and there is a completely new public for opera that's grown up outside of the traditional core opera public.”  
 Carlisle Floyd - “Like any other composer of opera, I choose a subject not for polemical reasons, but because it contains vivid characters in highly charged dramatic situations.”  
 Carlisle Floyd - “It's necessary to track characters all the way through an opera. If you're dealing with more than one or two characters, it's very easy to forget that the others have lives of their own that feed into the story.”  
 Carlisle Floyd - “It seems to me opera is just as relevant as an expressive art as anything else.”  
 Placido Domingo - “There are two big categories of people that do not go to the opera. Some who will never have the financial or cultural means of doing it.”  
 Placido Domingo - “But I won't deprive myself of singing opera as long as my voice follows.”  

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