My Favorite Quotes

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 Ruth Westheimer - “An orgasm is just a reflex, like a sneeze.”  
 Malcolm Wilson - “On some songs you're hearing the vocal as I improvised it (as in 'Function Of The Orgasm') so you may hear me stumble.”  
 Lord Byron - “What a strange thing is the propagation of life A bubble of seed which may be spilt in a whore's lap, or in the orgasm of a voluptuous dream, might (for aught we know) have formed a Caesar or a Bonaparte -- there is nothing remarkable recorded of their sires, that I know of.”  
 Kristin Davis - “Sex can still be great, even without an orgasm.”  
 John Callahan - “Laughter and orgasm are great bedfellows”  
 Malcolm Muggeridge - “The orgasm has replaced the cross as the focus of longing and fulfillment”  
 Victoria Billings - “Sexual liberation, as a slogan, turns out to be another kind of bondage. For a woman it offers orgasm as her ultimate and major fulfillment it's better than motherhood.”  
 Tim Yeo - “If it were an orgasm it would be fantastic. As it's a leadership contest, it's not necessarily so great.”  
 Shere Hite - “inhibited some women from having orgasm.”  
 Gianluca Vialli - “When Manchester United are at their best I am close to orgasm.”  
 Ruth Westheimer - “An orgasm is just a reflex, like a sneeze”  
 The Grimm - “That was my introduction to everybody on set, ... I was like, 'Ummmmm, hey Nice to meet ya How ya doin' Sooo, how do you want this orgasm'”  
 Mason Cooley - “Orgasm the genitals sneezing.”  
 Marilyn Monroe - “Crawford, who won an Academy Award for Mildred Pierce , had a gigantic orgasm and shrieked like a maniac ... another round.”  
 Ken Starr - “On all nine of those occasions, the president fondled and kissed her bare breasts. He touched her genitals ... bringing her to orgasm on two occasions,”  
 Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge - “The orgasm has replaced the Cross as the focus of longing and the image of fulfillment.”