My Favorite Quotes

Show Yolanda Griffith - “It was great being a part of it, we were really choked up at halftime when Ruthie spoke. She's meant a lot to me, she's been a real inspiration.”
Show Rodel Natividad - “The source for any inspiration comes from sights, sounds, smell, taste, and touch.”
Show Rose Mashigo - “Its funny how motivation and inspiration can be drawn from the strangest of places and situations, but boy, if feels damn good.”
Show Charles Schumer - “I know that I will be looking up to the heavens for inspiration,”
Show Chanita Olds - “She's just a tremendous inspiration for me as a coach and I use her as well as many other former players here to inspire my team. I say whatever you want to do, you can do it.”
Show Mohandas Gandhi - “I need no inspiration other then Nature's. She has never failed me yet. She mystifies me, bewilders me, sends me into ecstasies. Besides God's handiwork, does not man's fade into insignificance”
Show Nick Price - “I'm hoping I'm going to find a little inspiration out there. My last year and a half, I haven't had as much fun as I would have liked.”
Show Manny Legace - “Jiri is an inspiration. To have a guy with what he's going through and he's still laughing and joking -- it's great to have him on the road.”
Show King Britt - “I was just looking for a new sound, a new inspiration,”
Show Tracy Byrd - “I felt honored to join these remarkable ambassadors and help them share the story of children's hospitals. Their experiences and strength are an inspiration to all of us.”
Show Mario Bandiera - “There's a definite inspiration from the art of Mondrian, Kandinsky and Rothko. This translates nicely into upbeat colors and shapes.”
Show Lauren Stanich - “Martha's been very helpful for inspiration.”
Show Lisa Mendler - “The survivors are such an inspiration to all of us after what they've been through and I just really think it's important for us to carry on the legacy.”
Show Lil' Kim - “It was a very emotional dinner, ... Everyone shared personal stories about her and gave her words of encouragement and inspiration. Everyone tried to remain positive.”
Show Lito Sheppard - “He keeps getting better with age. He's an inspiration for all of us.”
Show Jeff Roberts - “They got together and said they were going to do it for her. She was our inspiration, that's for sure.”
Show Ryan Giggs - “No. We have plenty of inspiration of our own.”
Show Ryan Williams - “Having them here was a big inspiration. They are the ones who made St. John's a name with how they worked. For us not to come out and play as hard as we could would have been disrespectful to them.”
Show Jeremy Bates - “He's an inspiration to the other players trying to follow in Andy's footsteps,”
Show Paul Adams - “She's made a complete turnaround the last three weeks. I couldn't believe it, ... She's a big inspiration.”
Show Stephany Smith - “What a great inspiration she is to us all.”
Show Steve Mattin - “Just look at the upper part of the instrument panel. To me it looks like an untouched snow-covered meadow. And that's exactly what Scandinavian design is all about inspiration from our natural surroundings.”
Show Greg Hunt - “We drew our inspiration from everyday stories.”
Show Hal Honig - “He was determined to beat it. He was quite an inspiration to all of us.”
Show Stevie Wonder - “I don't know if they provide inspiration,”

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