My Favorite Quotes

Show Michael Teller - “It's a great story. He's just an inspiration to all of us to keep working hard no matter what happens.”
Show Missy Elliott - “I got to thank God because that's my inspiration for everything that I do.”
Show Mike Minter - “Does it surprise me that he still makes plays Absolutely not, because I see what he does in the weight room in March, April and May. The guy is an inspiration to everyone in this locker room.”
Show Bill Cowher - “Jerome has been an inspiration to everyone, players and coaches. He's more than just a great player, he's the consummate team mate.”
Show Bill Cowher - “We've got a very close team. Jerome has been an inspiration to us all year.”
Show Bill Cowher - “He a classy guy, and he's such an inspiration.”
Show Bill Cowher - “Jerome Bettis is an inspiration. He's been an inspiration throughout the playoffs. But it comes down to going out Sunday and doing the things we've been doing.”
Show Bob Williams - “I've never seen a wrestler like this, and I will never see another one like him. He's a huge inspiration to me, his teammates and his entire school.”
Show Bruce Lee - “Your inspiration continues to guide us toward our personal liberation.”
Show Colin Powell - “In our response, we will have to take into account not only the perpetrators, but those who provide haven, support, inspiration -- financial and other assets -- to the perpetrators,”
Show Edmund Burke - “It has all the contortions of the sibyl without the inspiration”
Show Honore de - “Inspiration in matters of taste will not come twice”
Show Jake Plummer - “Every day when I'm out there, he's an inspiration to me, ... I think about him every day. When we complain about something at practice, something little, I think about Pat. He'd die to ...”
Show John Adams - “Books that cannot bear examination, certainly ought not to be established as divine inspiration by penal laws”
Show Johnny Depp - “Michael Jackson was not a sort of ingredient or an inspiration for the character at all.”
Show Johnny Depp - “A few people have mentioned it, and it kind of took me by surprise. I really didn't expect that, ... Michael Jackson was not a sort of ingredient or inspiration for the character at all.”
Show Laura Bush - “The Mount was her refuge and her inspiration.”
Show Thomas A. Edison - “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.”
Show Steve Mattin - “Just look at the upper part of the instrument panel. To me it looks like an untouched snow-covered meadow. And that's exactly what Scandinavian design is all about inspiration from our natural surroundings.”
Show Sam Veda - “Inspiration acts as a catalyst for success.”
Show Sally Singer - “When you think of somewhere really cold for inspiration, you eventually get to Russia.”
Show Seimone Augustus - “I can't think of better inspiration. It's right there. You're looking at it this is what you work for. There's nothing else that needs to be said or heard.”
Show Karen Benzel - “Our beloved, endangered brown pelicans have a never-ending struggle to survive. Pelicans have been my inspiration. I've wanted to retire, but I can't I promised them I'd help them. They have had such a hard life, and they still do.”
Show Glenda Bailey - “The collections have been very sober, because we return into a minimalism. We've seen a lot of British inspiration. We've seen a lot of the return of the 80s skinny pants or leggings or foot-less tights, worn under blazers or big baggy knitwear.”
Show Fiona Apple - “My biggest inspiration has been romantic relationships, because there's something about the way that you are in a relationship that is reflective of your relationship with the world.”

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