My Favorite Quotes

Show Dominic Crayton - “They're an inspiration to us. They have worked so hard to get where they are, and they're a young team. We have veterans. We should be able to get it done anytime.”
Show Doretha Edgecomb - “She's a real inspiration. It is such a private thing. You wonder how far to go with it. I guess it depends on who you are.”
Show Damon Albarn - “I never really want to leave it as an inspiration I just can't get enough of it.”
Show Eric Latham - “Most of these people have asked me to wear their bracelet and think of them along my trip. I can't not think about them. They are my inspiration.”
Show Ernie Banks - “Yes, he is. Being with him and seeing him play in this city and being around him to see how he played, he hustled, his love for the game, the way he responded to people was a big inspiration to me.”
Show David Hare - “He's been both an example and an inspiration to us all.”
Show Christopher Parkening - “Segovia was my musical inspiration while growing up, and he singlehandedly brought the guitar to the position of a major classical instrument,”
Show Bill Davis - “Tom had encouraged me and been an inspiration to me.”
Show Bill Griffith - “In making my strips the inspiration is really only the germ of something, they say it's 99 perspiration, 1 inspiration.”
Show Max Bill - “In one of these recently conquered domains, the artist is now free to exploit the untapped resources of that vast new field of inspiration.”
Show Juan Goytisolo - “The writer cannot abandon himself simply to inspiration, and feign innocence vis a vis language, because language is never innocent.”
Show Enrique Iglesias - “My inspiration are the woman, friendship, and loneliness.”
Show Pablo Picasso - “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.”
Show Trevor Rabin - “One of the things I try to be very careful of is not taking a movie when I know I have no inspiration left.”
Show Rudolf Nureyev - “Technique is what you fall back on when you run out of inspiration.”
Show Igor Stravinsky - “Just as appetite comes from eating, so work brings inspiration, if inspiration is not discernible at the beginning.”
Show Grete Waitz - “What Fred Lebow went through was an inspiration for me. You have to set goals for yourself.”
Show Melina Mercouri - “This past must emerge from the museums in order to become a source of inspiration and creativity, to become the instrument and the joy of the people.”
Show Graeme Murphy - “I look at the dancers and I get the inspiration for the work from them.”
Show Arthur Erickson - “Inspiration in Science may have to do with ideas, but not in Art. In art it is in the senses that are instinctively responsive to the medium of expression.”
Show Georg Brandes - “But I did not find any positive inspiration in my studies until I approached my nineteenth year.”
Show Joan Armatrading - “Inspiration doesn't really work like that - you're not looking out for it. Inspiration is something that tends to capture you rather than you capture it.”
Show Wislawa Szymborska - “Though I may deny poets their monopoly on inspiration, I still place them in a select group of Fortune's darlings.”
Show James Larkin - “We are now on the threshold of a newer movement, with a newer hope and a new inspiration.”
Show Anil Kapoor - “Not exactly but I get inspiration from stories which are unconventional.”

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