My Favorite Quotes
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 Huang Binhong - “The more zigzag the way, the deeper the scenery. The winding path approaches the secluded and peaceful place.”
 ERNEST R. MILLER - “I know a road that leads into a city, Also a lane that finds a cooling stream, Where ferns may look down at their green reflection And sway with the winds and dream and dream. I know a path that leads into a forest, Lined with purple shadows of the night, While poplars bend somewhere along a hilltop Ringing their silver bells in quick delight. I know a trail that dances over hill-tops Reaching high for clouds that sail the blue, But best I know a path that leads me homeward A lane that takes me home to friends and you.”
 Adam Sanders - “We should have been able to put Devonport away then if you don't good sides keep coming back at you.”
 Mark Slonaker - “Their attack was probably more balanced. They're at their best when they're balanced.”
 Simon Cowell - “If you've got a big mouth and you're controversial, you're going to get attention.”
 Jonathan Carroll - “Krakow is one of my favorite places on earth. It is a medieval city full of young people. A wonderful, striking combination.”
 Antonio McDyess - “I don't (fill a bracket out) because I'm gonna lose. I can't go on the numbers, because there's always upsets. I don't want to predict because I don't watch basketball. Or I don't watch enough of it.”
 James Black - “I am concerned. When you have a team that works hard, I am concerned.”
 Paul Gascoigne - “But then I always wanted to play for Rangers. Man United is a great club and Alex Ferguson is a legend.”
 Menzies Campbell - “It is a fundamental and profound disappointment. The government made a goal to have reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. All they have is promises.”
 Andrew Chaveriat - “If investor confidence produces a stock market rally, the dollar could get a boost.”
 Lute Olson - “The biggest adjustments obviously have been the change from three guys out to four guys out. We've spent a lot of time on the offense and the intent of that is to spread the court a little bit more and open driving lanes to utilize their quickness.”
 Mike Beebe - “We have a Supreme Court justice who said, 'You all have been doing this for 23 years, when are you going to get it right ' I think that is disingenuous.”
 Jean Fontaine - “Death never takes the wise man by surprise, he is always ready to go.”
 Pat Castillo - “Overall it was a good experience. Hopefully I'll continue to improve. It will all depend on this off-season. The off-season is where you gain on all the other teams.”
 Shibley Telhami - “We often forget that there is a grass-roots level where local politics drives the reaction. If the environment remains one of despair, then the political environment is in trouble,”
 Pat Burns - “They are usually my top two scorers. They have struggled a little bit early on because of their new role as team captains, but they are starting to get settled in and make some good shots and let their leadership speak for itself.”
 Olie Kolzig - “I really hadn't thought about the road record. Personally, I approach every game the same whether we're at home or away. We have to get that message to the guys here in the room. There are some things that go against you on the road. They can make the last change and sometimes you don't get the calls on the road -- not that we get many calls anyway. There's a reason it's called home-ice advantage.”
 Paul Dergarabedian - “I think it has more to do with product than any other factor because, look, last summer huge summer, ... There were DVDs. The ticket prices were high. The concession prices were high. But people were lining up for those movies more than they are this year because of the movies more than anything.”
 John Scurti - “It involves the three of them, when they arrive back at Dad's Park Avenue apartment, and it's not good news awaiting them. Beware cat lovers everywhere.”
 Karen Cooper - “I am pleased that the public is more aware of them and open to seeing them than in years past.”
 David Bolland - “This is the only development I'm aware of in the Sacramento region that utilizes recycled water.”
 Jim Wilson - “Not long after the evacuation was completed, the plane crashed into the water about 50 metres offshore on an outgoing tide at about 9.40pm,”
 Scott McClellan - “We are concerned about rising healthcare costs. I would urge you wait until what the president has to say as we continue to move forward into 2006.”
 George Karl - “Our bench is doing a good job responding right now. We're spacing and passing the ball better. You're not going to lose many games when you have 30-plus assists.”

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