Bob Saget, Comedian and Actor, Dies at 65

Published by: Carolyn Brooks Fleming on Jan 10, 2022.

Bob Saget, the stand-up comedian, television host, and actor, died on January 9, 2022. He was 65.

Saget famously portrayed a widowed father on the sitcom “Full House” (1987–1995) and occasionally reprised the role on “Fuller House” (2016–2020). He once told Esquire, “‘Full House’ was a show that was done for ten-year-olds. The critics hated it. They said terrible, terrible things about it. But it should have been reviewed by ten-year-olds. That’s who it was made for. They loved it.”

But Saget’s stand-up routines were definitely not meant for ten-year-olds. He was known for working blue. He told Esquire, “I am basically just a nine-year-old boy that evolved.”

He came by his NSFW humor naturally, through his father. He told Vanity Fair, “My dad really did raise me on some of this stuff. His attitude was always foul comedy.” In keeping with that theme, Saget wrote a book in 2014 called “Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian.”

Saget also hosted “America’s Funniest Videos” for nearly a decade and voiced the narrator on “How I Met Your Mother” (2005–2014).

In his early days, Saget sharpened his comedic skill with the Groundlings, and he frequently performed at the Comedy Store and The Improv. His college career ended after three days at USC film school, but he got along just fine without that degree.

After losing his sister Gay to scleroderma, Saget served on the Scleroderma Research Foundation board of directors. He also directed a made-for-television movie, “For Hope,” which was based on Gay’s life.

Saget’s cause of death is not yet known. He is survived by his wife Kelly and three daughters.

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