My Favorite Quotes
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 Burt Aaronson - “Give me someone who has been picked by the Democratic Party, and then all of us can put our dollars into that one race,”
 Burt Aaronson - “The main objective I will have on behalf of this board is to keep Scripps in Palm Beach County. But we're certainly not going to give away our firstborn to do it.”
 Burt Aaronson - “We hope that Scripps wants to be here, and we hope that Scripps is successful.”
 Scott Aaronson - “The city thought it would be in good interest to assist with the parking problems in the downtown area. Historically, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays are busier times.”
 Burt Aaronson - “They tax protestors can pack whatever chambers they want, and they can scream and rant all they want. This is one vote they're never going to get on their side.”
 Burt Aaronson - “a slap in the face to the County Commission and to all the people that you misinformed. ... Whoever decided on that was absolutely out of line.”
 Burt Aaronson - “I believe that number one, we owe it to our taxpayers to explore what our lands are worth and what we want to do. This in no way obligates us to accept offers.”
 Mike Aaronson - “They miss out on material well being, many local services and basic social activities that the majority of British parents consider vital to a child's development.”
 Scott Aaronson - “The negotiations are not finalized, but it's in the Downtown Master Plan, but in draft form.”
 Burt Aaronson - “We believe it is good government to enact a law funding this research, rather than having to amend the Florida Constitution to do so, ... We support the Florida Legislature taking this up in March 2006 and we encourage that this legislation be passed.”
 Mike Aaronson - “When people picture conflict they think of men in bloody combat, but it's horrifyingly girls who are the hidden face of war,”
 Mike Aaronson - “The picture is stark. These children are on the margins of society,”