My Favorite Quotes
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 Sostenes Abalos - “Our government in Mexico needs to know we are here.”
 Robert Abalos - “It was a solid win. I think we finally put together a solid all-around game. Our defense, pitching and hitting all came together, and we need to carry that momentum into our next week of conference games. Hopefully, we can make a little run here at the end.”
 Sostenes Abalos - “I'm sure in the future we are going to make that difference.”
 Robert Abalos - “We've just got to be more consistent on the mound. There isn't any doubt we'll be able to swing it. We can only hope we get stronger as the year goes on and learn from some of these games we've let get by us.”
 Robert Abalos - “We need to steal a game from Coolidge or Seton Catholic, and we need to beat Globe and Florence, which is something we can do.”
 Sostenes Abalos - “Everybody needs workers they don't care who's working.”
 Robert Abalos - “Our pitchers struggled to get ahead of their hitters. When you do that against a lineup like they have, it's tough to get a win.”